53 Best Indoor Swimming Pools Melbourne

Swimming is a popular way for Aussies to spend their free time because of its many positive health benefits and calming effects.

However, most Australians are limited to enjoying swimming when the weather is not favourable. That explains why outdoor pools in Melbourne are typically crowded during the warmer months and deserted over the winter months. 

Luckily, there are a couple of indoor swimming pools where you can enjoy your swimming endeavours throughout the year. 

Often indoor swimming pools are climate-controlled and weather-protected, so you can swim whenever you like, whatever the weather.  

While most Aussies assume that such facilities are way above their budget, most indoor swimming facilities in Melbourne offer affordable services without compromising the quality. 

This article has compiled a comprehensive list of the top indoor pools in Melbourne, including water parks, lap pools, and splash pads for kids of all ages.

Indoor Swimming Pool Melbourne Cbd

Brunswick Baths

1. Brunswick Baths 

This bath is home to a 20-meter, five-lane lapping and leisure pool that is heated and open to the public for a lap pool, water exercise programs, and aquatics. The beachside entry of the domestic water playground pool is excellent for introducing small kids to the water, while the slides and water hoses will keep the kids entertained.

In addition to the indoor pool, this place features a 50-meter outdoor warm pool, accessible all year. It also has a kids’ splash pad activated during the hotter seasons.

Melbourne City Baths

2. Melbourne City Baths 

The City Baths swimming pool, located in the heart of Melbourne, was launched in 1860 and has a gym, fitness facility, and outdoor and indoor pools. It boasts a 30-meter swimming pool, sauna, and spa behind its facade. The building is on the Victorian Heritage Register.  

3. Northcote Pool, Northcote

The Northcote facility has a heated 25-meter indoor deck and leisure pool that you can use all year. The beach-entry kid’s swimming pool is open all year and perfect for toddlers and younger kids.

They also have an outdoor pool that features Ten lanes, is 50 meters in length, and is available to guests year-round. The 25-meter pool and the toddler swimming pool areas are available from November through the beginning of April.

4. Richmond Recreation Centre 

Richmond centre is a 50-meter indoor pool that allows you to enjoy your swimming session any time during the year, whether during summer or winter. In addition to the regular pool, jacuzzi, and steam room, they also offer a spa pool for adults and a pool specifically designed for children to learn how to swim. They are responsible for the administration of swimming and other aquatic-based classes.

The cost to enter the pool is $6.90 for adults, $3.50 for kids, and $15.80 for a family of four.

5. Coburg Leisure Centre 

The Coburg facility offers a 25-meter beginner and child pool. In addition to that, there is a steam sauna and a spa. Adult entry is $6.30, kid’s entrance is $4.10, and a group ticket goes for $16.60.

6. TRAC Thomastown 

TRAC Thomastown is a new indoor pool situated in Thomastown Recreation & Aquatic Centre. These pools range from 25 meters to hydrotherapy swimming and baby pools.

There’s a water piano, a slide, a cannon, a whale, and a waterfall for the youngsters to enjoy. For the warmer months, the outside splash playground is open for business.

7. Sunbury Aquatic and Leisure Centre 

The Sunbury centre features a heated indoor swimming pool of 25 meters and a seasonal outdoor swimming pool measuring 50 meters. It offers an indoor heated water pool in the north and hydrotherapy pools.

8. Reservoir  

The Reservoir centre features a 25-meter pool, a therapeutic pool, a sauna, a spa, and a hot tub. Additionally, there is a learn-to-swim resource and a kids’ pool with beachfront entry.

The main pool, the waterslides, and the beach pool are seasonal outdoor amenities.

9. Fawkner Pool, Fawkner

The Fawkner facility includes a 25-meter, 6-lane indoor swimming pool and a modest playroom perfect for younger swimmers.

Furthermore, from December 1st to March 31st, during the warmer months, guests can enjoy the outdoor swimming pool. There includes a 50-meter solar-heated swimming patio, a deep water area, a beginner’s and toddler’s playing pool, a shady space, and a bbq.

10. Splash Aqua Park and Leisure Centre 

The Splash centre has three indoor pools, ensuring everyone will find something they like. Water aerobics, leisure swimming, competitive swimming, aquatic fitness classes, lap swimming, and user group activities can all be enjoyed in the main pool, which is Olympic-sized. 

The facility is used for both swim classes and recreational swimming. It can split a 25-meter pool in half with its eight lanes and movable boom. Aquatic activities like rehabilitation and fitness also occur in the heated swimming pool.

The tallest part is a little under 14 meters and features an Avast and mini slide. There is a kayak paddle in Melbourne.

11. Broadmeadows Aquatic & Leisure Centre 

you may find swimming classes and aqua aerobics at the Broadmeadows centre. A 50-meter pool, a 25-meter pool, and a warm-water pool are available for use.

12. Mill Park Leisure Centre 

The adventurous play at Mill park has water elements, ramps, and a tipping pail, guaranteeing hours of fun for children of all ages.

13. Latrobe University  

The swimming facility at La Trobe University has a 25-meter indoor pool that is heated and has excellent water quality. An enormous water well, a Tarzan line and a freight net are also provided.

Adults can enter the pool for $5.50, while kids under Ten pay the student rate of $4.20.

St Kilda Sea Baths

12. St Kilda Sea Baths  

The St. Kilda baths are an unusual indoor swimming facility since they use salt water. There includes a steam bath, a restaurant with sights of the bay, a heated water swimming, and a heated 25-meter saltwater pool. There are swimming classes available for both children and adults.

15. PARC 

The indoor swimming pool at the Peninsula centre (PARC) is 50 meters long, heated, and equipped with Ten lanes. This facility alternates between a 25-meter, 20-lane layout and a 50-meter, 10-lane layout throughout the day. 

Other than one of the most incredible hot water workout pools in Victoria. There is also a beginner’s pool, a beach entrance, a toddlers’ swimming, and a pool specifically designed for children (for 16 years and above).

PARC is an excellent choice if you’re seeking an indoor water park. There is a different-level design with slides of varying difficulties so that children of all ages can enjoy the water play area. It has jets, spray nozzles, valves, and a tipping pail. Two water parks are more extensive, making them suitable for older children (height and age restrictions).

16. Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre 

The Melbourne Aquatic Centre features a 50-meter outdoor pool for recreational lap swimmers, a 25-meter indoor lap pool, a 50-meter indoor contest pool, and a heated swimming pool. The water park and water slide are incredibly well-liked by families with young children.

MSAC swimming classes are offered by MSAC swim school per Victorian terms. Children can enter the MSAC pool for $5.80, adults pay $8.50, and a four-person family pays $17.30.

17. Harold Holt Swim Centre, Glen Iris

The Harold Holt swimming pool features a 50-meter outdoor pool, a 25-meter indoor swimming pool, a heated swimming pool (both of which are heated), and separate outdoor and indoor pools for children. You may find both indoor and outdoor water parks.

Clayton Aquatics

18. Clayton Aquatics 

The Clayton aquatic pool features a 25-meter indoor warm pool, sauna, and a play pool. The location boasts many excellent amenities, making it a place to visit.

Fees are as follows: $6.60 for adults, $4 for kids, and $19.40 for a group. The facility also serves as a swimming academy.

19. Highett Waves  

The Highett Waves centre features a 50-meter pool equipped with a diving board and a 25-meter pool for lap swimming. It also boasts a beginner pool, a wave pool, a spa, steam rooms, and an outdoor/indoor splash park.

Fees to enter the pool are $7.80 for adults, $6.40 for children, and $25 for a family of four.

20. Casey Aquatic and Recreation Centre  

The ARC facility has a 50-meter lap pool that you can turn into two 25-meter pools for other activities. Besides the lap pool, there is a wave pool, a kiddie pool with a frog drop and a splashing park for the little ones.

21. Casey Recreation & Aquatic Centre 

The RACE facility has several different pools and water features, such as 50-meter lap pool and a swimming instruction pool. It also has a heated-water training pool and a variety of water play areas with slides.

The price to enter the pool is $8.70 for an adult, $7.20 for a child, and $24.30 for a family.

22. Doug Ellis Pool  

Doug Ellis Monash has three indoor, warm pools for swimmers to enjoy. It also hosts two indoor, warm pools, every 25 meters in length and six lanes in width; one of these pools includes a depth-adjusting floor.

Aquatic classes for infants and toddlers are also offered. The price of admission is $7.20 for an adult and $4.70 for a kid.

23. GESAC Pool 

The Glen Eira Pool features an outdoor swimming pool that is 50 meters long, an indoor swimming pool that is 25 meters long, and an indoor free-time pool. The facility has engaging waterways and playground equipment, such as a giant party boat, two water slide shows, a beginner pool, and an underwater healthy lifestyle area.

The entry fee is $6.90 for a child (3-15 years old) and $7.95 for grownups pool during off-peak hours. The cost to watch is $3.90 per person.

24. MARC 

There are a bunch of really cool pools at this recreation centre. It boasts a 50-meter outdoor swimming pool and a 25-meter indoor swimming pool. You can enjoy your stay at the Glen wave pool (which offers both regular wave and exceptional wave experiences during which swimmers are outfitted with body surfers)

MARC also has a heated water workout and indoor kid play pool.

25. Dandenong Oasis  

The aquatic amenities at this centre has a 50-meter indoor pool, a pleasant pool, a kids’ pool with jets of water, and a heated swimming pool.

Adults pay $6.90, children pay $5.60, and families pay $19.60 to enter the pool.

Cardinia LIFE

26. Cardinia LIFE 

The facility offers a 25-meter, eight-lane indoor pool, a heated pool for training, and a recreational pool with dynamic features.

27. Noble Park 

Family-friendly activities at the Noble centre include a warm indoor swimming pool, an outdoor pool, a water slide, and a splash park.

An indoor leisure and training pool is heated and utilised for aqua exercises, junior swimmer instruction, and year-round play by children.

This place offers the most significant water slides in Melbourne. The public is welcome to use the 50-meter pool located outside daily. An outdoor splash park will be available. Adequate shade is provided for the tip bucket, slides, water fountains, and hiking gear.

28. Kew Recreation Facility

The Kew Recreation Centre is undergoing extensive renovations at the moment. The old building was torn down, and they started the new one in the first quarter of 2021.

More areas with water are planned to be used for various activities, including warm water fitness and rehab, swimming classes, and kids’ play.

They now have two saunas, one smaller and one larger than the one in the old centre.

There is also an area where kids of all ages can splash around and have fun. The aqua play area contains a giant slide and a variety of splash pad activities.

29. Healthways Recreation Centre 

If you’re looking for the best indoor swimming pool facilities in Melbourne, Healthways is one of the few that uses salt water. It is open to the public when not in scheduled programs; nevertheless, you should call ahead to ensure open lanes. Their services include teaching swimming and hosting water fitness courses.

30. Collingwood Leisure Facility 

In addition to a massage and sauna, this Collingwood facility features an indoor 25-meter pool, a programmed pool, a spa, and a kiddie pool. They offer a creche in addition to swim class and a swim team.

31. Ashburton Pool 

There are three pools totalling fifty-five meters in length at this recreation Centre:  an outdoor pool, an indoor pool, and a heated pool.

Price points begin at $5.70 for children, $7 for adults, and $18 for a group of four on any given day.

32. Croydon Leisure Centre – AquaHub

You can enjoy the several different pools and water attractions available at AquaHub’s recreational centre. It boasts a 25-meter race pool, a hydrotherapy pool, a recreational pool with beach access, and an engaging water playroom. 

You can also sign up for swimming classes with them.


33. Aquanation 

At Aquanation, you can have a blast in the water! There’s a 50-meter lap pool, a  hydrotherapy pool, kids’ and families’ pools, a water slide, and even a pitching bucket! 

They offer water slides, Ages Five and up, maximum height requirements, and limited hours.

34. Knox Pool, Boronia

This Knox facility boasts many indoor pools, such as a heated swimming pool, to meet each customer’s needs. Additionally, from the 1st of December – the 31st of March, you can swim in the 25-meter outdoor pool.

The ticket to enter is $8.40 for grownups, $6.70 for kids (5-15 years old), and $22.40 for a group of four.

35. Aqualink 

The indoor facilities at Aqualink include a 25-meter pool, a kiddie pool, a  hydrotherapy pool, and a pool specifically designed for diving. The splash zone features beach access to the recreational pool, a tipping bucket with water sprays, a short slope, water rainbows, geysers, and bubblers.

Dive boards are available Monday through Friday from 4 to 6 p.m. and on weekends from 1 to 4 p.m.

A warm outdoor pool measures 25 meters in length, and a separate heated pool is available for toddlers.


36. Aquarena 

The Aquarena facility has a 25-meter heated pool, spa, hot water swimming pool, and steam room inside.

There is an outdoor 50-meter lap pool, a diving swim with two short diving boards, and a small kids’ pool with partly shade sails. A vast arena with steep sides is also present.


37. Aqualink 

The free-time pool at Aqualink features beach access and aquatic swing sets, including jets of water and glass globes. It boasts a 50-meter, eight-lane, indoor heated competition pool.

38. Ivanhoe Aquatic Centre 

The Ivanhoe centre features a 12-lane toddler pool, a 25-meter lap pool, and a spa. They take part in aqua fitness and swimming classes.

39. Kilsyth Pool 

The Kilsyth swimming facility is home to an indoor warm 50-meter pool and a leisure pool. There is also a toddler swimming pool that has a mushroom waterfall.

Further, they have a seasonal outdoor swimming pool, a toddlers’ outdoor pool, a play area, and a large grassy area with shaded spots. Over the hotter seasons, the facilities located outside are available for use.

40. WaterMarc Banyule 

WaterMarc Banyule features several pools, including a 50-meter pool (that can be split into two 25-meter pools through a boom), a beginner pool, a kiddie pool, and a recreational heated water pool.

They also have a water park with slides and a climbing wall.  Furthermore, an inflated pool is available during certain hours.

41. Eltham Leisure Facility

The Eltham Leisure facility features a 25-meter pool with eight lanes and a heated pool. It also has a separate pool for teaching young children to swim, complete with a splash pad and slides. In addition to swimming courses, they also host aqua fitness courses.

The price to enter the pool is $7.50 for adults, $6.00 for children, and $21 for a family of four.

42. Bayfit Leisure  

At Bayfit, you may choose an indoor swimming pool, an outdoor recreational pool with beachfront access, and a splashing pool for toddlers. In addition, there are amenities for massage.

The admission price for a grownup is $6.60 during off-peak hours and $7.40 during peak hours. The entry fee for a kid is $5.10 during off-peak hours and $5.90 during peak hours.

43. Kensington Community Facility

This community recreation location is a beautiful indoor comprising a pool of 25 meters, a students’ social pool, and a kid’s fun pool with waterways. All of these pools are accessible to children.

44. Laverton Swim Centre 

The pool at the Laverton centre is 25 meters long, and the facility also provides swimming classes and aquacise. In addition to that, they provide massage and sauna services. The cost to go into the pool is $5.60 for children between four to sixteen years and $6 for grownups.

45. Maribyrnong Aquatic  

The Maribyrnong centre features a 50-meter pool, a hot water pool, a recreational pool with beach access, an emerald frog water park, a kid splashing park, and other recreational amenities.

46. Yarraville Swim  

The Yarraville facility is an indoor pool with a length of 25 meters that was constructed inside a former factory. In addition to their swimming courses, they also host aquatic aerobics classes and beach sessions. Some of their programs include instruction in surfing and zoology.

Although the centre offers lap diving, it is recommended that visitors come outside of swim class times because the pool tends to get packed during those times. Admission to the casual swimming area costs $5 for adults and $4 for children.

47. AquaPulse, Hoppers Crossing

It is simple to understand why Melbourne’s AquaPulse features in the list of the most well-liked aquatic facilities. The AquaPulse centre has a 50-meter pool, a 25-meter pool, a hot water swimming pool, plus a spa and rehabilitation area. The attractions, however, are the recreational pool, slide, and highlight tower combination, as well as the two slides. 

48. Ascot Vale Leisure  

The centre features several pools, including a 25-meter recreation pool. It has a kids’ pool, an aquatic playroom, a heated swimming pool, and an underwater instruction beginners pool.

The entry fee for adults is $6.80, and the price for children aged Three to 15 is $4.90.

49. East Keilor Leisure  

The East Keilor centre is excellent for letting youngsters run wild and splash around. The aquatics centre features a 50-meter hot outdoor swimming pool, a 25-meter indoor heated pool, a beginner pool, a Specialized warm Water Training pool, a steam room, a Spa, and an Inside water play area for small kids.

50. Melton Waves Leisure  

The Melton Waves facility has a 25-meter indoor pool, a toddlers’ pool, a wave pool, a hydrotherapy hot tub, and a fast river element.

There is also a 20-meter pool for children and a 50-meter pool with eight lanes for adults.

Victoria University

51. Victoria University  

This facility at Victoria University can be ideal for swimming enthusiasts. There is usually peace here, and the sights of river Maribyrnong are magnificent.

The public is welcome to use the facility’s gym and classrooms and dip in the warmed 25-meter pool.

There are swim lessons for newborns, kids, and adults. The facility also hosts sports programs during school breaks.

52. Brimbank Aquatic Centre 

The Brimbank centre has invested millions into creating a one-of-a-kind facility dedicated to health and wellness. Among its many convenient features are an Olympic-sized swimming pool, two enormous water slides, a splashing park for children, a hot water pool, a creche, a beginner pool, and a cafe. You can find a skateboard park and a fenced-in playground outside.

53. Sunshine Leisure  

The Sunshine recreational centre features an indoor pool, an outdoor splashing pad, a Jacuzzi, and a sauna. Further, it has a 25-meter warmed lap pool, a 20-meter training pool with slope entry, and a spa.

Costs to enter the pool for a leisurely swim are $6.50 per grownup, $5 per kid, and $18 per family.

Final Thoughts 

Indoor pools are open all year and have climate control to keep the temperature and humidity inside comfortable. Swimming in an indoor pool is easier and more comfortable than swimming outside because the temperature and humidity are always the same. 

There are several benefits of indoor swimming pools over outdoor pools:

  • Climate Control: Most indoor pools have climate control, which means that you can keep the humidity and temperature at a suitable level all year. This makes them easier to use and less sensitive to weather conditions outside
  • Convenience: Indoor pools can be used no matter what the weather is like outside, making them convenient and easy to get to all year
  • Year-round use: Indoor pools can be used all year long, no matter what the weather is like outside
  • Design and Features: They can be designed and built in various styles and sizes and can include features such as diving boards, slides, and waterfalls, which are usually not found in outdoor pools
  • Safety: These pools offer more protection and privacy than outdoor pools because they are inside a structure or building and may have limited access
  • Reduced maintenance: Most indoor pools need less upkeep than outdoor pools as they are sheltered from rain, wind, and other weather conditions