Where to Find Newtown’s Best Cafes

When you’re looking for your caffeine fix in Sydney, Newtown is the best place to go. Known for its unique and quirky cafes, innovative and delicious menus, and some of the best coffee in the area, Newtown has something to offer every coffee and brunch lover.

Whether you’re looking for a quick cup of morning coffee, a place to sit down and enjoy brunch and cocktails with friends, or a quiet and relaxed space to set up your workstation for the day, Newtown has it all.  

Here’s your guide to some of the best cafes in Newtown to visit the next time you’re in the area.

212 Blu

212 Blu

With friendly service, delicious food, and strong espresso, 212 Blu is a must-visit for Newtown locals and visitors. The high ceilings and white-tiled floor and walls create a mellow and cosy atmosphere, while the delicious all-day menu options keep people coming back to enjoy more of the restaurant’s mouthwatering dishes. 

While their menu is on the smaller side, it’s full of incredible local favourites, including a 212 board with chorizo and halloumi, a Reuben sandwich, and smashed avocado. Whether you’re stopping by for a morning cup of coffee or setting up for the day to get some work done, this cafe and wine bar offers some of the best quality food and drinks in the area. 

Brewtown Newtown

Located just off King Street, Brewtown Newtown offers a unique and innovative cafe experience, with a massive range of all-day dining options, pastries, and fresh coffee roasted in-house.

Brewtown Newtown is built inside an old 19th-century warehouse, with tall ceilings, exposed beams and bricks, and chic and rustic decor, creating a spacious and trendy atmosphere. Along with the flavourful dining options, make sure to try one of Brewtown Newtown’s famous desserts, such as the sweet and flaky cruffin or cronut.

And after grabbing a cup of coffee or enjoying the all-day quiet workspace, you can stop by the second floor to explore the cafe’s boutique and record store.

Black Star Pastry

If you’re looking for unique and stunning desserts, Black Star Pastry is the place to go. This original and well-known cafe offers a vast range of exquisite cakes and pastries in a small and cosy environment. Their Strawberry Watermelon Cake – deemed the world’s most Instagrammed cake by the New York Times – made this store a phenomenon in Newtown, with a light and refreshing taste that lives up to all the acclaim. 

While the Strawberry Watermelon Cake made this cafe a local favourite, the variety of other sweet and flavourful cakes make Black Star Pastry a top Newtown cafe as well. They also cater to several dietary needs, with a range of delicious vegan and gluten-free pastry options.

Cuckoo Callay

Newtown is known for being vibrant and eccentric, and this quirky cafe fits right in. Cuckoo Callay, located right outside the Newtown Train Station, takes inspiration from Alice in Wonderland for the lavish and bright interior and decor and fun and interesting menu. 

The inside of the cafe offers a cosy, spacious, and unique atmosphere to enjoy food and coffee. At the same time, the outdoor seating is the perfect place to enjoy the sunlight and keep yourself distracted by the heavy foot traffic outside of the train station.

The service is always friendly, and the menu includes creative breakfast and lunch dishes, a range of delicious coffee and tea options, smoothies and shakes, beer, cocktails, and even a dog-friendly option. While the menu is a bit pricey, the cost is worth it for the innovative and delicious meals and unconventional cafe experience.

Rising Sun Workshop

Rising Sun Workshop

A cafe and motorbike workshop built under the same roof, Rising Sun Workshop boasts a unique dining experience and a fun and innovative environment to connect and create with others.

Along with providing a roomy and distinctive dining space, Rising Sun offers fantastic service, delicious coffee, fresh Japanese-Australian-inspired cuisine, and a range of craft beers, wines, and signature cocktails for the perfect boozy brunch. 

The ramen is a favourite among customers, and everything from the restaurant is bought from local roasters, brewers, winemakers, and distillers. With a welcoming environment and a huge space to relax and enjoy the friendly atmosphere, Rising Sun Workshop is worth a visit.

Either Or

Either Or

A hidden gem on the quieter end of King Street, Either Or is a relaxed and minimalistic cafe with exceptional service, and a delicious Nordic-Scandi inspired brunch menu. The high tables, delicate decor, hanging bulbs, and polished concrete floor create a spacious and relaxed vibe, making this an excellent spot to relax and enjoy a fresh cup of coffee. 

Their expansive food menu includes customer favourites such as the poached eggs, the vegan Botanist bowl, a variety of sweet pastries, or a smorrebrod, a Scandinavian open-faced sandwich.

Campos Coffee

Campos Coffee

While you might see Campos Coffee locations all over Sydney today, you can’t beat the original Campos in Newtown. This coffee shop has a cosy and intimate atmosphere, with warm wood interiors, friendly staff, tasty pastries, and unique decor and artwork covering the cafe’s walls. 

This Newtown staple boasts some of the best coffee in the area, which stems from long-term partnerships with farmers and a heavy focus on cupping their coffee. Although there is limited available seating in the small interior of the coffee shop, it’s the perfect place to swing by for a cup of their quintessential signature coffee and a delicious pastry or breakfast on your way to work.

Soulmate Coffee

Soulmate Coffee

For a laid back atmosphere and an all-day menu full of crowd-pleasing dishes, stop by Soulmate Coffee. Their menu consists of brunch classics, including avo on toast, a mushroom toastie, breakfast burger, and their delicious Soulmate Bae Roll sandwich, as well as a range of fresh coffee, tea, and smoothie options. There are also plenty of dishes for vegan and vegetarian visitors.

The airy, sun-filled interior creates a relaxing and bright space to eat and sip your caffeine, while the verandah offers the perfect place to enjoy the sunlight and face the vibrant and crowded street outside. While Soulmate Coffee is relatively new to the area, it’s made a name for itself as a top Newtown cafe with its casual and relaxed vibe and a menu full of local favourites.