The Cruise Bar in Sydney

To say that this Circular Quay harbourside bar offers the most sought after view in Australia would be an understatement. You’re wining and dining directly opposite the Opera House, beneath the Harbour Bridge and also overlooking the city skyline to boot. With all that said, the Cruise Bar is by far the best place in Sydney if you’re looking to showcase tourists or family friends the best spot to eat with a view of Sydney Harbour. 

If you’re planning on a family gathering here, or simply looking for a new CBD wine bar with a view, we have all of the essential information and insights listed below. We’ll go over what’s on each level, from level 1, or the Cruise Bar, to level 3 or the Rooftop. 

Take a look below at our delve into the cruise ship-styled Cruise Bar and discover fresh dishes and harbour life like nowhere else in New South Wales.

The Levels

Designed to mimic the shape and layout of a cruise ship, the Cruise Bar is spread across three levels, making it perfect for those who’d like to book the space for a media launch or corporate conferencing since it offers an entertaining event space on level 2 for up to 150 people. 

Cruise Bar Level 1

On the first level of the Cruise Bar, you’ll find a casual though elegant waterfront bar that has plenty of food and drinks suited to a range of tastes. The first level also blends from indoor to outdoor, making sure there’s plenty of space for large social celebrations of up to 550 guests who would like to take in the city’s Opera House and harbour. 

Cruise Bar Level 2 

On the second level of the Cruise Bar, you’ll find what the owners have named it the ‘Junk Lounge.’ The space is open, airy and has huge windows that ensure no view of the Sydney Opera House is restricted. You might notice however that if there is a cruise ship docked at the overseas passenger terminal, that a partial amount of your panoramic view is reduced, though checking docking times will give you insight into when to book to miss a docked ship. 

Cruise BarLevel 3

On the third level of the Cruise Bar, you’ll find the completely open-air rooftop space with gigantic windows and sliding doors to let the exceptional NSW weather inside. The rooftop space is certinaly where you want to be if you’re looking to host an unforgettable event for family and friends, so be sure to head over to to make a booking. 

The Food

Boasting world-class chefs and culinary experts, the Cruise Bar offers some of the best food in Sydney. Whether you have personal catering desires, a select palette, or would just like to get the best of the best that’s on offer, you’ll certainly feel at home here. 

You’ll have the freedom to browse the menu for share plates or single small plates where you’ll find simple nibbles like fries, wedges, and salads. Though there’s also the more hearty and delicious Appellation rock oysters, pan seared scallops, beef burgers and so much more. 

For the entire Cruise Bar menu, take a look here

One major perk of the Cruise Bar is that the wait staff are brilliant and always ready to amplify your scenic journey atop the darling harbour with plenty of helpful service and insight into the menu! Feel free to ask any questions about the food, the impending sunset or even the weather and you’ll be delightfully answered. 

The Drinks

As with many bars at Circular Quay West, the drink menu here is outstanding. There are more Australian drinks and curated cocktails and beers on the menu than just about any other bar or restaurant on The Rocks.

A few fan favourites on the drinks menu include an array of red and white wines, cocktails, rosé, and soft drinks and iced coffee too. You’ll even have a full variety of Chardonnay and Prosseco as well, so getting too much of a fix of your guilty pleasure drinks at the Cruise Bar won’t be a problem. 

For the entire Cruise Bar drinks menu, take a look here

The View and Experience

To cap off our look into the Cruise Bar on The Rocks, we have to say that the in-bar vibe and view is unmatched by almost anywhere else in Sydney. You’ll have a beeline look out to the Opera House as well as the bustling harbour along with Kiribili Point. 

Once the sun sets, you’ll also be able to watch the shimmering Harbour light up with boats and seafront homes. It’s an insight into harbour life in Sydney that you’ll not find elsewhere in the CBD or Sydney. 

We suggest taking a look at Google and their map data for cruise ship docking times to make sure you’re not going to be stuck behind a large cruise ship while you’re eating dinner or trying to take in the view. Although, staring at one of the world’s biggest cruise ships may just be a view in itself.