Where to Find Sydney’s Best Teppanyaki Restaurants

Teppanyaki is a style of Japanese cooking that uses an iron griddle to heat fresh vegetables, meat, and other foods slowly. Although it may find its roots in Japan, you don’t have to head to the land of the rising sun to enjoy fantastic teppanyaki. You can find plenty of great options in the New South Wales capital of Sydney. Here is a quick overview of the best teppanyaki Sydney spots.

Hisshou Teppanyaki

Hisshou Teppanyaki offers the full-scale teppanyaki experience. A chef at each table cooks the food, performs tricks, and engages with the audience. It all makes for a genuinely crowd-pleasing show. 

Of course, it’s not just about what you’re watching. The food itself lives up to the hype too. You’ll enjoy tasty food consisting of a range of grilled veggies and meats. As for the crowd, you’ll find a low-key mix of out-of-town visitors and business lunch professionals. Locals and tourists alike, everyone is welcome here.


If you want a more subdued approach to teppanyaki—without all the showmanship—head to Kujin. Don’t expect a chef to be tossing tongs and drumming on hot plates in front of you here. Instead, you’ll get straightforward, fantastic quality Japanese cuisine. 

If you’re determined to watch your food cooked live, show up early and grab a seat at the bar. This is where the teppan grill is located, and a duo of cooks prepares and plates the food. Overall, expect a warm and friendly atmosphere with tasty bites.

Fujiya Japanese Teppanyaki Restaurant

Fujiya Japanese Teppanyaki Restaurant serves up great food in a warm but straightforward setting. The top-quality meats feature all the classics you love from a teppan grill, from scallops to duck breast. If you want to save money while trying an array of items, opt for the set menu. It’s an excellent option for teppanyaki newbies, giving you the chance to sample a variety of goods. 

Whatever you decide to order, make sure to leave room for a portion of teppan-fried rice. It’s classic and too good to miss here!

Jugemu and Shimbashi

Jugemu and Shimbashi is famously known as the hotspot for all kinds of Japanese cuisine in Sydney. This is an excellent pick if you’re going with a group of people and want varied options to keep everyone happy. There’s a hot plate for preparing fresh teppanyaki. 

You’ll also find handmade noodles, fresh-made sashimi, and—if you’re in the mood for something heavier—tempura. You’ll find the latter in the separate section of the restaurant dedicated to shimbashi. 

Our tip: Spend one night focusing on teppanyaki and come back another time to try the rest!

Hana Ju-Rin

Ready to take your teppanyaki tasting to luxury levels? Hana Ju-Rin is the place to be. You’ll find all top-tier teppanyaki options, including fresh prawns, tasty scallops, and pricey wagyu beef. Alternatively, keep it simple and opt for kimchi with traditional grilled pork. 

If you want to try some different options, go for the omakase menu. It’s not the most affordable menu you’ll find, running upwards of $100, but if you’re ready to treat yourself, it’s well worth it. The chef is a true master of his craft and shows off his chops optimally with the menu.

I Chi Ban Teppanyaki

I Chi Ban Teppanyaki is a significant favourite among Sydney locals. Once you pay a visit, you’ll quickly understand why. The packed eatery offers fantastic teppanyaki, including a much-coveted banquet. You’ll have your pick of sashimi, prawns, steaks, and more. 

Couple your treats with a cold beer to make the most of it. Simple decor, fantastic food, and friendly service…it’s no wonder this spot has been in business for more than 20 years. The restaurant has eight iron griddles, catering to the enormous demand. But it’s still hard to get a spot!

Okori Teppanyaki

Okori Teppanyaki is an excellent pick if you’re looking for something cozy—for example, for a date night. You’ll find a variety of teppanyaki sets to suit different tastes. You can’t surpass the quality here, and even picky eaters are sure to be pleased. You’ll find fresh seasonal vegetables, prime cuts of meat, and fantastic seafood. 

Vegetarians are sure to be satisfied here too, as there’s a veggie st including vegetable tempura and tofu. And for dessert? Don’t worry. They’ve got you covered with their tasty ice cream.


Chef Tetsuya Wakuda is in charge of Tetsuya’s, bringing a modern twist to Japanese cuisine. Tetsuya’s follows the Japanese tradition of embracing seasonal flavours while giving the nod to classic French cuisine. The chef has his own testing space on-site for trying out creative new combinations, which guests get to taste first-hand when ordering the degustation menu. 

The restaurant also offers an impressive wine list put together by expert sommeliers. Make sure to ask for recommendations to get a wine that matches your meal. The restaurant also wins points for location, as it’s located in a heritage-listed site that’s been carefully refurbished.

Kobe Jones Teppanyaki

Kobe Jones features a fantastic location in The Rocks, Sydney. You’ll find the restaurant brings together the best of both worlds, combining delicate Japanese flavours with hearty Australian produce. This is a more upscale option, allowing you to rent your dining room with a personal teppanyaki chief. 

You can also rent the space out for special events. Check out the cocktail bar and lounge for a date night, perfect for a drink before or after dinner. The location is also noteworthy, just a quick walk from Circular Quay.

Conclusion: The Best Teppanyaki Sydney Restaurants

Teppanyaki is a fun and yummy dining experience, allowing you to get a taste of Japanese cuisine in an engaging setting. Since the food is cooked directly in front of you, the experience is just as enjoyable visually as it is delicious in terms of taste. 

The above list of the best teppanyaki Sydney restaurants offers a variety of dining options to choose from. From more upscale picks perfect for business lunches to low-key selections ideal for family, there’s a spot for every mood.