Restaurants in Parramatta

The difficulty with doing a web search is that it will only provide existing results. Furthermore, the places cited differ most from those offering the best eating experiences. 

Lunch at a tourist hotspot, often characterised by high prices and a lacklustre experience, is the last thing any visitor wants to find themselves in. We’ve undoubtedly had those meals – you know, that make you feel cheated and give you a severe case of buyer’s regret afterwards.

Nevertheless, the locations that will characterise your vacation provide you with an authentic taste of the local cuisine and leave a great memory.

In light of this, the following is a list of the numerous restaurants that can be found in Parramatta. You will be able to discover a place that is well worth your time and effort by the time you conclude this article. The ideal place where you have a good chance of being rewarded with a meal you’ll remember for ages.

Saravanaa Bhavan

1. Saravanaa Bhavan

One of the most well-known names of restaurants from southern India, Saravanaa Bhavan, can now be found in dozens of countries worldwide. It began in the 1980s in Chennai, and now it boasts 33 sites inside India and 47 branches throughout various other countries.

Idly, which are rice and lentil cakes served with sambar and chutneys; parotta, which is a flaky flatbread, thalis, which are trays of curries; dahl, rice, and more, and gulab jamun, are just some of the conventional southern Indian recipes that you can find in the restaurant’s extensive portfolio in Parramatta. And also dosa. 

Dosa has forty-six unique flavours ranging from the classic potato masala to the spicy cheese dosa and the delectable peanut butter dosa. If you take a larger group to Saravanaa Bhavan, you can sample more dosa varieties.

2. Ruse Bar and Brasserie

Ruse Bar and Brasserie is a restaurant and bar situated inside the bustling new eating sector of Parramatta Square in western Sydney. The restaurant serves some of the most delectable dishes in an environment that is just stunning.

The open basque grill has become the focal point in the restaurant, and it is from this grill that the cooks prepare dishes such as king prawns, John Dory and King George. In addition, we offer steaks, poultry from free-range farms, and lamb, all of which are grilled on cherry wood or charcoal. In addition, the characteristic shared beef chops, which include a grass-fed rib eye, wagyu tomahawk, and T-bone.

The large Ruse Bar and Brasserie is the perfect spot to visit if you need something less formal. Pub staples such as burgers, Schnitt’s, fish and chips take centre stage on this restaurant’s menu. In addition to the food, there is a selection of fruity drinks such as lychee martinis, pina Coladas, Palomas and daiquiris.


3. Lilymu

Lilymu will seem familiar to you if you’ve ever enjoyed a cup of coffee at Cuckoo Callay, a breakfast with Middle Eastern cuisine at Nour, or dinner with charcoal chicken at Henrietta. The walls are covered in pink neon, the drinks include hibiscus, and the floor is staffed with friendly people. 

However, it contrasts with any of Jorge Farah’s and Ibby Moubadder and past restaurants they have opened. It’s not located on Crown Street at all. It is located in Parramatta Square, a short distance from the city. And the Middle East has nothing to do with it. This time, the team is dishing up modern interpretations of classic Chinese and Southeast Asian cuisine with the assistance of Brendan Wong, a chef who formerly worked at Mr Wong.

The quality of the dumplings lives up to the high standards set by Wong. Because they are so delicious, we strongly recommend you make a reservation for the tom yum prawn dumplings floating in brilliant, refreshing lime, soy, and chilli sauce as soon as you take your seat; five for $27. While you are waiting for your meals to be prepared, consider purchasing the fried quail for $25.

This golden, crisp, bite-sized bird is packed with flavour and is sure to put your go-to fried chicken establishment to rest.

Substantial entrees include pipis in XO sauce, beef cheek massaman with the obligatory Kipfler potatoes, and grilled duck with Laos sausage. However, the dish you have most certainly overheard far more buzz about is the mie goreng, which also often appears on Instagram. It is luxurious and decadent because it is served with an egg yolk and is laden with bean sprouts and black garlic. In addition to this, you will feel nearly too stuffed for pie after consuming it.

You may finish your dish with coconut sorbet, mascarpone parfait, or perhaps a liquid dessert, such as a Lilymu espresso martini or an affogato martini with vanilla-flavoured ice cream. 

The spicy margarita and the sour plum negroni, both of which are produced with Four Pillars’ ever-popular Bloody Shiraz Gin, are the drinks that will appeal to customers who want their drinks to have a hint of saltiness and to be consumed early on before your meal.

Ciccia Bella Parramatta Square

4. Ciccia Bella Parramatta Square

The new eating zone in Western Sydney, known as Parramatta Square, is crammed to the brim with well-known eateries. The well-known restaurateur Maurice Terzini, the proprietor of Bondi hotspots Ciccia Bella and Icebergs Bar & Dining, had a hand in at least one of these establishments. 

He has created another location of Ciccia Bella in the neighbourhood, which — following a change of guard in the original kitchen — concentrates on rustic-style peasant cuisine (Cucina Povera) and woodfired meals, as opposed to only serving pasta and pizza.

The menu was designed by Nic Wong, who is also responsible for The Apollo and Cho Cho San. It features a large selection of charcuterie and cheese, which include mortadella and a diligent Crudo menu. It includes items such as kingfish with citrus and fennel, tuna with cherry tomatoes, scallops with green olives, and beef tartare. 

Other bigger dishes are available, including chilli-spiked mussels, pork cutlet with capers and sage, and wagyu steak with salmoriglio. There is also a selection of pasta available, such as the spicy broccoli orecchiette, the fusilli alla norma, and the wagyu lasagne.

The wine selection features only organic beverages and emphasises Italian varietals. The bar also offers a selection of traditional Italian cocktails such as negronis, bellinis, martinis, and Campari sodas, all of which may be purchased for prices between $12 and $16.

5. Harvey’s Hot Sandwiches

The Town Square in Parramatta has transformed, costing $3.2 billion. It has been renovated into a restaurant in the past few years. Now it’s dedicated to eateries like Lilymu and Ciccia Bella, which have debuted alongside brands like Fishbowl and Betty’s Burgers. Finally, a new restaurant specialising in hot sandwiches is getting ready.

Harvey’s Hot Sandwiches is modelled like a classic American restaurant but offers a novel approach to the hot sandwich. Harvey’s decor will take you to a bygone era with its evocative neon lights, old-fashioned black-and-white pictures, and diner-style furniture.

When it comes to food, it serves saucy subs stuffed full of the meats and fillings of your choosing. White, whole-wheat, or gluten-free bread is your first option. Then you decide whether you want brisket or pastrami, which are available with basic (cheese and mustard) and sloppy stuffing (Russian dressing, coleslaw, and cheese).

If these do not catch your attention, choose one of Eleven iconic and traditional subs on the menu; cheesesteak, beef dip, muffuletta, hot chicken dish, marinara sauce, garlic butter, and port-flavoured veal meatballs.

If you need something sweet or are still hungry after eating your sandwich, the cafe will also include a Nutella fountain meant to submerge cookies and sandwiches in a chocolate-hazelnut bliss. Lemonades and ancient floats, produced with ingredients such as creaming soda and raspberry lemonade, are being offered as alcoholic beverages for patrons to consume.


6. Biang Biang Westfield Parramatta

Biang Biang is a Chinese restaurant specialising in traditional dishes from the Shaanxi region of China. Although the majority are familiar with the food of Cantonese or Sichuan, Biang Biang serves dishes that are local to Shaanxi. 

This restaurant is famous for its hand-crafted noodles and spicy, sour flavours. The Biang Biang noodles are the most famous cuisine from Shaanxi. This classic rural dish has hand-pulled thick noodles and feels similar to chewing gum. At the restaurant Biang Biang, they are served floating in brilliant crimson oil that has been lavishly spiced with cumin and chilli. One piece of advice I have for you is to avoid wearing white clothing.

The cold noodles with garlic sauce are another well-liked delicacy from the Shaanxi region. The noodles are rough and thin, and they come paired with fragments of hardened gluten that, for all intents, could as well be a cleaning sponge. The sponge and the noodles are doused in a tangy garlic sauce that has hints of black vinegar in its flavour profile.

The Rougamo, also known as the ‘burger, has become an unexpectedly popular item. This popular snack is a disc of pastry packed with pulled pork that has been braised in broth for an indefinite time. The ultimate product is a delicious combination of meat that is crisp and soft on the inside. It would be best if you braced yourself for warm, greasy liquids to run down your arm.


7. PappaRich

This outlet of the Malaysian restaurant business in Parramatta provides dependably delightful buttery Rotis, aromatic laksa, hearty nasi goreng, and hot sambal, much like all other restaurants inside the PappaRich empire. What began as a concept to develop a contemporary version of the classic cafés in Malaysia has grown into a brand recognised throughout Australia. 

You’ll enjoy roti canai, pan mee, and nasi lemak on their menu at every location, in addition to a variety of teas such as the Tarik, Milo Dinosaur, and lemon tea, which is a cup of icy Milo with a dollop of Milo powder. Each location offers its specific unique cuisine.


8. Temasek

Enjoy a bowl of Temasek’s boiling laksa while taking a respite from your weekly grocery binge. When you’re eating in your hot banquet, you’ll comprehend why this wildly famous Malaysian-Singaporean restaurant has been crowded since it opened in 1992. It may not appear fancy from afar. The laksa menu provides seafood, vegan, prawn, chicken, and prawn. None of these piques your appetite. However, additional meals are available, such as chilli crab, chicken rice, and a fantastic oyster omelette.

Butter Parramatta

9. Butter Parramatta

The original Butter restaurant is in Surry Hills, and its sister location in Parramatta, launched in December 2017, has two floors. This location is within the city and is a refuge for those who appreciate the finest aspects of life. 

You should position yourself on a black seat, grab a piece of Veuve Clicquot, and then pick your meal. It may be as basic as fried chicken or as complicated as a hot doughnut slathered in butter and syrup and served with fried chicken tenders. 

There is a storeroom devoted to streetwear located on the second floor. Products sold there include t-shirts, socks, hoodies, and lighters. The front of Butter is dedicated entirely to displaying an extensive sneaker collection featuring unique footwear and one-of-a-kind items.


10. Paper Plane Cafe

Paper Plane is a restaurant in Parramatta owned and operated by a married couple, Carla Soriano and Ben Mora. The restaurant transports guests from the bustling city streets of Parramatta to a quaint farmhouse decorated with flower arrangements and warm wood. In 2013, the two left their hectic professions and spent a year travelling around the world before deciding to devote themselves to the career of a barista.

Beaconsfield’s Numero Uno Coffee Roasters came up with the Picasso Blend, a creamy drink with undertones of luscious caramel, and you may ease into the day with a few sips. When placing your order, the odds are you will first examine the plates of others, which are likely to be piled high with heaps of brightly coloured and delicious food.

If you are hungry, you should order the Big Breakfast, which consists of a mound of eggs, chorizo, bacon, mushrooms, hash browns, and tomatoes on bread. The Monte Cristo sandwich is stuffed with ham, cheese, turkey, Swiss, and cranberry sauce. 

There is also a great touch on French Toast served with rhubarb, custard, strawberries, cinnamon, and pistachios. These delectable morsels are just some options for those who prefer to eat less.

11. Lil Miss Collins

The first iteration of Lil Miss Collins was relatively small. The group held two pop-up shops across the city. Once they saw how popular they were becoming, they relocated to a more prominent, grassier location within a five-minute stroll of Parramatta station.

The proprietor of the café, Tony Moussa, together with the assistance of his family, converted a collection of containers and salvaged lumber into a beautiful space that will serve as the cafe’s primary residence. 

In the past, Lil Miss prepared chickens, but their residence was quickly terminated due to laws passed. Fortunately, plenty of animal companions are available, so you don’t have to fret.

Moussa prepares his fresh coffee beans between stroking pets and keeping up with the upkeep of his do-it-yourself abode. Before reading the full and healthy menu, pick your coffee preference from a blend or a specific origin. 

You’ll encounter passionately prepared lamb shoulder, roasted potatoes, fennel, lentils, crisp bread, and béarnaise sauce, among other seasonal choices. There’s also roasted pumpkin served with a poached egg, labneh, feta, broccolini, kale, and chilli.

Black Seed Eatery

12. Black Seed Eatery

Regarding the food served in cafes, genuine delectability and a high vigour do not usually coincide. The Black Seed Eatery, on the other hand, has mastered the pairing. This chic cafe, launched in June of 2018, contributes to Parramatta’s constantly developing culinary scene by offering meals prepared with fresh fruits and vegetables and flavoured with healthy snacks.

Al & Co Haus of Design designed the interior to be a relaxing haven flooded with natural light and replete with glistening reflective surfaces, blonde hardwoods with a Scandi influence, and verdant planters. 

To get your day off to a good start, try the baked mushroom overlaid with crunchy pancetta, rocket, poached egg, balsamic and parmesan on the quinoa salsa. You can also order organic sourdough, including sweet corn kernels, avocado, and asparagus. The restaurant is also crowned with a hard-boiled egg and scallions on natural sourdough.

However, the menu goes beyond only taking care of your small intestines. A Black Seed Beef Burger; beef, cheese, onion, tomato, cos lettuce, and handmade sauce or fried chicken with coleslaw and hot mayo are some of the more decadent lunch options. Additionally, several handmade baked goods are produced in collaboration with Luxe Bakery.

Toby’s Estate provides the coffee and has worked closely with the Black Seed crew for many sessions to develop a pleasant, rich, and distinctive custom blend.

13. Meraki Merchants

All of your youthful culinary fantasies are brought to life by Meraki Merchants, who make your homemade almond milk flavoured with scented petals, iced Milo with chocolate chips, and jaffles oozing with sausage and cheese into adult realms.

In 2016, bartender Toufick Chami, whose resume includes work at The Cupping Room,  Circa, Ona, and Tap flung, launched this cheery, welcoming corner café. He mixes Lebanese heritage with contemporary Australian café fare to produce meals that disrupt the mould with subtle yet potent modifications.

For instance, The Saltan’s Jaffle, the restaurant’s trademark toastie, is topped with savoury cheese, olives, sujuk, and home-made shimmering capsicum savouring, as the granola placed on top of a watermelon-infused reduction and a pear that has been snapped up in Earl Grey tea. A round of home-baked treats shows up at the counter each dawn, and the small menu is often updated. Arrive earlier to secure one.

Coffee beans for Chami are sourced from Stitch in St. Peters. The Red African beverage, the relaxing vanilla rose Milo, and the hand-made almond milk mixed with rose petals, beetroot, and Himalayan sea salt are just a few alternatives for coffee enthusiasts.

Darcy St Project

14. Darcy St Project

The Darcy Street Project is more than simply a coffee shop; it’s also a nonprofit social venture. Students and young adults, especially those in danger of unemployment, have the opportunity to acquire the knowledge, training, and self-assurance here that are essential to becoming gun baristas. Refugees, recently arrived migrants and those currently facing deprivation are some other participants in this program.

Relax and indulge in a delicious cup of coffee as you appreciate the fact that your contribution is being made to a worthy cause. Instead of adhering to a single type of bean, Darcy St. operates a preview roaster scheme, allowing regular customers to sample a variety of single-origin coffees. These coffees range from Seven Seeds’ Kainamui (Gichugu, Kenya) to Pablo & Rusty’s Bella Vista, both from the United States (Narino, Colombia).

Moreover, the house mix, known as Big Tasty, is toasted locally in the shop in relatively small amounts. The beans come from Colombia, Kenya, and Brazil, making a smooth mix.

The OG Brew Bar is the centre of activity for those who like drinking coffee at the Darcy St. Project. It is a warm, inviting space decorated with yellow seats and a vibrant green accent wall. The emphasis here is on coffee rather than any other beverage; the only meal consists of baked goods.

15. White Henry Espresso Bar

White Henry became one of the first cafés to emerge in Parramatta’s secret streets and alleys the year it was established in 2014. Presently, its black metallic stools and tables with wooden tops are occupied by a steady stream of regular customers.

The flagship blend, Blue Stag, sets White Henry apart from the competition. This drink is made with three different types of arabica beans, which results in a chocolaty flavour with floral and aromatic overtones. It was rigorously improved over many years via study and testing. Consider the freshly roasted coffee, which has a different country of origin, every week as an adventurous drinker.

The meal menu is concise, straightforward, and reasonably priced in light of the coffee shop’s primary emphasis. Consider having smashed avocado, wraps, or perhaps banana bread for breakfast. Consider having a bread sandwich, Turkish roll, or salad box during lunchtime.

Despite its secluded location, White Henry still receives good natural light from the sun. Even on brisk winter days, it is a refreshing and tranquil place to take a break from the fast-expanding Central Business District of Parramatta.

Circa Espresso

16. Circa Espresso

The proprietor of the famous café Circa Espresso, Aykut Sayan, had one purpose in mind when he founded the business five minutes’ walk from Parramatta Station: to share his enthusiasm for both cuisine and coffee with other people. 

The upshot of his strategy is substantial, flavour-packed breakfasts, brunches, and lunches that draw inspiration from Middle Eastern and contemporary Australian cuisine.

The eggs are a delectable treat of boiled free-range, garlic labneh, sage butter, burned chilli and seeded bread. In contrast, cauliflower, halloumi, and popping seed pastries are served with a soused carrot, pine nut, pepita, and minty mix with romesco dressing.

Put aside your typical cappuccino or latte and try something new with your morning cup of coffee. You can order black, white hot, or cold brew coffee at Circa. If you need more time to make up your mind, a Barista Flight is an excellent opportunity to sample all the different alternatives. Sayan takes the time to choose each bean by hand and then roasts them in small quantities.

When the atmosphere outside is excellent, one of the most inviting places to be in Parramatta is the necklace ambience of Circa, which has one of the city’s most expansive outdoor terraces. Discover the Chesterfield couch in the rear room, tucked away among the paintings and bookshelves for maximum seclusion.

17. Pho Pasteur Parramatta

Pho Pasteur is more than just a Vietnamese restaurant. Visiting the place is comparable to the moment a dream comes true. This time-honoured café was established in 1992 by its current owners, Mr and Mrs Pham, who escaped the Vietnam War and eventually settled in Australia. 

Their expectation? It is to introduce the people of their local neighbourhood to the dishes that are traditional to their native region of Tay Ninh. Please show up hungry since the portions are on the larger side. Remember that it will be difficult for you to pass up the beef pho, a comforting miso ramen with everything: rare beef, meatballs, brisket, tripe, and tendon.

18. Alex & Co.

There have always been a significant number of restaurants in Parramatta, and the quality of these establishments continues to improve. This year, the trendy Australian eatery Husk and Vine has just moved into the area, and the Speakeasy Team will expand its rooftop bar. 

Furthermore, the well-known establishment Rockpool and Sake have confirmed that they’ll be a component of the exciting project at 8 Phillip Street. All of these things have taken place within this same year.

The Aslan Hotels & resorts are also interested in gaining a foothold in the Parramatta hotel industry. They have just inaugurated their extremely ambitious all-day restaurant, Alex & Co., which is located at Meriton Altitude Towers. 

It is both restaurant, café, and cocktail bar — rolled into one in this 600-square-meter venue that costs $2.5 million and has 350 seats. It has three distinct menus, event areas, expansive river vistas, and dining choices suitable for every occasion. It is possible to enter anytime since it is open from sunrise until midnight daily.

At NOLA Smokehouse and Barangaroo, executive chef Kyle Quy provides a menu of old favourites that have been ingeniously implemented and are constructed on local food and contemporary methods. These dishes are served hot in the ovens. 

There are delicacies such as cosseted eggs with blue crab for breakfast, perfectly chucked oysters and salt and vinegar squid to devour with beverages, and dishes such as oxtail tortellini and roasted lamb shoulder.

While everything is going on, Max Greco of Vasco is lending his Nobel prize skills to the beverage program, which features various unique cocktails crafted to complement Quy’s dishes. 

The specialties are drinks such as the Riverside, crafted with dill-infused Bombay Sapphire, fresh citrus, chamomile, absinthe haze, and white chocolate. In addition, there is a limited but extensive range of wines and a nice small variety of spirits.

Gatehouse Tea Rooms

19. Gatehouse Tea Rooms

Although we can’t say for sure, this establishment serves high tea longer than any other in all of Australia. The Gatehouse Tea Room is located in a UNESCO World Heritage designated structure from 1887 that is surrounded by the lovely scenery of Parramatta Park. In addition, the restaurant has exceptional food. 

You may pick from more than a dozen kinds of tea, like Punjabi Chai and Goji Acai. While sipping your tea, you can have a snack pastry, scones, and mini snacks. You may also stop in for a serving of tea; it will be delivered with the same level of pomp and splendour as the rest of the experience, and it will pair well with a softening instant biscuit if you want a great dessert in the afternoon.


Since there is a diverse selection of restaurants to pick from in Parramatta, how can one determine which establishments deserve their time and attention? 

We have compiled this list of our favourite restaurants in Parramatta so that you may have peace of mind when looking for a restaurant to create good memories. 

Furthermore, the list has detailed information on the services you’ll get in the restaurants. Feel free to make your way to the Parramatta restaurants; you’ll miss out!