The Zephyr Bar in Sydney

Discover one of Sydney’s most premier rooftop bars atop the Hyatt Regency Sydney looking out over the Darling Harbour. Standing at 12 stories, the bar stands tall in Sydney’s CBD and overlooks the Barangaroo precinct as well as the Inner Suburbs. You’ll find one of Australia’s most comprehensive cocktail bar offerings and a curated suite of drinks that expert mixologist, Grant Collins, has developed explicitly for the open-air bar. 

Without a doubt, the Zephyr Bar is one of the most futuristic and luxuriously design bars in the city and at the aptly named Zephyr Sky Bar, you’ll have no desire to leave. We’re glad to say that the bar manager, Mirko Simonazzi, has helped to create one of the most imaginative bars in the city.  

The Food

Of course, the bar has outstanding drinks and aperitifs, but one standout feature of the Zephyr Bar is the incredible food! If you’re looking for a small snack, you have the option of roasted nuts, stuffed olives, prawns and so much more. Though, if you’re really here for dinner or a larger meal, you’ll find that too! The bar also boasts pulled pork sliders, lamb kofka and hearty charcuterie boards.

There are also great desserts to choose from if you’ve had a bite to eat somewhere else in Sydney and would like a sweet delight with views of Sydney to cap off the night. The outdoor seating and bistro-style bar also make for the ultimate dessert-focused nightcap, and being high in the sky means you’re not going to have your vibe interrupted by traffic or noisy pedestrians. 

One perk of the Zephyr Bar is that you’re able to come here after 12 pm, to access the bar’s lunch or brunch inspired menus. The bar’s incredible light bites make for the ultimate after-lunch snacks, that will be sure to push those hunger pangs away while you take in some of the most incredible views you’ll find in Sydney. 

The Drinks

Where the pioneering Australian bar really shines is in its drink offering. You’re going to find some of the best drinks in all of NSW and Australia here, so be sure to take it slow or make a few visits here to get the most out of the ZephyrBarSydney. A small portion of the drink menu is completely custom to Zephyr, so you’re going to have to try these out before you head down to the ground floor again!

A fan favourite seems to be the outstanding barrel aged vermouth and Sydney’s largest range of aperitifs that are sure to get you ready to eat. 

A few of the bars most sought after exclusive drinks include: 


You can find the full drinks menu here

The Atmosphere

Where the bar truly shines is in its ability to transform you from the bustling 161 Sussex Street below to a vibrant, secluded and contemporary styled sky high oasis. The bar is ambiently lit in soft hues of blue, bright whites and warmer tones by the Zephyr Rooftop Bar’s outdoor areas. 

Although you may be sitting above New South Wales’ biggest city, the Zephyr Bar will keep you relaxed and allow you unwind, regardlessly of how hectic it may be downstairs, or how busy your day has been. Keep in mind that being twelve floors up, you’ll be above a good majority of the noise from city’s bustling streets, so even if you’ve planned an outing or afternoon date at peak hour, you’ll only notice the city’s ambient hum, rather than having to deal with the loudest traffic sounds. 

Without a doubt, the Zephyr Bar is one of the most sophisticated and contemporary bars in Sydney, and when paired with the fact you’re able to ascend up to the twelfth floor to unwind at the Sky Bar, you’ll be able to get a more unique experience than just about anywhere else in Sydney or even Melbourne! 

Find the Zephyr Bar at 161 Sussex Street, Sydney standing above the Hyatt Regency.