60 of the Best BYO Restaurants in Sydney

There’s joy in making a pre-dinner trip to your favourite bottle shop and exploring its festively decked aisles in search of the ideal drink to accompany an alcoholic meal. Instead, you might grab the lowest bottle and see if you’ve stumbled onto the most excellent deal.

Wine lists and pairings are best left to Sydney’s expert sommeliers, but BYO is a great way to save money without sacrificing a good meal. The flip side is that serious wine enthusiasts can find a few upscale spots to enjoy their vintage bottles.

Since BYO is so versatile, this post has compiled over 60 best BYO restaurants in Sydney.

Let’s get started with what BYO means. 

What is BYO?

BYO means “bring your own” in this context. There’s also “BYOT,” which means “bring your own tequila,” and “BYOB,” which means “bring your booze.”  This is for restaurants that allow BYOB (bring your bottle) beverages. You won’t order anything from the restaurant’s drinks or wine list.

Several restaurants do not offer alcohol but encourage customers to bring their own. And, depending on the circumstances, dinner without a drink may be a drag.

BYO Restaurants Within Sydney

1. Nguyen Brothers

Try these steamed tapioca dumplings stuffed with prawns and pork and covered in banana leaves for an appetiser. The soup made with the special wagyu beef is always a safe bet. If pho isn’t your thing, try their crispy chicken with rice or pork caramelised in a clay pot instead.

  • Bring Your Own: $3 a person, exclusively wine
  • Location: Alexandria (21 Fountain Street)

2. Surjit’s

They offer four specials. 1) Barrah Kebab – Lamb cutlets that have been tandoor-cooked after being seasoned in fresh garlic, ginger, and spices. 3) Madrasi Gosht Curry – Chicken is cooked in a tasty, hot South Indian cuisine stew made with coconut milk. 2)  Jhinga Malabari – King scooped prawns cooked in a hot gravy made with coconut milk. 4) Lamb Roganjosh – Lamb braised in a rich stew with coriander and tomatoes.

  • Bring Your Own: $2.50 a person, exclusively wine 
  • Location: 215 Parramatta Road, Annandale

3. New Shanghai

Xiao Long Bao – Pork dumplings (steaming), essential. You must also try fried pork buns, slow-braised pig belly, and prawn dumplings with peanut and chile oil.

Tip: You can also find them in other places like Westfield, Chatswood, and Myer Centre. There may be different corkage prices at various restaurants.

  • Bring Your Own: $2.50 a person, exclusively wine
  • Location: Ashfield (273 Liverpool Road)

4. Blue Ginger

Starters include fried eggplant packed with prawns, pork, and betel leaves served with smoked fish. Try slow-cooked beef short ribs with chilli, tamarind chutney, and cucumber relish served with crispy chicken with basil, chilli, and black vinegar sauce.

  • Bring Your Own: $4.50 a person, exclusively wine 
  • Location: Balmain (241 Darling Street)

5. Cappello Pizzeria

It’s widely considered to be among the city’s finest pizzerias. The Cappello, a pizza topped with pear,  prosciutto, and blue cheese, is a favourite. The combination of pear and cheese on a pizza may sound strange, but it’s delicious. To round off your pizza experience, go for the Prosciutto e Funghi or the Contadina, which features mozzarella, potato, Italian sausage, onion, and fresh basil. 

If you want something other than pizza, try the risotto with Italian sausage or the gnocchi gorgonzola with crab meat. The Insalata di Capri, which combines buffalo mozzarella, tomatoes, and basil, and the Insalata di Ruccola, which pairs rocket and pears, are also great options for a group meal.

  • Bring Your Own: $10 a bottle, exclusively wine  
  • Location: Balmain (79 Darling Street)

6. Chon Thai

Order the handmade fish cakes for appetisers, then either the smoked trout or the quail egg coated with minced prawns and egg noodles. Main dishes include a massaman curry with roasted lamb shanks, boiled barramundi fillets, and stir-fried wagyu beef ribs. The wagyu beef salad that has been marinated and grilled is a standout among the salads.

Tip: Saturday night is the busiest night of the week; avoid it if you don’t like crowded places 

  • Bring Your Own: $4.50 a person (Sunday-Thursday), exclusively wine 
  • Location: Balmain ( 300 Darling Street)

7. Mantecato

Start with fresh mozzarella (like Culatello or Burrata) and fresh cream. Saffron risotto served with roasted veal osso buco (alla Milanese), ravioli ai porcini (if you like mushrooms), or fresh gnocchi are all excellent options. If you’re looking for a dessert, tiramisu is your best bet.

  • Bring Your Own: $10 a bottle (from Sunday-Thursday), exclusively wine 
  • Location: Balmain (85 Reynolds Street)

8. Rossopomodoro

Enjoy an antipasto della house appetiser plate for two while you decide on pizza. Of the many prosciutto alternatives, San Daniele prosciutto pie is a gem. If you like Margheritas, you should order the Margherita Regina or the Diavola, which uses pure buffalo mozzarella. Nutella Calzone is a must-have dessert, so remember to save room.

Tip: Vegan cheese substitutes are available for four of the menu items.

  • Bring Your Own: Free, exclusively wine  
  • Location: Balmain (20-24 Buchanan Street)

9. Sefa Kitchen

Try beetroot bulgur topped with almonds, feta, and hummus; so delicious. Halloumi drizzled with honey is another superb option. You can also try out the wagyu beef or the lamb el Helou.

Tip: Happy hours start from 2:30 pm to 4:30 pm, only on weekends

  • Bring Your Own: $4.50 a person
  • Location: 292 Bondi Road, Bondi

10. Bangkok Bites

Order the soft-shell crab if you’re looking for something light. The menu features an entire section devoted to duck. You should also try the lucky duck, the massaman lamb shanks, and the charcoal chicken.

Tips: No credit cards, please.  

  • Bring Your Own: $2 a person
  • Location: Bondi Beach (95 Hall Street)

11. Brown Sugar

Have some grilled halloumi and handmade charcuterie to start. While some people don’t like  fish pie, it ranks among the most highly recommended items on menus, and it tastes great. Charred rib eye and squid ink spaghetti with spanner crab are excellent choices. Try the hazelnut chocolate fondant with the salty butterscotch and pear sorbet for dessert.

Tip: An ideal place for a leisurely breakfast or lunch. However, the service is poor, and you might have to wait for a seat even with a reservation.

  • Bring Your Own: $12 a bottle, exclusively wine  
  • Location: Bondi Beach (106 Curlewis Street)

12. Pompei’s

pizza is your best bet here. You may try the Speck e Funghi Trifolati, which consists of mushrooms, smoked prosciutto, fior di latte mozzarella, or the Parma, which consists of prosciutto and arugula.

Tip: There is better pizza around Sydney than this, but it’s a decent option if you’re looking for a convenient BYO near Bondi Beach.

  • Bring your Own: $8 a bottle, exclusively wine  
  • Location: 126-130 Roscoe Street, Bondi Beach

13. Sean’s Panaroma

The menu is seasonal and subject to change, making detailed recommendations difficult. Nevertheless, the chef’s selection menu of five courses is consistently excellent value at roughly $120, with mains typically costing around $45 and appetisers costing $25 and above.

Tips: Reservation is highly recommended. If you’re looking to save money, this is one of those restaurants where you can bring your alcohol, but at $25 per bottle, you might want to go elsewhere.  

  • Bring Your Own: $25 a bottle, exclusively wine  
  • Location: Bondi Beach (270 Campbell)

14. Din Tai Fung

The Xiao Long Bao soup dumplings are to die for. Pork buns, roast pork soup, pinto beans with pork mince, and chicken are just a few other delicious dishes.

Tips: Central Park Shopping, Chatswood Shopping Centre, and several smaller café courts can be found in addition to Global Square.

  • Bring Your Own: $2.50 a beer bottle, $10 a wine bottle
  • Location: 644 George Street, CBD

15. Fix Wine Bar & Restaurant

Fix offers a fresh main course menu, but you can go right with the steak dishes because they’re all well-prepared.

Tips: They allow BYOB, and it is also a high-quality wine bar. Try some Australian wines they serve to learn more about the country’s different wine regions.

  • Bring Your Own: $25 a Bottle ( Monday-Friday), exclusively wine 
  • Location: CBD (111 Elizabeth Street)

16. Tetsuya’s

It is challenging to make particular recommendations due to Tetsuya’s ever-changing degustation menu. Ocean trout is one of the best meals you can ever have here; otherwise, everything here is superb.

The cost of dinner for two is $230, with an optional wine pairing of either $110 for Aussies wines or $170 for a quality selection of European wines. Bring your bottle (BYO) wine to Tetsuya’s if you’ve been saving it for a special occasion. If you’d rather have a glass or bottle with your meal, peruse their extensive wine collection.

  • Bring Your Own: $30 for the 1st bottle, & $45 for subsequent ones, exclusively wine.  
  • Location: CBD (529 Kent Street)

17. Spice Alley

Spice Alley is not a single eatery but an entire street, so it’s worth a go if you’re looking for something a little out of the ordinary. Hong Kong Diner’s BBQ pork buns are a must-try. If you plan on eating at several restaurants in the alley, the spicy satay chicken skewers from Alex Lee Restaurant are a great accompaniment. Only have two suggestions, I’m afraid. You should stop by the KOI dessert bar that’s conveniently located nearby.

Tips: Pick up some wine at the Hand-Picked Urban Cellar Door, which is not far away.

  • Bring Your Own: Free, unless you do not have your cups 
  • Location: Chippendale (18-20 Kensington Street)

18. Fratelli’s Wood-Fired Pizza

This pizza joint has won the hearts of the locals for a reason. Diavola, Rucola, and Prosciutto pizzas are two excellent options.

Tips: Although no bookings have been taken, tables typically move quickly. There are convenient bottle shops in the area. It is advisable to leave early, usually utterly full by 7 p.m.

  • Bring Your Own: $2 a person
  • Location: Cremorne (332 Military Road)

19. Nilgiri’s

The sampling menus are highly recommended but are not affordable. When ordering à la carte, get the poppadoms and dipping sauces to start. A few of the mains on offer are braised sliced leg of lamb, goat chamomile, and roasted suckling pig.  

Tips: If you’re near the Cremorne area of Sydney, you should check out Nilgiri’s, where you’ll receive excellent service and delicious food.

  • Bring Your Own: $4 a person, exclusively wine  
  • Location: Cremorne (3/283 Military Road)

20. Summer Salt

Where possible, choose salmon or barramundi as the primary fish dish. You can get a pig belly with a crisp skin or eye fillets with spicy beetroot mash if you prefer something other than seafood. The scenery is the main attraction.

Tips: There is a 1.5% fee added to all credit card transactions. The reliability of service varies. If you want to eat quickly, there is a better spot to go, so relax and enjoy the scenery.

  • Bring Your Own: $8 a bottle (Sunday-Thursday), $8 a bottle (Lunch Wednesday-Saturday), exclusively wine. 
  • Location: Cronulla (66 Mitchell Road)

21. Bar Reggio

You will enjoy every pizza there. Palmer Street and Ricky’s pizza are worth a shot for people who want a more tailored solution.   Anyone passionate about gorgonzola cheese will go crazy for the Gnocchi Gorgonzola. The chilli crab risotto is an excellent choice to branch out from pizza. The handmade tiramisu is a must-order if you still have room for dessert.

Tips: Bar Reggio is a hip Italian restaurant. If you’re going with a big group, this is a great place to eat, but you should reserve a table beforehand.

  • Bring Your Own: $2.50 a person; spirit, beer, or wine  
  • Location: Darlinghurst (135 Crown Street)

22. Chaco Bar

Begin with the crunchy prawn sliders, John Dory dumplings, the gyoza, or the prawn. The taro chips are a must-have. Just fantastic.  The pork with asparagus and the wagyu tongue are two of the best Yakitori options. The kimchi rice and scallop are also great.

Tips: It’s important to know that Ramen is only served for dinner on Mondays between 5:30 and 9:00 and lunches between Wednesday through Saturday (11:30-2:300. Yakitori is served from 5:30 PM – 10:00 PM, Tuesday through Saturday. They do not accept reservations.

  • Bring Your Own: $15 a bottle, exclusively wine  
  • Location: Darlinghurst (238 Crown Street)

23. Fu Manchu

Experts recommend chilli salt calamari, house buns, or duck wrappers for an appetiser.  

Tips: A surcharge of 1.6% is applied to all Visa and Mastercard purchases.

  • Bring Your Own: $7 a bottle, exclusively wine 
  • Location: Darlinghurst (251 Victoria Street)

24. Malabar

Kick off your meal with the delicious cauliflower and spicy potato appetiser. We recommend trying our signature Goan fish curry or chicken Makhani, but beware that the beef chilli is as hot as it sounds! To complete your experience, don’t forget to order a side of garlic naan.

  • Bring Your Own: $3 a person, exclusively wine
  • Location: Darlinghurst (274 Victoria Street)

25. Phamish

They offer caramelised pork, coconut fried rice, and blue crab dumplings, to name a few.

Tips:  A discreet nook just off the main drag in Oxford.

  • Bring Your Own: $1 a person
  • Location: Darlinghurst (248 Palmer Street)

26. Yachiyo Japanese Bistro

For many, Sushi Yachiyo is all about sushi, but if you’re adventurous, you can go right with the deep-cooked Rib. If you’re too hungry to decide, you can order a tasting board at $65 a person.

  • Bring Your Own: $3.20 a person, exclusively wine  
  • Location: Darlinghurst (1/13 Kirketon Road)

27. Emma’s Snack Bar

The fried cauliflower and ladies’ fingers are great starting points. The Moorish chicken and the lamb skewers are two of the restaurant’s most well-liked meals.

Tips: Nice spot for a large gathering. You may be “inspired” to move faster on a busy night so that more customers can be seated. On the other hand, the opposite may occur, and people would forget about you.

  • Bring Your Own: $4 a person, exclusively wine  
  • Location: Enmore (59 Liberty Street)

28. Sultan’s Table

The lamb skewers are delicious but share a common ingredient with Sultan’s Special pide. 

Tips: Keep your sweet tooth in check since the best gelato in the world is located close by at Cow and Moon.

  • Bring Your Own: Free for beer and wine  
  • Location: Enmore (179 Enmore Road)

29. Glebe Point Diner

It is difficult to provide a recommendation because the menu is regularly updated; nonetheless, the sharing menu is almost always the best option.

  • Bring Your Own: $15 a bottle (Monday – Thursday), exclusively wine  
  • Location: Glebe (407 Glebe Road)

30. Pastabella

Whenever possible, order the gnocchi topped with gorgonzola sauce. Both ravioli and cannelloni are delicious in their own right. If you’re not in the mood for pasta, give the veal saltimbocca a shot instead. Save some room for the tiramisu.

  • Bring Your Own: Free of charge, wine and beer
  • Location: Glebe (89 Glebe Road)

31. Chat Thai

Other excellent choices include Suki, Emerald Five Spice Duck, and Larpb BPLA. Many people’s fave at Chat Thai is Gaeng Nuea Yaang, roasted beef coco curry with betel leaf.

Tips: Give space for dessert! Desserts at Chat Thai are among the restaurant’s many strong points.

  • Bring Your Own: $3 a person, exclusively wine  
  • Location: Haymarket (20 Campbell Street)

32. Chinese Noodle Restaurant

Try the wide noodles with wok beef and the Xinjiang wok noodles with pork if you’re craving noodles.

  • Bring Your Own: Free BOY, beer, and wine 
  • Location: Haymarket (8 Quay Street)

33. Golden Century

The restaurant specialises in seafood cooked in a Cantonese style and has a wide variety of dishes, such as live seafood, abalone, lobster, and fish. Golden Century is also known for serving food late at night since it stays open until the early morning hours.

  • Bring Your Own: $8 a person, exclusively wine  
  • Location: Haymarket (399 Sussex Street)

34. Mamak Restaurant 

This is the best joint to get Malaysian street food in Sydney. You can feel like you’re in the middle of the action in the streets of Malaysia with freshly made roti, aromatic curries, and communal seating.

  • Bring Your Own: $2 a person, beer and wine  
  • Location: Haymarket (15 Goulburn Street)

35. Chairman Mao

Some regarded Mao’s dumplings as the best in town, and you should not miss the braised pork belly. You can’t go wrong with smoked pork or beef with garlic snaps or chives. Stir-fried eggplant and braised fish are two additional tasty options.

  • Bring Your Own: $4 a person, exclusively wine  
  • Location: Kensington (189 Anzac)

36. Chinese Dumpling and Noodle Restaurant

Soup dumplings, hand-pulled noodles, pan-fried dumplings, and stir-fried noodles are all on the menu at this Haymarket restaurant. Tourists and locals flock there for the authentic Chinese fare and relaxed setting.

Tips: only accepts cash  

  • Bring Your Own: Free 
  • Location: Kingsford (323 Anzac)

37. Bangkok Sidewalk

The meal includes sticky rice, beef or massaman lamb curry, pad pumpkin, seafood jungle curry, and yummy ped toasted duck.

  • Bring Your Own: $3.50 a person, exclusively wine  
  • Location: Kirribilli (31 Fitzroy Street)

38. Street Market

The delicious options are Wagyu skewers, toasted pork belly pancakes, and spicy or crunchy chicken with kimchi mayo.

  • Bring Your Own: $3.50 a person, exclusively wine  
  • Location: Kirribilli (12 Fitzroy Street)

39. Cafe Lyon

The Lyon is a French restaurant in Australia’s inner west, in the Sydney suburb of Lindfield. They serve traditional French dishes such as escargots, bouillabaisse, and steak frites and offer a lengthy selection of French and Australian wines. 

Locals enjoy the restaurant’s pleasant ambience, helpful staff, and inexpensive food. This restaurant is popular with locals and visitors due to its authentic French cuisine.

Tips: There is a 3% fee for using American Express. It’s a must to reserve a table in advance because this is a popular establishment.

  • Bring Your Own: $10 a bottle (Tuesday-Thursday), exclusively wine  
  • Location: Lindfield (366 Pacific Hwy)

40. Hello Auntie

This modern take on traditional Vietnamese fare serves dishes like crispy soft-shell crab and pork belly bao buns. The restaurant is decorated in a contemporary style and has a bustling atmosphere thanks to its open kitchen and large communal tables. Many locals and tourists frequent this restaurant to enjoy its unique take on traditional Vietnamese fare.

Tips: A group service fee of 10% will be applied. There is a surcharge for using a credit card, so it’s best to prepare accordingly and pay in cash.

  • Bring Your Own: $3 a person (Wednesdays), exclusively wine 
  • Location: Marrickville ( 278 Illawarra Road)

41. Two Chaps

Many Sydney locals usually visit Two Chaps, a vegetarian and vegan cafe in Marrickville. It has a laid-back vibe and serves fresh, healthy food alongside specialty coffee. People who care about their health eat there.

Tips: In addition to vegetarian fare, they also offer vegan choices.

  • Bring Your Own: $4 a person  
  • Location: Marrickville (122 Chapel Street)

42. Ripples Milsons Point

The restaurant serves contemporary Australian cuisine, emphasising seafood and an extensive wine list. Views of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Opera House are spectacular from this restaurant, making it a popular choice for locals and visitors looking for a unique dining experience.

  • Bring Your Own: $12 a bottle, exclusively wine  
  • Location: Milsons Point

43. Chiosco By Ormeggio

Chiosco offers pizza, pasta, gelato, and many other traditional Italian street foods. Outdoor seating is available, and diners can take in scenic views of Mosman Bay. Locals and tourists alike frequent this restaurant because of its reputation for serving excellent Italian fare in an informal setting.

  • Bring Your Own: $2 for each beer bottle, $12 a bottle for each wine bottle 
  • Location: Mosman (Marinas the Spit)

44. La Favola

The restaurant has an extensive wine list to complement its menu of traditional Italian dishes like pasta, pizza, pasta dishes, and desserts. The restaurant is decorated in a rustic style and has a homey feel. Locals and tourists like this restaurant for its casual atmosphere and delicious Italian fare.

  • Bring Your Own: Free 
  • Location: Newtown (170 King street)

45. Oscillate Wildly

Situated in one of Sydney’s top locations, this restaurant offers an unparalleled culinary experience. For just $135 per person, you can indulge in our 8-course tasting menu and savour the flavour of every single dish – no a la carte ordering necessary!

  • Bring Your Own: $10 a bottle (Tuesdays), exclusively wine 
  • Location: Newtown (275 Australia street)

46. Pastizzi Cafe

Pastizzi, a traditional Maltese pastry filled with ricotta cheese or mushy peas, are the shop’s bread and butter. Mediterranean and Maltese dishes, such as rabbit stew, meatballs, and seafood pasta, are on the cafe’s menu. The restaurant is decorated with bright colours and offers indoor and outdoor seating. Locals and tourists alike frequent this restaurant to sample authentic Maltese cuisine in the heart of Sydney.

Tips: You could grab some takeout and picnic in Sydney Park.

  • Bring Your Own: $3 a person, exclusively wine  
  • Location: Newtown ( 523 King Street)

47. The Bach Eatery

Bach Eatery, the perfect hotspot for brunch, dinner and drinks, combines contemporary Australian and New Zealand cuisine. The menu features seafood chowder, lamb ribs and pavlova, just to name a few! You can enjoy mouthwatering meals and an extensive selection of alcoholic beverages such as cocktails, wines or beers while you relax in its laid-back atmosphere.

  • Bring Your Own: $4 a person (Wednesdays – Sunday), exclusively Nz wines
  • Location: Newtown

48. Time for Thai

The food at this restaurant is Pad Thai, green curry, tom yum soup, and sticky mango rice, among many other well-liked Thai dishes. Vegetarian and vegan options abound in Thai cooking.

Tips: The quality of service varies. Pre-entrées and entrées are typically served together.

  • Bring Your Own: Free
  • Location: Newtown

49. Thai Pothong

It would be more like repeating the menu to endorse an item to try at this eatery. The papaya soft-shelled crab salad, curry puffs, fish cakes, and tom yum prawn soup are all great places to start. Main courses of grilled pork, a Barramundi salad, and four different curries (red duck, red pumpkin, and red).

Tips: Weekends are the busiest, so make your reservations early. Since a bottle of wine is relatively inexpensive around these parts, you may want to forego BYO if you drink only a few glasses. There is also a location in Marrickville, and the prices are reasonable per bottle if you’re there with a large group or have a particular wine in mind to pair with your meal.

  • Bring Your Own: $3 a person, exclusively wine  
  • Location: King Street, Newtown

50. ABHI’s Indian Restaurant

This restaurant offers authentic Indian cuisine, such as tandoori chicken, biryani, butter chicken, and lamb curry. Indian sweets like gulab jamun and rasgulla are among the many vegetarian and vegan options. Decorated with authentic Indian artwork and textiles, the restaurant exudes a homey vibe. Locals and tourists alike frequent ABHI’s Indian Restaurant due to its excellent cuisine, helpful staff, and affordable prices.

Tips: Offers best Indian food in Sydney, by popular opinion. It’s not a cheap option. Indulge in one of the restaurant’s banquet menus if you’re travelling with a sizable party (at least four guests).

  • Bring Your Own: $4 a person, exclusively wine  
  • Location: North Strathfield ( Concord Road)

51. Moroccan Feast

Start with the rolled eggplant and move to the hummus and falafel bowl for a main course. Tagines of slow-cooked lamb chops and beef meatballs from the season at Mafroom. Lastly, a cinnamon sugar doughnut from Morocco.

  • Bring Your Own: $4 a person
  • Location: Randwick (Avoca Street)

52. Kepos Street Kitchen

Shakshuka, falafel, hummus, and slow-cooked lamb shoulder are just a few examples of the restaurant’s signature Mediterranean-inspired dishes. To drink, guests can choose from cocktails, wines, and beers. Kepos Street Kitchen has a sleek, welcoming interior with an open kitchen and comfortable communal tables. The restaurant’s food and service have been praised, making it a popular choice for brunch, lunch, and dinner.

  • Bring Your Own: $8 a person, exclusively wine 
  • Location: Redfern (Kepos street)

53. One Penny Red

The modern Australian fare at One Penny Red features seasonal ingredients and regional produce. In addition to meat dishes like pork belly, and grilled octopus, the menu also features several vegetarian choices. A wide selection of wines is available, with an accent on those from Down Under and Down Under. The food and service at One Penny Red have earned rave reviews, making it a popular choice for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

  • Location: Summer Hill (2 Moonbie Street)

54. Chicken Institute

Start with something that sounds completely out there: peanut butter chicken. Try some peri peri chicken instead if that’s too out there for your tastes. Obtain a serving of Kimchi poutine as well.

Tips: Book a table ahead

  • Bring Your Own: $3 a person, exclusively wine  
  • Location: Surry Hills (Fitzroy street)

55. Longrain

You can begin with betel leaf and squid or yam bean. If you’re feeling generous, try the stuffed eggnet as well. The main dish of green curry and brisket and caramelised pork hock. 

Tips: Book ahead

  • Bring Your Own: $10 a bottle (Sundays-Mondays), exclusively wine 
  • Location: Surry Hills (Commonwealth street)

56. Maya Da Dhaba

The restaurant’s menu features vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes that are representative of North Indian cooking at its finest. Chicken tikka masala, lamb rogan josh, butter chicken, and paneer makhani are some of their most well-liked dishes. Desserts like gulab jamun and ras malai and bread like naan and paratha are also available.

  • Bring Your Own: $2.50 a person, exclusively wine  
  • Location: Surry Hills (431 Cleveland street)

57. Spice I Am

The restaurant’s menu includes spicy curries, stir-fried dishes, soups, and salads, highlighting Thai cuisine’s diversified flavours and recipes. Time Out Sydney and The Sydney Morning Herald, among others, have named Spice I Am on their lists of the best restaurants in Sydney, and the restaurant has received many other awards over the years.

  • Bring Your Own: Free
  • Address: Surry Hills

58. Vacanza Pizzeria

The restaurant’s menu includes spicy curries, soups, stir-fried dishes, and salads, highlighting Thai cuisine’s diversified flavours and recipes. Time Out Sydney and The Sydney Morning Herald, among others, have named Spice I Am on their lists of the best restaurants in Sydney, and the restaurant has received many other awards over the years.

  • Bring Your Own: $8 a bottle, exclusively wine  
  • Location: Surry Hills (Bourke street)

59. Xage

To begin, try the Nha Trang-style stewed prawn rolls or the grilled pork fillet rolls. The main courses, especially the pork shoulder, chicken curry, and spicy beef curry, frequently run out. Brined slices of grain-fed meat rump are an excellent alternative if you can’t find any.

Tips: Confined space that frequently exceeds audible decibel levels. Accept credit cards with a 3% surcharge but no EFTPOS. It is preferable to make a cash payment.

  • Bring Your Own: $3.50 a person (Sunday – Thursday), $4 a person (Friday – Saturday), exclusively wine 
  • Location: Surry Hills ( 333 Crown street)

60. Via Alta

The menu rotates frequently, so it’s hard to give specific recommendations, but you can enjoy the handmade fettuccine noodles with beef cheeks and roasted lamb. The sharing option will save the day when you just can’t decide.

Tips: Come here for a leisurely dinner with good company and catch up on the latest happenings. Book early because it is likely to sell out.

  • Bring Your Own: $12 a bottle, exclusively wine  
  • Location: Willoughby (197 High street)

61. St Claude’s

If you want to try something exceptional, you must get the gruyere soufflé. The crispy duck leg and the warden’s valley bavette are excellent entrees. Creamy caramel creme brulee is recommended.

  • Bring Your Own: $20 a bottle, exclusively wine  
  • Location: Woollahra (10 Oxford street)