The Top Sports Bars in Sydney

There’s nothing that compares to soaking in the bar atmosphere of a beer garden and watching the country’s biggest sporting events. You’re surrounded by like-minded people who are all at the bistro, pub or bar to get their fix of the latest NFL, NBA, AFL or NRL game on the mega screen in the pub and to relax. 

Below we have a list of Sydney’s top bars for sports fans to get in on the action and watch all of your favourite a-league games and live sports. 

East Village, Darlinghurst

East Village, Darlinghurst

Starting off our list is the East Village in Darlinghurst, which is arguably one of the best bars in the entire city, not just a great bar for watching big games or taking in late night American football and NBA games. The bar has a great design, leather seats and an atmosphere that’s really going to get you in the mood to cheer on your favourite sports team. 

There’s a huge Athetlic Bar on the second floor of the bar which is arguably Sydney’s absolute best place to watch sport. Everything’s been designed explicitly for the sport, which means there are booths, incredible LED screens and with a speakeasy-style, you’ll feel more at home here than almost anywhere else in the CBD, at least when it comes to watching sport on the big screen.

Churchills Sports Bar, Kingsford

Churchills Sports Bar, Kingsford

For those landing in Sydney just before the big game, or anyone living close by the airport, Churchills Sports Bar is going to be the star for those who want to take in all Australian sports in the most comfortable, exhilarating setting. There’s plenty of TV screens to make sure you don’t miss a thing, and with great food, you’re going to be more than happy to stay to watch your favourite game here.

Once you’re done taking in the sport, there’s also Keno, a pool table, poker and much more to keep you entertained throughout the evening. For those who get a little peckish, or want something to soak up their unintentional sports drinking, there’s awesome burgers, fries and steaks on the menu. It’s really the most unapologetic Australian pub on our list. 

The Light Brigade, Woollahra

The Light BrigadeWoollahra

Making our way over to Woollahra now, you’ll find The Light Brigade which is one of Sydney’s other leading hot spots for craft beers and pub food that you can drink and eat whilst watching everything from the UFC to the NRL. 

In an old, corner pub-style establishment, the pub offers a great secluded and traditional pub feel that well make sure you’re as in your element as possible when watching the big game. With access to plenty of food and drink and the outdoor greenery, there’s plenty of space for a breather and a refresh if you’re a little too affected by what happens at the SCG or on the LCD TVs. 

York 75, Sydney CBD

York 75, Sydney CBD

Making a beeline to the CBD now, the York 75 is one of the perfect places to have a bite to eat and get a few beers in while watching the NRL or the AFL. Being in the CBD hasn’t changed the feel of the York 75 so you can expect it to remain as laid back and relaxed as it’s always been. The bar has TAB facilities and plenty of space to cheer on your favourite team with other Sydney-siders. 

There are an insane twenty TV screens here, so there’s little to no chance you’ll find yourself missing anything that’s happening on the field. With in-house betting facilities and a vintage, all-timber look and feel, the bar isn’t only for everyone looking to watch the game, but also for sports fans simply looking for a sports bar with a vibe!

The Cheers Bar, Sydney CBD

The Cheers Bar, Sydney CBD
Keeping within the CBD’s limits, the Cheers Bar is also a bar that offers that sought after relaxed Aussie feel. With exposed brick, plenty of TV screens and countless tables for you and friends to sit at, there’s no better bar in the city to watch the game. If the York 75 is a bit too hectic, making your way here might result in a few open tables for you to take a seat at. 

One of the best perks of the bar is that it’s open 24/7, unlike many other NSW bars, so if you’re looking to come in at any time and take in a local or American game, you’re going to be in luck. There is also plenty of great pub food to choose from including steaks, chips, curry, schnitzels and much more, so whatever you’re feeling, you’ll know the Cheers Bar has you covered. 

Cricketers Arms Hotel, Surry Hills

Cricketers Arms Hotel, Surry Hills

For the ultimate pub classics menu and to as close to the action as possible, you’ll need to head to Surry Hills to the Cricketers Arms Hotel. Just across the road from the SCG, the pub has plenty to eat, TAB right inside and plenty of food for just $14! 

The pub also offers functions and events like pool competitions and other exciting pub activities that you might stumble in upon. If you’re not looking to head out to a pub hotel CBD location, then the Surry Hills pub is the best for you! 

The Star Sydney, Pyrmont

The Star Sydney, Pyrmont

Saving the biggest for last, The Star is going to change the way you watch the game, regardless of how many pubs you regular at. There are more than 50 TVs at The Star, and with a single screen stretching a staggering 34 metres, you’re not going to miss any of the action even if you tried. 

There’s a stellar pub classics menu and an online sports game calendar that will make sure you know exactly when to make the drive to Pyrmont to get in on the action. If you do get too overwhelmed by all of the patrons at The Star, you’re still in Pyrmont, so it’ll be easy making your way to The Rooftop bar just a few minutes walk down Pyrmont Street for a more chill vibe.