5 Fantastic Suit Hire Stores in Sydney

Whether it be for a job interview, wedding, funeral or a gala dinner, most men will have to hire a suit at some point in their adult life.

But if you are the kind of guy who doesn’t wear suits that often,it can be difficult to know where to go. Let alone what type of suit to get. Classic fit, slim fit, single breasted, double breasted -it can be a very confusing process to find the right suit for you.

Thankfully there are a number of fantastic places in and around the CBD and the wider suburbs of the city that can hook you up.

So, with that in mind, check out this list of 8 fantastic suit hire stores in Sydney, which you should visit the next time you need to dress up.

What to look for in a new suit

Before we dive into the list, it’s good for you to be aware of what you should look for in a suit.

Essentially there are six main elements, which can be roughly categorized as follows:



Fabric quality is very important as it can be the differencebetween looking sharp and looking silly. Try to ensure the fabric is wool, especially if it is woven in twill, houndstooth, sharkskin or herringbone patterns.

The Jacket

The Jacket

The jacket is a very important part of the suit as it tends to be where the eye is first drawn. Find something that fits perfectly around the shoulders, as well as neatly around the waist. If the sleeve is slim then all the better.



Make sure the trousers fit you properly around the waist and fall gracefully against the shoe. There is nothing worse than suit trousers that finish above your ankle!



When we say ensure the trouser fits you properly around the waist, what we mean by this that the trousers should be snug at the hips, and not loose. But also accommodates a bit of room at the waistband.

Single breasted vs double breasted

As a general rule, single-breasted suits can be worn for pretty much all occasions ranging from work or a party. Double breasted however tend to be worn on more formal occasions like a wedding or gala dinner.



The colour of a suit is also very important as it should suit your personality. Equally it should also be appropriate for the occasion. A bright pink suit might not be the best thing to wear for a funeral, but if you are headed to a cocktail party for a breast cancer fundraiser, it would obviously be a perfect choice.

Suit Hire Stores in Sydney

If you are looking to hire a men’s suit in Sydney, below are some of the best places to go to.

Ferrari Formal

Ferrari Formal

Based on Clarence Street in the CBD, Ferrari Formal boasts the largest range of suits and accessories for hire in Australia. So clearly, when it comes to suit hire stores in Sydney, they are definitely somewhere you should pay a visit too.

Their range includes a wide selection of styles from the traditional black tux to lounge suits that come in a range of colours including grey, beige, charcoal and navy.

This venue is purely appointments only, so you will want tomake sure you make a booking well in advance of when you need the suit by.

Address: 259 Clarence Street, Sydney NSW 2000

Mr Fierze

Mr Fierze

If you are looking for a quality men’s designer suit to hire, without an expensive price tag, My Fierze is a great option.

Located in North Sydney, their mission is to make high-end styling both accessible and affordable to all men. 

With an extensive range of suits and jackets that are appropriate for all occasions, they provide a fantastic solution for those wanting to dress to impress at their next event, without having to break the bank.

Address: Shop 6, 225 Pacific Highway, North Sydney NSW 2060

Man About Town

A specialist high quality menswear outlet that first opened its doors in the 1980s, Man About Town is one of the best suit hire places in Sydney.

You’ll find it on Pitt Street in the heart of the CBD, and one of the first things that will strike you about the place is the quality of their customer service.

Friendly, not too pushy and very knowledgeable, the team there will be able to find the perfect suit for you from their huge range of formal and lounge suits.

Unfortunately, this isn’t just a place you can just browse in, as appointments have to be booked in advanced.

Address: 325 Pitt Street, Sydney NSW 2000



If you are looking for a place with a bit of variety then Spurling over on George Street in the CBD is a great place to go.

Showcasing over 20 distinctive styles that fit all male body shapes, their suit hire range includes everything from lounge suits, and classic suits, to tuxedos and more formal double-breasted designs. All of which come in a wide range of colours.

The shop is very well laid out, and if you have children in tow, they can also suit them up to with a range of boy’s smarts that start from size 2.

Address: Myer Sydney, 436 George Street, Sydney NSW 2000

Just For Him

Based in Parramatta, Just For Him is an award-winning suit hire company in Sydney, that was voted as the winner of the Best Menswear/Groomswear category for New South Wales for three years in a row between 2013-15, by both the Wedding Industry Experts and ABIA.

Presenting an impressive catalogue of suits, their accomplished team of fashion stylists really take the time to understand what kind of style you are after, and for what occasion, and will advise you accordingly.

Which is why they are always confident in their ability to help you find the perfect suit for your body shape and budget.

Address: Shop 4, 8- 14 Hunter Street, Parramatta NSW 2150