Where To Get The Best Burgers In Sydney

Sydney’s eating environment had changed significantly from the days when it took one hour to secure a table at Mary’s. Every establishment competed to serve the best burger, and burger vendors drew masses into abandoned parking areas for car washes and industrial parks. 

Many restaurants have improved their offerings to make Sydney one of the top burger spots. This is even though the burger mania of the latter part of the past decade has undoubtedly subsided somewhat.

It would be nearly impossible to provide a comprehensive list of all the locations offering fantastic burgs because new food trucks, restaurants, pop-ups, pop-ups, and even overseas franchises are constantly opening up across Sydney. 

But we’re going to try nevertheless. Here is our list of the top burger places in Sydney today, divided down by the area of Sydney you may be in. If you’re headed to Yarraside, make sure also to read our guide to the finest burgers in Melbourne.


1. BL Burgers

Bar Luca’s Blame Canada recently expanded out of its eponymous inner-city hangout, notably associated with the burger boom of the previous ten years. They have now used their status as trailblazers to create two independent stores of their own.


2. Burger Project

Thanks to Neil Perry’s culinary skills, the premise of “fast food,” and the fact that the burgers are fantastic, Burger Project has emerged as one of the most profitable burger businesses. But the meat is truly what matters most. 

The patties are created from locally-ground, 36-month-old, grass-fed Cape Grim cattle. It’s all sliced, chopped, and served according to to order, and the sandwiches are delicious but not overly sweet.

3. Burgers Anonymous

Burgers Anonymous has expanded from its initial Darlinghurst origins to become one feature in the list of the city’s most popular burger joints. It has joints spread west to east across the Sydney area. One of their main draws is the legendary Heisenburger, cooked with ground sirloin and all the fixings, featuring their special “crack bacon” (pine bacon for the non-foodies).


4. Chargrill Charlie’s

By becoming one of Sydney’s most successful franchises of health-conscious takeaways, Chargrill Charlies has defied the pattern of conventional chicken restaurants. Although Chris Hemsworth is a known fan and their salad and birds continue to be their primary draws, their Chicken Burgers are also not to be overlooked.

Thanks to the warm reception, Chargrill Charlie’s has many spots across Sydney to satisfy the high demand within the area. Some of their stores can are located at: 

  • Annandale 
  • Drummoyne
  • Frenchs Forest
  • Lane Cove
  • Mona Vale
  • Mosman
  • Bondi
  • Coogee
  • Dee Why
  • Neutral Bay
  • Woollahra
  • Randwick
  • Wahroonga
  • Willoughby
  • Rose Bay
  • St Ives

5. Mary’s

There are two periods of burgers; before and after Mary’s. The gloomy dive pub in the back alleys of Newtown provided Sydney with a place it had long craved and a burger that had previously only existed in many Aussies’ imaginations. 

If you’re not your style, the CBD takeout shop covers you. Try a soft, delicious bun with a burger cooked from beef, tomato, cheese, butter, and Mary’s lettuce sauce. Add trashcan bacon and a half-fried chicken.

6. Milky Lane

Milky Lane’s famous inventions started and ended the Instagram fad of excessively piled burgers, shakes, loaded fries, and combinations of all three. And while it may no longer be precisely the social phenomenon it once was, the chain has solidified its position as one of Australia’s most well-known locations to get a nasty meal.

Inner-City and Eastern Suburbs


1. Bonditony’s

For those who don’t live close to the most well-known beach in the world, Tony’s Burger Chain may be a bit of an adventure, but it’s worth it to pull up a seat at his camp. Local icon “Tony” owns and runs this two-year-old establishment, which pays homage to his earlier days in the music business.

Graffiti from tourists and locals covers the ceiling, vintage records adorn the walls, local brews pass overhead, and throngs pour out into the street. After it debuted, the spot became so well-liked that Tony decided to cope with the takeout business by opening another restaurant nearby.

The Milkbar by Cafe Ish

2. The Milkbar by Cafe Ish

Despite the Milkbar’s relatively inconspicuous location just off Redfern’s main drag, the team behind Cafe Ish has long been renowned for its enormous fast-food creations. Think of piles of doughnuts over milkshakes, the filthiest hand-cut fries, and burgers that are equally loaded with cheese, fried chicken, and beef.

3. Nameless Bar

Nameless Bar gained popularity as an imitation of In-n-Out, or tribute if you may. To better reflect its constantly evolving range of burgers and local beers, Down-n-Out has shifted its name. Their standard menu of burgers continues to appeal to anyone seeking a taste of the West Coast.


4. Surly’s

Surly’s, an American-oriented pub, is well-known for much more than its burgers; its buffet of traditional soul food also features a heart-wrenching line of chicken wings, fries, steaks, nachos, and barbeque. However, the Burgers deserve to be the star of almost any menu.

5. Ume Burger

Japanese people adore hamburgers. Australian chef Kirby Craig celebrated this a few years ago by converting his Japanese eatery Ume into a burger joint. The classic “Ume Burger” is a complete guilty delight, even though they are not the most excellent burgers, and you may need an ambulance on fast contact. A  beef patty, lettuce, tomato, wagyu minced gravy sauce, onion, American cheese, and mayo on soft sweet bread. A complete heartbreaker.

Vic’s Meat Market

6. Vic’s Meat Market

Vic’s is a famously carnivorous establishment selling the best meat cuts to steak connoisseurs all around Sydney, from its steakhouse to its grill. This implies that its burgers are top-notch, with house-ground Wagyu meat patties offered with various handmade sauces.

The Inner-West

1. Mister Gee Burger Truck

Mister Gee still draws long lines from its couple of trucks, making the most prosperous. Burger Truck emerged from the burger mania that saw numerous mobile hotspots sprout and collapses. Although they frequently rove around, Haberfield and North Strathfield are where they tend to settle.

The North

Burger Patch

1. Burger Patch

Burger Patch is the burger king of the north regarding feeding the starving hordes of the business area across the harbour, nestled into the centre of Chatswood’s CBD, such a nice punch of cholesterol. Several burger variations have a faint Asian influence, but all feature high-quality buttermilk fried chicken, ground beef, and an abundance of delectable sides.

2. Five Points Burgers

Five Points, one of the most well-liked places to get a lunch meeting north of the Harbour Bridge, attracts a weekday clientele much more diversified than North Sydney’s typical procession of 9-to-5ers.

This fact should show you all you require to know about how highly regarded their burgers are.

Two Hungry Bears

3. Two Hungry Bears

Two Hungry Bears has established itself as the go-to spot on the Northern Beaches for burgers with genuine viral quality by bringing an entirely contemporary burger approach to the usually surf-centric area. But based on the image above, we’re confident you already knew that.

Western Sydney

1. Beefy’s Burgers

The unique selling feature of Beefy, which provides high-quality burgs to the Nepean area, is its patties, which are created from a specific combination of ground sirloin to provide good texture and fat in every bite. Additionally, you may customise each of their burgers to the last detail.

2. Burger Head

When two top-notch chefs collaborate to create the most excellent suburban burger joint they can, the result is Burger Head. 

They have refined the art of cooking burgers using the techniques they gained working in Michelin-starred eateries worldwide, and they provide a straightforward yet flavorfully sophisticated menu. 

Those who don’t want to travel out to the West keep looking for their fast food, which cruises the Harbour City.

Sydney South

Paul’s Famous Hamburgers

1. Paul’s Famous Hamburgers

One of the first Australian burger joints must be on any list of the best hamburgers. Paul’s is an Aussie’s fantasy burger experience, having been in business for more than 60 years. 

Because we all prefer various toppings on our burgers, it’s old-school takeout cuisine with a pick-your-personal experience approach. 

Additionally, the beetroot is employed as the pickles, just as in other take-out burger joints. If you’ve never eaten at Paul’s, go for it and order the Paul’s Special with bacon and egg; you won’t be sorry.

So why are burgers such a big deal in Sydney?

Burger businesses continue to thrive in Australia due to the obsession with American culture or the essential enjoyment of excellent quality, reasonably priced cuisine. 

History demonstrates that American culture permeates and shapes Australian tendencies and significantly impacts today’s digital society. Burger establishments appear to be here to stay, especially now that they are a firmly established power.

A once-complicated cuisine has undergone a revolution and has become a mainstay of the Sydney and Melbourne eateries. It is popular to order signature burgers from different restaurants, and every creation is made with creativity and skill.