The Best Bars in Sydney

If you call Sydney home or are travelling interstate from anywhere else in Australia, it’s highly recommended you take in some of the CBD’s and suburb’s incredible rooftop bars and pubs. The city’s still home to the incredible Jacoby’s tiki bar in Enmore as well as the Ramblin’ Rascal Tavern in the city, though if you’re looking for a few hidden gems, or just the best of the best when it comes to wine bars, Italian food or even the best craft beers, we have the perfect list for you below. 

We’re sure you’ve heard of the renowned Earl’s Juke Joint and Shady Pines Saloon on Oxford Street, so we’ll take a look at a few of the other fantastic bars Sydney has to offer! 

Bulletin Place, Circular Quay

One of the city’s best cocktail bars is the incredible Bulletin Place in Circular Quay. You’ll find a routinely changing cocktail list here as well as plenty of snacks and even a 45-seat capacity, making it quite a fun space for such a small bar. The atmosphere here is incredible whether you’re here for an early dinner or late night drinks, so whether you’re making your way here from work in the Sydney CBD or coming from hotels in the North, you’ll be welcomed at almost any time of the afternoon or evening. Sitting so close off the water means you don’t need to head all the way out to Bondi for a great drink and bite to eat by the sea.

This Must Be the PlaceDarlinghurst

An absolute gem of a bar if you’re looking for less of a bar and more of a relaxing Australian cafe vibe, that just so happens to sell cocktails, craft beer and boasts an incredible wine list. This Must Be the Place offers one the best late night food menus, cocktail lists and a vibe that will make you want to stay all evening. The bar is aptly styled in a rather contemporary bohemian way, keeping it looking more of a cafe than a bar, at least when compared to other Sydney bars.

The Baxter InnCBD

Heading back into the city now, The Baxter Inn is where you’ll want to go for whiskey, liquors and all other drinks you’ll find on the hidden bar’s floor-to-ceiling drinks list. Not for the faint of heart, the Baxter Inn has some of the strongest drinks you’ll find in all of Sydney, though there are a few lighter Aussie spirits and other traditional bar and bistro blends available. With its speakeasy vibe, expose wooden cabinetry and hidden laneway aesthetic, the Baxter is going to really give you the most authentic Australian-Irish whisky bar experience you’ll find in Sydney. 

The Royal, Paddington

For those looking for a rooftop bar, look no further than The Royal in Paddington. As a pub and a bar, you’ll have no trouble getting a great few drinks like spritz’s, tinnies and as well as old fashioned whisky, wines and cognac too. If you’re here for dinner, there’s one of the largest spreads available as far as food menus go, from BBQ prawns, chicken schnitzel, parmigiana and much more, you’ll sure to have plenty of options to soak up the night’s drinking on Glenmore Road. 

The Lobo Plantation, CBD

Back to the CBD, you’ll find The Lobo Plantation on Clarence Street with its speakeasy aesthetic, dark-toned walls and furniture plus a cocktail and wine list that will make feel like you’ve stepped right into a roaring-twenties-themed New York film. Although the wine list and cocktail list may not be the most diverse, you’ll still be able to try your hand at traditional Coopers Light or plenty of ritzy wines. 

Marble Bar, CBD

If you’re the type of person who loves an incredible vibe, then the fantastic wine list and live music at Marble Bar on George Street is going to be your new favourite bar in Sydney. With its gothic, speakeasy-style interior and curated cocktails, you’ll be sure to have the best experience here. The bar’s structure was built in 1893, and without a doubt, the original style and interior decoration have been kept rather familiar to the time period. The cocktail list has also been completely revived in 2019, so if you haven’t been for a visit for a while, you’ll be surprised by all of your new American-themed drink options. 

The Wild Rover, Surry Hills

Visitors or Sydneysiders in Surry Hills will certainly want to move The Wild Rover to the top of their list when it comes to finding the most chill dive bar in the area. It is an Irish pub, making its drink menu rather heavy on the Irish brews and whisky, though if you’re one who loves your Irish ales and craft beers, you’ll be right at home! The Surry Hills bar also boasts a great food menu too if you’re looking to stay for dinner or have a bite to eat while out with friends. Take your pick of oysters, sausage rolls and even meat and cheese platters. At The Wild Rover, you’ll also be close to the famous Misfits in Redfern a few minutes walk south.

Young Henrys, Newtown

Another excellent Sydney bar that boasts an extensive wine list, cocktail list and food menu is Young Henrys on Wilford Street in Newtown. The bar is quite open plan, coated with exposed brick and has plenty of different beers on offer. You’ll find that although the bar doesn’t boast a kitchen, there are still food options just outside at the food trucks. The bar makes sure to keep the fun vibes going all afternoon and evening with great music, constant service and with plenty of drinks on the rocks you’ll be able to sit (or stand) and relax for hours.

Dear Saint Eloise, Potts Point

Up to Potts Point now and you’ll find the famous Dear Saint Eloise bar on Orwell Street. The bar is another fantastic lobby-esque bar that really makes you forget you’re sitting in a bar. That said, it’s the perfect place for a chill lunch with a drink and a with a food menu packed with oysters, pavlova, lamb chops you’ll be more than satisfied.