23 Best Places to Visit In Victoria

Victoria is a stunning city with plenty of amazing places to visit. Whether you’re looking for great restaurants, picturesque parks, or historical landmarks, Victoria has something for everyone. Here are 23 of the best places to visit in Victoria. Let us know if we missed your favourite spot. 

23 best places to visit in Victoria

There are so many incredible places to visit in Victoria. You’ll find a mix of landscapes with diverse levels ranging from the Australian Alps in the northeast to limestone sea stacks that host the famous 12 Apostles in the southwest. You’ll find desert-like conditions along with arid landscapes as well.

Incredible sites to visit in Victoria

Melbourne, Australia’s second-largest city, is the capital of Victoria. The region is home to many of Australia’s most significant attractions. The most popular being its thriving art culture and stunning natural beauty.

Victoria is renowned for its spectacular scenery and excellent restaurants. It offers many different regions to explore. Travellers seeking to find a peaceful destination can find one in Victoria. Many exciting hidden treasures are available in small towns and areas across the state.

Australian bloggers share their favourite places in Victoria over multiple platforms. These places are considered best for travellers to explore and come with beautiful scenery. One of the many reasons to visit these places is they each have a unique history. 

Let’s dig in and make a bucket list for your next adventure.

Unique places to visit in Eastern Victoria

Eastern Victoria refers to the geographical area surrounding Melbourne. It can be classified as anything east of Melbourne, and there are two roadways in this region – Princes Highway and the South Gippsland Highway.

Eastern Victoria is the least populated area of the state.

It is well-known for its small towns, forests, National Parks, and food. Traralgon is known for its wineries in the East region, while Leongatha has plenty of exciting activities available. Bairnsdale is a smaller town worth visiting if you’re looking for some quiet in the East.

Victoria is also home to Dargo, an outlying town near Geelong, the Lions Club village of Licola. Below are some of the places you might want to check out in the region.

Tarra Bulga National Park

Tarra Bulga National Park is a hidden treasure in Victoria. It is just 2.5 hours south of Melbourne and forms part of the Strzelecki Ranges National Park – a place you should not overlook!

The parks’ cool rainforests are home to flora and fauna, including ferns, moss, and large trees. You can walk across the suspension bridge, passing over streams in this National Park with numerous rainforests of mountain ash trees.

Several walks in the rainforest help you take in all that the rainforest offers. The Corrigan Suspension Bridge is the most popular, offering stunning views of fern gullies and green, lush foliage.

The visitor centre has picnic tables, BBQ facilities, and a shelter for formal picnics. For more secluded trips, you can camp in one of the caravan parks or stay at one of the many accommodation options.


Mallacoota, located on the far eastern coast of Victoria, is a picturesque place with plenty of beaches, crystal-clear water, and luxurious inlets. It is a popular destination for people who want to enjoy the summer holidays. Mallacoota is incredibly invested in its café and pub culture, with ample opportunity to see live music.

Mallacoota is known as an angler’s paradise. You’re spoiled for choice when fishing here — whether offshore or in estuaries, allowing you to enjoy fresh seafood.

The Mallacoota Caravan has boat campsites to park your vessels as you take in what Mallacoota offers. Visitors can enjoy the sun and waves at the beach, canoeing, jet-skiing, diving, bushwalking, or playing golf.

Taking water taxis, guided tours, or hiking to the nearby lighthouse at Gabo Island is one of the other many ways to explore Mallacoota. There’s so much to do in this coastal Victorian town that you’re bound to enjoy your break here.

Buchan Caves

Located 45 minutes from Lakes Entrance, the Buchan Caves Reserve offer some of the best camping and BBQ facilities available for travellers to explore this beautiful area.

There are a few different ways to experience Buchan Caves. You can pitch a tent, bring a campervan and stay for one night, or check into the luxury glamping accommodation for days or weeks at a time.

The National Park is a popular spot for scenic caves open for exploration. The Fairy Cave and The Royal Cave were discovered by complete accident early in the 19th century. While The Fairy Cave is 500 meters long and 150 stairs deep, it doesn’t have any karst formations inside it. The Royal Cave, however, is a different story altogether. It boasts 500 meters of passage and 150 stairs descending into the earth.

The caves are a must-see attraction, not just for their incredible rock formations and underground ponds but also for the millions of years needed to form them. If you want some cool features to look at, head to Stalagmite Park and see their stalagmites and stalactites. They’re a fantastic example of Mother Nature’s handiwork. There’s also an excellent fossilised fish nearby.

Buchan Caves is a great place to explore. You can find some lovely walking trails and native animals and if you camp out, try to stay up late as you might get the chance to see some possums going about their nocturnal business.

Lakes Entrance

Lakes Entrance is an excellent place to visit in Victoria. The town is the capital of the Gippsland Lakes, located 320 km east of Melbourne, and has plenty of activities for people who want to holiday in Gippsland.

It is located on the coast of Australia and has miles of pristine beaches. This city also has well-known fruit farms, which produce some of the best products in the state.

If you’re biking around Lakes Entrance, take your break at one of its multiple cafes. The Riviera Ice Cream Parlour is one of the favourite spots for refreshments and some tasty treats together with Big Bears doughnuts.

There are many fun parks in the Gippsland Lakes region, and you can have a lovely time here with your kids. For example, Lakes Entrance has some beautiful gardens, and in the Summer, there is always a carnival that you can visit. It is open late and has all sorts of rides for everyone to enjoy!

Raymond Island for Koalas

When more and more families come to Australia, they are often interested in seeing some of its unique animals. One such animal is the Koala. An excellent place to see these naturally beautiful animals is Raymond Island in Victoria. It’s a short and free ferry ride from Paynesville, the southern tip of Gippsland.

Once you reach the shore, there are signs all over pointing out the direction of the island’s population of native koalas!

Some koalas live in gum trees on people’s lawns, but you will most likely spot them on a small island reserve- just 20 minutes from the ferry terminal. There you can see them slumbering away.

However, these animals are wild, so ensure you give them a respectful distance. While you’re there, take a stroll around the island and take in the sights of echidnas and native birds.


Healesville is an ideal destination for a day trip from Melbourne. It’s just over an hour and a half away by car and is nestled in the heart of the Yarra Valley. People primarily visit Healesville for wine tasting, but there are plenty of other activities to enjoy like bushwalking, cycling, or picnicking.

For couples, friends, or families who want to enjoy a day out together, the Healesville Sanctuary is a perfect place. You can relish close encounters with various animals, including wombats and echidnas, or just wander through the park’s trails on your own.

Aside from the iconic Healesville horse race, there are plenty of other activities. Maroondah Reservoir Park is just a short drive away and offers picnic opportunities amongst its beautiful birdlife.

There are a lot of attractions for children, including playgrounds, gardens to explore, and a waterfront-walking trail to enjoy panoramic views of the dam. The Yarra Valley Chocolaterie is a must-visit if you have time and love chocolate. They make tons of goodies onsite, offer free samples, and the scenery is beautiful. You might not buy any chocolate, but it’s worth visiting at least once anyway!

The town centre, including bottle-o’s, is worth a walk down. It has bookstores, boutique shops, and more; it might be one of Victoria’s best places to visit!

Phillip Island

Phillip Island is Victoria’s most famous attraction and a must-see for tourists because of the nightly penguin parade. But, Phillip Island offers more than just this excellent sightseeing activity. There are many other things on Phillip Island, with dozens of sights for both locals and visitors to tour.

Cowes is the centre of Phillip Island, with a busy main street situated on Cowes’s main beach and its iconic pier. It also has numerous lunch spots with fantastic views. There are a lot of good surf beaches on the island. Smiths Beach is one of the best, as many who’ve visited would agree.

For car enthusiasts, the MotoGP is held here in October, which shuts down all access to the island for a few days. If you plan on attending one of these races, be sure to stick around for a few days because it will take time to travel back and forth.

Explore Healesville’s magnificent beaches while enjoying the Adelaide Hills in the background. It has a boardwalk with views of the coast, plenty of seal colonies, and a blowhole to watch during high tides. All these sites, plus Phillip Island Nature Park, home to Australia’s largest fur seal colony, are worth adding to your bucket list.


Walhalla is a quaint town in Victoria, Australia, that many refer to as the one where time has forgotten. It is an easy day trip from Melbourne and should be on your list of places to visit while visiting the state.

In Walhalla, people of all ages can have a good time. There’s plenty to do, and Walhalla is the perfect place for those who want to escape the big city life.

Walhalla used to be a significant gold mining town during the 19th century. Once the gold disappeared, so did the residents. However, Walhalla is still home to old buildings from that period, and you can find more information about them in The Rotunda Museum.

If you plan to visit Walhalla, it would be worth taking a ride on the old-fashioned Walhalla railway for gold mining tours, wandering down the town’s main street, and browsing some old shops. There are several cafes and pubs in the area. Alternatively, you can head to the Lions Park in the main street and fire up a BBQ.

Many visitors also go to Walhalla Cemetery, which is on the side of a hill and can tell stories of how hard life was in the Gold Rush Era from the tombstones.

Places to Visit in Northern Victoria

The north of Victoria is the Goulburn Valley, with multiple towns sitting next to the Murray River. One of the places to visit along the Murray River is the magnificent Barmah State Park teeming with many bird species within its unique wetlands region.

In the winter months, a few large towns in the region, such as Mildura, Swan Hill, Echuca, and Shepparton, are where some of the famous ski resorts are commonly found. You can quickly reach the north by Northern Highway and Hume Freeway.


Glenrowan is best known as the site of Ned Kelly and his gang’s last stand. The town walk starts at the Glenrowan Visitor Information Centre with a map, so take a stroll through history and learn more about this important Australian story. Glenrowan comes with many exciting stories, and the Glenrowan map is one that you might not want to miss. You can get your hands on it at local businesses or the Information Stand at Glenrowan Bakehouse.

The sites of significance in Glenrowan are apparent, easily accessible, and well-marked with placards. Providing information on the importance of a place and the historical context that comes with it allows visitors to get into and feel like they’re stepping back in time.

Be sure to take your photo next to the statue of Ned Kelly located in the village, and walk over the railing that connects with Siege Street – this is where Ann Jones’ Glenrowan Inn once stood. Glenrowan is an excellent place for history enthusiasts.


Bright is a city that you might not see in any guidebooks, and while it may seem unknown to tourists, it’s a favourite weekend getaway for Victorians. It‘s located in the Victorian High Country and is one of Victoria’s best places to visit.

Bright is an excellent spot for skiing and snow sports during the winter. During the summer months, it’s best to visit Bright Brewery for a cold beer on the banks of the Ovens River and watch your kids play! However, the best time to visit is in autumn when the trees liven up with bright colours.

If you love cycling and want to see the autumn colours, cycling along the Murray river to Mountains rail trail is one of the best ways. Aside from cycling, there are many cute cafes and wineries. The Bright Autumn Festival also happens every May for a month.

If you prefer out of town exploration, head over to Mount Buffalo National Park to enjoy the scenery. There are some unique rock formations in the snowy season and many waterfalls. During summertime, you can swim at the secluded Lake Catani.


Nagambie is located in the North East of Victoria and is an hour north of Melbourne. It’s popular with visitors, especially those who want to visit nearby wineries. Lake Nagambie is an artificial water body created by damming the Goulburn River and creating a natural haven for visitors seeking tranquillity and peaceful surroundings.

There are several hotels and a Discovery Parks property by the lake for people who want to enjoy activities such as fishing, canoeing, jet-skiing, and more.

Nagambie has been a premier wine-growing region for some time and is one of the spots in Victoria w4/9/2022here you can find excellent wines. It contains some great establishments, such as Mitchelton and Tahbilk, one of the oldest wineries in the area.

Mitchelton is a suburb that is modern and renowned for the work its architects have done, designing a one-of-a-kind wine-making complex consisting of a restaurant, gallery, and hotel.

Nagambie is a great place to spend your day. The Goulburn Weir, Gold Mining sites, and Kirwans Bridge are worth checking out. The town of Nagambie itself has a golf course, brewery, and some good places to eat, such as the local RSL, Thai by the Lake, and the Eighteen Seventy One Diner.

Hepburn Springs

If you’re looking for a short trip out of Melbourne to the relaxing countryside, Daylesford and Hepburn Springs are two great places to visit. They’re both around a 2-hour drive outside Melbourne and have beautiful scenery.

Several wineries and waterfalls make it a rather pleasant drive through the mountains.

There are a bunch of great things to do in Hepburn Springs. Some of the best include spoiling yourself with spa treatments and visiting the wonderful historical gardens. You’ll be spoiled for choice regarding food, wine, and coffee, among other delightful activities.

These two towns are full of great things to do and see, with local artists showing off their work, historical buildings turned into galleries, and antique shops sprinkled here and there. The area is also LGBTQI friendly. 

The Macedon Ranges

The Macedon Ranges are close to Melbourne and make for a great weekend getaway. The towns of Gisborne, Riddells Creek, Woodend, Macedon, Malmsbury, Lancefield, Romsey, and Kyneton are located in the Macedon Ranges and make it a great place to visit.

The place has plenty of natural wonders and desirable locations for foodies. The region also has a rich history that any adventurous traveller will love!

Kyneton’s main attraction is a sparkling water fountain at Piper Street and its connection to the Campaspe River. You can visit Malmsbury and its fantastic railway viaduct not too far away from here.


Mildura is a town on the edge of the Outback in Australia. The banks of the Murray River set it and, with its incredible appeal, is known as one of Victoria’s best places to visit. It is a one-hour flight from Melbourne or a six-hour drive as you figure out how you want to spend your time when you get there.

Although it may lack that cosmopolitan flair of other Australian towns, Mildura offers plenty of things to do and see. Travellers can take a scenic walk along the riverbank and relax on a houseboat during their travels down the Murray River.

As for nature lovers, consider visiting Mungo National Park (The site has a long history with Aboriginal memories dating back 45,000 years). You’ll also want to see the Hattah-Kulkyne National Park, which has an aesthetically pleasant bus ride.

Mildura is called Australia’s food bowl due to its surrounding production areas for fruit and vegetables and award-winning wine. Travellers from the region and beyond come to town for shopping, tastings, and sightseeing.


With so many towns to visit in Victoria, who has time to spend their holidays in the same place twice? For a relaxing weekend away from it all, try Milawa. The beautiful scenery and serene atmosphere make for a great escape from city life, and it’s also an excellent destination for camping, hiking, and biking with kids.

Located in one of Victoria’s world-famous wine and gourmet regions, Milawa is a township about a half-hour from Wangaratta and 3 hours from Melbourne CBD. If you’re driving, try to stop at one of the cafés or restaurants for a quick lunch, cooling ice cream, or just a coffee break.

You can also pass by Pizzini’s Cooking School, which offers a variety of culinary classes where you can learn how to cook like a professional – or just dip your toes into culinary exploration with their wine cooking class. 

Alternatively, Milawa Cheese Factory offers cheese tasting on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. In addition, you can pop into their store on a weekday and try some local gourmet cheese. This suburb area in Victoria is undoubtfully a place for everyone to enjoy.


Echuca is a beautiful town with a rich cultural history. If you’re interested in Australian heritage, then Echuca is a must-visit location. Visiting historic paddle steamers along the Murray River is what many travellers do when they come to Echuca. These boats are a fantastic way to experience what life was like back in the 1800s – and an experience that most people live to remember.

Echuca is a haven for history lovers with the Discovery Centre, one of Australia’s most significant heritage sites. Your cruise down the Murray could be followed by a visit to this site and a guided tour. Not only do you get to see the physical evidence of how successfully early settlers adapted and used their environment, but you’ll come away with a deeper and more in-depth understanding of the place. For those into Fauna, there is Kyabram Fauna Park, while those into art will have a wonderful time at Silo Art, a small but lively local gallery.

Places to visit in Western Victoria

Western Victoria is one of the most popular cities in Victoria. One of the best things to do here is to take a tour or go on a road trip along the Great Ocean Road and through the 12 Apostles.

This is the largest province in Victoria and where you will find Geelong (Victoria’s largest provincial city by population) and Ballarat (Victoria’s largest inland city). There are also numerous National Parks and major tourist attractions in the surrounding towns of Bendigo and Warrnambool.

Aireys Inlet

If you visit before the start of the iconic Airey’s Inlet (the third borough in Great Ocean Road), you’ll come across a small town with an impressive historic arch. Airey’s is also famous for its wide beaches and picturesque lighthouse. It is one of the most scenic (and appealing) places to visit in this prominent corner of Victoria.

Airey’s is a small town with the perfect balance of relaxation and activity next to the ocean and wave-watching along Urquhart’s Bluff. Here, it’s easy to find your little spot where you can watch surfers chasing waves or just enjoy the tranquillity by walking along the beach.

When you’re done with your beach walk, stop at one of the numerous food joints and have a snack. You can also learn more about the Split Point lighthouse and explore the clifftop that provides recreation zones and breathtaking views. There’s also a guided tour of the lighthouse ta few times each day.

The Airey’s pub is famous for its huge beer garden, restaurant, and in-house brewery. You can spend a relaxing afternoon in the magnificent beer garden overlooking the sea or enjoy a meal in the restaurant.


Ballarat is a great place to explore in Victoria. It is one of the oldest towns in the state and has plenty to offer. Ballarat is 100km from Melbourne, so it’s a good day trip or weekend destination.

Sovereign Hill is where visitors learn about the Gold Rush and life as miners. It’s set up to feel like an old mining town, which means that it’s fun for people of all ages. Visitors can learn about the history of mining, dress in historical clothes, and watch working displays of locals enacting what blacksmiths and sweet makers would have been doing back in the day. The tours involve 20 minutes underground and explain how difficult life was for miners.

Kryal Castle is another Ballarat attraction you may want to visit. Kryal Castle tours give you a glimpse into medieval times and offer free entry into the maze.

You could easily spend the day at these two Ballarat attractions, but if you’re visiting for a few days, it might be a great idea to visit the Museum of Australian Democracy at Eureka (MADE). It’s a small museum about events around the Eureka Stockade just outside Ballarat.

Loch Ard Gorge

Loch Ard Gorge is a popular destination in Victoria. It’s named after the Loch Ard, a shipwreck on Muttonbird Island in 1878 that killed 54 passengers and crew. Out of these, there were two survivors. One was a 15-year-old boy named Tom; he survived after being washed ashore. The other, 17-year-old Eva, was helped when Tom swam back into the water to save her.

If you don’t like the story, the view will impress you. The breathtaking high walls and huge ocean waves lapping on warm brown sand will leave you in awe. Make sure to climb down the stairs and experience it for yourself!

Barwon Heads

Barwon Heads has changed a lot over the years. It used to be a sleepy little beachside town, but now you will find it filled with new, shiny developments, an enchanting place to visit during the summer season.

During winter, the town draws holiday-makers from all corners of the world, wanting to soak up this seaside town’s famous charm. The main street is lined with modern cafes and chic shops, but traces of its origins as a small fishing village.

Barwon Heads’ local pub is right across from the caravan park and faces the beach. It’s a favourite place for most locals to end the day, as you are still likely to get a good parma for a reasonable price. Barwon Heads has a shallow and calm beach near the Wonthaggi Bridge. It’s perfect for kids who want to wade in the shallows.

On the other hand, Raffles Beach is perfect for those who want to try surfing. Waves can be as small or large depending on the tide, season, and day. It’s always good to stay aware of rips and be a strong swimmer before diving.

Cape Otway

Driving up Lighthouse Road off the Great Ocean Road in Victoria, you’ll soon realise Cape Otway is an exceptional destination. Once you get to Cape Otway, stop for a closer look as you come through the National Park.

After the forest, the road divides into two, one side leading to the koala-inhabited gum trees, while on the other side, you can see a stunning Peninsula in front of you. Cape Otway Lightstation is a tourist spot at the end of the road where you can visit one of Australia’s most beautiful lighthouses.

From the top of the lighthouse, you’ll be able to see sweeping ocean views and can visit a café for lunch or some of the historical buildings. In addition, you can explore the many attractions like the Otway Fly treetop walk, located on a rural beach at Point Franklin. It’s a short drive away, and then a short shrub walks from Light station to arrive here, where you will discover a dinosaur fossil and bone excavation pit.

The 12 Apostles

Arguably the most famous feature on Victoria’s Great Ocean Road is the Twelve Apostles, which are 154 ft tall limestone stacks just off the shore of Port Campbell. The views from this part of the road to these natural structures are spectacular.

The pillars were renamed The Twelve Apostles in the 1920s, though there were only nine. There are only 7 of these columns left today as the waves and wind have eroded two of them over the years. Although more columns are expected to develop over time, they will not be guaranteed to join the lineup.

The best way to experience the 12 Apostles is by getting on the boardwalk built and looking over at them from many different angles over the water. The path provides refreshing shade too. Among many other things, helicopter flights are also a fantastic way to see the 12 Apostles’ view like never before. If you can, be sure not to miss out on this breathtaking experience when you visit Victoria.

The Grampians

If you’re looking to travel to Melbourne, The Grampians are the place to go. There are mountains and waterfalls, and you can enjoy seeing wild kangaroos! You’ll find the scenery is beautiful. It’s 260 kilometres west of Melbourne and around 3 hours by car.

The Grampians are renowned for their natural activities and can be enjoyed at visitors’ leisure. It is one of Victoria’s best places to visit for those who love the outdoors. If you have the time, we recommend staying for a weekend.

Boroka Lookout, Mount William, The Pinnacle, and Reed’s Lookout are popular attractions in this National Park. Mackenzie Falls is a popular stop as it’s one of the most famous attractions.

Suppose you want to experience an authentic Australian way of finishing the day. In that case, visiting Halls Gap’s local football oval at dusk will enable you to see and experience the local Kangaroos spectacularly.

Getting to Melbourne

  • Melbourne is the second-largest city in Australia, and its airport is about 23 kilometres from the centre of Melbourne.
  • There are a lot of airlines based in Melbourne that offers international service routes and domestic flights to Australia. You can check global flight prices with Kiwi or book domestic flights with Webjet.
  • There is no direct link to Melbourne Airport. The Skybus or Suntransfers are the best options.
  • Lastly, you can book a rental car, and it’ll be waiting for you at Melbourne Airport. This will let you see all the great locations in Victoria, depending on how much time you have.

Where to stay in Melbourne

  • A variety of different accommodation options are available in Melbourne for any budget. You can find hostels, apartments, and hotel rooms all over the city.
  • If you’re looking for a budget hotel in Melbourne, hostels start from as little as AUD 21 per night for a dorm room.
  • You can browse available Melbourne apartment listings to see if anything is of interest.
  • Unless you’re after a specific hotel, the best way to get a good deal is to just look through their site and pick the one that suits you. For example, $100 per night would be approximately three stars, and $200 per night would be around 4.5 stars.

There are so many unique places to visit in Victoria – some old, some new. Put one or a few of these on your upcoming Victoria road trip itinerary for the perfect experience of this stunning region.