5 Oddly Satisfying ASMR Videos to Keep You Relaxed and Entertained

There is a lot of noise on the internet today. Browse your social networks, and you’ll see that everybody has suddenly become a health expert, a bartender, or a chef with various online home films. Even if some conversations are amusing, spending your weekend watching everybody chat might be tiring. We then flipped to ASMR and began our descent into the blind alley.

Autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR), a concept introduced in 2010, is characterised as the tingling feeling a person experiences in reaction to particular visual or aural inputs. These videos on YouTube are often videos of people eating, tapping items, or making other strange, mild noises with different objects. 

Begin researching ASMR to discover an entirely new world. So the following are a few Asian and local videos that would keep you riveted to your devices. Some collections are bizarre, while others are fun, calming, and curiously rewarding.

Hatomugi ASMR
  1. Hatomugi ASMR

The well-known Japanese ASMR content creator, Hatomugi, has garnered considerable popularity in the ASMR community. She is well-known for speaking in a whispering tone. She can make several noises, all designed to put you at rest. Go to her YouTube channel to see various videos that will help you unwind and relax.

Emiko Ffujio
  1. Emiko Ffujio

If you enjoy visual stimulation, you will have a great time watching Emiko Ffujio’s channel. The only things that may attract a unicorn are slime, soap, and other brightly coloured objects; there is no communication and no otherworldly feelings. Her YouTube channel has already racked up over 157 million views, which will keep growing.

Tingting ASMR
  1. Tingting ASMR

Tingting is now regarded as one of the most popular Chinese ASMR artists on YouTube. She was born in China but now lives in the United States of America. In 2017, she launched her channel with a significant library of videos and 1.25 million subscribers already under her belt.

Her video emphasises being quiet, touching the microphone, and experiencing various pleasurable feelings. She makes several sounds that, for some people, may evoke recollections of working with tools in the hair and beauty business.

  1. Mar ASMR

Young Hong Kong-based YouTuber Martin Kuok’s channel gained popularity when he began sharing ASMR-making hybrid videos in 2018. Mukbang is a phenomenon in Korean viral videos where individuals are seen consuming a lot of food at once. 

With over 2 million views and over 217,000 subscribers, the videos engross a sizable audience as they watch as he consumes various foods. If not, the sounds and sights of people chewing, biting, and slurping noodles, dim sum, cakes, and other foods can make you starve.

Hongyu ASMR
  1. Hongyu ASMR 

Hongyu is a South Korean content creator that specialises in generating ASMR videos. Her YouTube page has approximately 2.89 million subscribers, and it has had more than 38 million views. 

You may watch a series of trigger movies in which people eat things like octopus, chicken, and chocolate. Take pleasure in the many sounds associated with eating, such as slurping, chewing, and grinding.