Does it Snow in Australia?

Yes, Australia does experience snowfall but only in certain regions. And since only certain parts of Australia enjoy snowfall, there’s an overwhelming influx of snow enthusiasts in snow-based resorts. 

However, if you’re not a snow enthusiast, there are other fascinating resorts in certain regions in Australia that don’t experience snowfall. 

So since you’re already aware that it snows in some Australian regions, why don’t we look at some of the cozy places you can visit during winter?

1. Thredbo

Thredbo is an incredible alpine village in Australia that experiences the longest snow run, making it one of the to-go places. The region is a superb place to visit and enjoy the Crankenback Supertrail, five kilometres away from the region’s most elevated point, Karel’s T-bar(2,037 meters). After spending quality time on the mountain’s slopes, you can head back to Thredbo and reminisce on the experience. 

The unique Thredbo village is located 490 kilometres—a four to five hours drive—southwest of Sydney and approximately 530 kilometres—five to six hours—Northeast of Melbourne. 

2. Perisher

Perisher is also the place to be as it has four unique resorts for a pleasant experience. The Blue Cow, Guthega, Smiggin Holes, and Perisher Valley are resorts across the Southern Hemisphere where Perisher carries the day as it’s ranked one of the most remarkable ski destinations. It constitutes 47 lifts, 1,245 hectares of skiing space, five terrain parks, and seven mountains. 

To get to Perisher, you’ll have to drive for 490 kilometres, which is close to six hours in the Southwest of Sydney, and around 600 kilometres, a seven-hour drive to the Northeast of Melbourne. 

3. Charlotte Pass

Charlotte pass is another beautiful place to explore if you’re a snow enthusiast, as it’s founded on skiing. Charlotte is the only place with the highest snow mountains and experiences high-end snowfall on its ski resort annually. The site has five lifts and 50 hectares of space, which doesn’t attract many people like Perisher or Thredbo. 

To enjoy Charlotte’s snowbound resort, you’ll have to travel 500 kilometres over six hours to Southwest Sydney. Around 620 kilometres is seven hours to the Northwest of Melbourne for the ultimate experience. 

4. Mount Buller

Mount Buller is a superb place to spend your time in the snow and create memories. It has 22 lifts, compared to all Victorian resorts. It also has 300 hectares of space for activities. However, be prepared for large crowds as the place always has a massive influx. Mount Buller comes with high-tech lifts.

To get to Mount Buller, you’ll need to drive 800 kilometres from the Southwest of Sydney, and if you’re coming from the Northeast of Melbourne, you’ll drive for four hours max, which is 230 kilometres. 

5. Falls Creek

Falls Creek attracts many people since it has the most beautiful alpine village. The resort has several high-end bars, cafes, and restaurants, giving people more reasons to visit. The ski resort carries the day in Victoria as it has 15 lifts, 450 hectares of space, and over 90 runs. 

The fantastic Falls Creek is approximately 670 kilometres, a seven-hour drive from the Southwest of Sydney, and around 380 kilometres to Northeast Melbourne, a four-hour drive. 

6. Mount Hotham

Mount Hotham is one of the best places to visit during snowfall as it’s the highest resort and the most rewarding in terms of experience in Victoria. What makes Hotham even more interesting is that you can take a break from your activity by simply taking a dog slide ride around the snow. The village is the most fascinating village of all time as it’s located at the highest part of the mountain, unlike other villages below the peak. 

To get to Mount Hotham, you’ll need to drive for eight hours (700 kilometres) from the Southwest of Sydney. But if you’re coming from the Northeast of Melbourne, you’ll drive for four hours (380 kilometres). 


There’s no doubt that snow can offer extraordinary experiences and fun moments. Snow gives a different feel to those who find it fascinating. It provides opportunities to restore or maintain an incredible bond by organising activities like skiing in great resorts. Organise a visit to one of the resorts above.