The Best Golf Courses In Sydney You Can Play

The main issue with golfing in Australia is that, whether you reside in Melbourne, most of the country’s top-notch public golf courses are seldom available. 

They are at least a two-hour commute from any large metropolis. As a result, courses scattered across Western Australia, Tasmania, rural New South Wales, and Queensland’s enormous coastline frequently appear on any ranking of the best open courses in Australia.

Even though all of these grounds deserve the praise they receive, they don’t offer much to players in big cities. In Sydney, entrance to top-notch golf clubs is sometimes based on your connections and money.

The good news is that we’ve considered it our mission to identify the public golf courses in the Sydney area that provide a great day of golfing on well-kept fields without requiring extensive banking ties, six months’ notice, or a $300 membership fee.

Bankstown Golf Club

1. Bankstown Golf Club

Bankstown is a classic example of a golf course in Sydney. It winds its way down the Georges River banks and through natural bushland, with a grove of eucalyptus trees serving as the course’s primary water hazard. 

In addition to being well maintained, it has traditional parkland golf, with lengthy par 4s, narrow fairways, and lots of sand pits to get you on your toes.

Long Reef Golf Club

2. Long Reef Golf Club

Long Reef is home to some of Sydney’s most enjoyable seaside golf. It achieves this distinction by providing players with an authentic links-style course experience that is befitting of the location. 

It is a site for blustery landscapes with magnificent vistas of both the Northern Beaches and Central Coast, and it is a genuine challenge for anybody who is not experienced with links golfing. The course is situated on a peninsula close to Dee Why and north of Long Reef Beach.

Mona Vale Golf Club

3. Mona Vale Golf Club

A traditional course along the coast of Sydney, incorporating the native flora of the Northern Beaches and blending it with a design that makes the most of the course’s proximity to the water and its coastline setting. 

It is typically featured among Australia’s top spots that have hit less than $50 because it is maintained in immaculate condition and situated only a few miles away from the beach.

Moore Park Golf Club

4. Moore Park Golf Club

Eastern suburbs are home to many of Australia’s top golf courses. The course winds across Moore Park’s parkland while offering spectacular vistas of Sydney’s central business district, making it a terrific site to enjoy the parkland golf style that has earned them such renown.

Additionally, Moore Park has a driving course and training facilities that are possibly the best in Sydney.

St. Michael’s Golf Club

5. St. Michael’s Golf Club

St. Michaels is the location to play golf games that is higher than most of the other public courses in Australia. It perfectly illustrates Links golf and gives spectacular views of the coast around the La Perouse National Park. The cost will be more, but there is no denying that the quality of the trip will be better.

The Coast Golf Club

6. The Coast Golf Club

The Coast Golf Club is an inexpensive location to golf on a superbly kept links course neighbouring St. Michaels and South Wales Golf Club. 

The Gold Club has been long hailed as potentially offering the most acceptable deal for a golfing experience in Sydney. There aren’t many sites where you can pay just $40 and get the type of breathtaking golfing fun provided by the Coast Golf Club.

The Ridge (1)

7. The Ridge

Although it is practically council-owned and completely public, The Ridge is essentially the benchmark for golfing standards in Sydney. It is a beautiful and challenging course that provides a one-of-a-kind experience influenced by links golf and borders by deep woodland and shrubs. 

It is also notably highly managed, with bent-grass courses and cushion fairways that have been widely recognised as among the best for a long time.

Stonecutters Ridge Golf Club

8. Stonecutters Ridge Golf Club

While Stonecutters Ridge is located in Sydney’s far northwest, it is widely regarded as one of Greg Norman’s most excellent tournament courses. 

It is surrounded by natural forests and is built with three different landscape themes to create a complete visual image. This course makes the most of its settings.