Best Fenced Off-Leash Dog Parks Melbourne

An off-leash dog park has endless advantages. The advantages aren’t limited to canine companions: We humans also socialize with fellow dog lovers while getting some much-needed exercise. 

Dogs benefit from these outings because they allow them to run around and play in the fresh air, interact with other dogs, receive cerebral stimulation to ward against behavioral issues and use some of their boundless energy.

Melbourne is home to several fantastic dog parks, some of which even feature swimming pools, doggy doors, doggie bag dispensers, mobility programs, and sensory areas for the canine.

Whether you’re taking your dog to an off-lead area or a protected dog park, always have it on a leash and keep an eye on it.

This post has compiled a list of the top dog parks in Melbourne, so if you’re searching for a guarded dog park in your area, your search is over.

This list is also an excellent resource for the people you hire to watch your dogs, as it details safe and enjoyable activities they can enjoy with your pets.

Fenced Dog Parks In Melbourne 

1. Curtain Square 

A wholly fenced, L-shaped, off-leash pet space is situated at the intersection of Curtain and Canning Street.

The ground is gravel; there are trash cans, three open-air chairs, four oversized shady chairs, and a water fountain with a bowl beside it.

The sections outside of the secured park also have a playground, a shelter, restrooms, a court for basketball or netball, and a water faucet. Keep in mind that there is a 10-meter leash requirement for canine visitors to the playground.

Clayton Reserve

2. Clayton Reserve

The big triangle-shaped gated off-leash dog park is located on the outskirts of Melbourne’s central business district. Each side is roughly 130 meters long, so your dog will have plenty of room to play.

The park’s grass is lush and verdant, and there are three empty seats in a gravel triangle at its center. The reserve also features bench seating located along the park’s perimeter.

There is also a water fountain with a dog dish, a bench, a trash can for used doggie bags, and a container with sand and pots for filling in divots dug by canine paws.

Gilpin Park

3. Gilpin Park 

Gilpin Park is a large, well-kept park with double doors, trash cans, a few benches, a water fountain with a bowl, center dirt mounds, plants, and tree stumps.

Whenever it rains, a pond forms in one section of the park.

Older dogs, shy dogs, and puppies have their own enclosed space. Finally, there is an area outside the gated area where your pet will be free to roam without a leash.

4. Alf Pearce Reserve 

This reserve is home to a massive fenced-in dog park where your pet may play, rest, and hone its agility skills. There are also benches and a rocky outcrop to sit on. The park is free; you can visit it with your pet over weekends, holidays, or any other free time you can afford.

5. Richards Reserve

This reserve is situated in Coburg North. The vast enclosed space is perfect for dogs, and there’s also a separate quiet section on the eastern end. Many trees inside the park provide shade for you and your canine buddy. 

Moreover, you will find benches and a water fountain. Waste containers are also provided and located beyond the perimeter gate.

6. Bundoora Park 

This grassy, fenced-in off-leash dog park measuring 45 meters by 30 meters is located on the southern of Bundoora Park. This dog park has mobility courses with eight hurdles, a seat, a trashcan, and a water faucet.

7. Ford Park 

The southwest section of Ford Park is a covered space measuring roughly 130m by 35m. A delightful dog park with thick lines of trees, a gravel area, and a path across the center make up the environment. There are also trash cans, recycling bins, and bowled water fountains.

Craigieburn Dog Park

8. Craigieburn Dog Park 

You can find this dog park at the back of the Leisure Centre Craigieburn Road. It is a fully enclosed off-leash zone with free ball play sections, dog training gear, and dog owner utilities.

The park features several fantastic and entertaining doggie zones, such as a pet training district, a timeout area, a sensory Area, and a play zone, so your canine companions will enjoy spending time here.

Additionally, there are safe access gates, a tap available for humans and dogs, trash, doggie sacks, and a shade with seating.

Remember that dogs need to be submissive enough to be managed while off-lead.

9. Dwyer Street Park 

This pet park in Dwyer Street is quite vast, and it is divided into three distinct sections that are kept isolated from one another by gates and fences.

You may find an excellent agility area in the obstacle zone at the park’s northernmost end. This section has two rows of obstacles.

A 25-meter-by-10-meter section in the center is reserved for senior dogs and those with smaller breeds. On the other side, more rambunctious, hyperactive, and boisterous canines are welcome to take advantage of the enormous active zone.

Each section contains a few seats, and the water fountain, trash cans, and recycling bins are located near the entrance to the area.

Take note that youngsters younger than 15 must be accompanied by an adult when they visit the attraction. Kids below Five are not allowed.

10. Broadmeadows Fenced Dog Park 

This fenced off-lead has many small dog sections and a larger-dog area.

If your dog is over 11kg or taller than 43cm, they are too big for the small dog section.  

You can use the shelter’s benches, water fountain with bowls, and trash cans. A stool, trash can, and bowl-equipped water fountain are provided for small dogs. There is a mobility section with six challenges, including a dog footbridge, tunnel, wave poles, sit/stay bar, and hurdles, in the park’s area dedicated to larger dogs.

11. Sunbury Park

This pet park in Sunbury Park is an ample, triangular-shaped space that dips downward toward Jackson Street. The park has a garbage can, an agility track, a water fountain with a container, and two double gates at its entrances.

12. Norris Bank  

The dog park is well-maintained and has undergone recent upgrades. It is 100 meters long and 30 meters wide and features a water tap, trash cans, and a dog bath directly at the entry. You will also have two tables and a single seat within the enclosed space surrounded by fencing. 

13. Whittlesea Public Gardens 

The large off-leash section of Whittlesea Gardens, which measures 260 meters by 35 meters and is fenced in, can be found towards the southernmost end of the park. The place is encircled on all sides by lush vegetation and wooded areas. Among the facilities are a water tap, a mobility track with tubes, weave poles, hops, stairs, and a seat.

Additionally, there are restrooms conveniently located close to the play area.

14. Lyndarum Wetland 

The circular dog park, located in Lyndarum Wetland, is surrounded by a fence and has a diameter of approximately 100 meters. It features mobility training with weave bars, a stage with ramps on either side, six common obstacles, and two planks with circular cut-outs to leap over.

Outside the enclosed area are a seat, a water tap, and a garbage can.  

15. Green Gully  

The playground in Green Gully Reserve is completely enclosed, and it features an agility track with obstacles like ladders, weaving bars, open and closed passageways, and systems. With its 80m2 of grassy open space, the neighborhood is also ideal for canine play.

The park features a drinking fountain for humans and canines, a trash can for used doggie bags, some benches, and a swing set.

16. Wahgunyah  

Wahgunyah Reserve is next to Paringa Drive, a grassy space enclosed by a fence and measures 130 meters in length. Here, canines are allowed to run around and play. There are several entrances, waste receptacles for used doggie bags, a water fountain accessible to hounds, and a pleasant park on the western edge of the nature reserve.

17. Boronia Drive  

It’s a bit muddy at Boronia Reserve’s guarded dog park because the field doesn’t have any grass, but it’s a fair size. Some gravel portions, including the walk leading to the shelter’s table and dry, central circular, are the only dry spots. Some chairs and trash cans sit in the open, away from the shade, near the exits.

Remember to carry a drinking jug and a bowl because there is no readily accessible water tap.

18. Diggers Reserve 

You’ll discover a fenced area reserved exclusively for your cherished canine companions in the top-right corner of the northwest section of the Diggers Reserve.

19. Victoria Park 

Victoria Park, formerly home to the Collingwood Football Club, is now a lovely public park filled with historic signboards that any football lover or die-hard Collingwood supporter can appreciate.

Usually, dog owners will keep the gates to the oval locked to prevent their pets from escaping. When the oval is not utilized for sports matches and practice, dog owners may let their pets run free without leashes.

The park also features restrooms, water fountains with bowls, and picnic areas.

Malahang Reserve

20. Malahang Reserve 

This reserve, measuring 150 m in length and 25 m in width, has amenities such as double gate entries, benches, water taps, and a trash can with a push mower. Some parts of the park can get muddy after it rains.

Dog owners who bring their children would like other amenities, such as a restroom building, a skate park, picnic tables, and a BMX Jumps course.

21. Price Park

This park is a beautiful spot where your pet can roam about freely, and it is located atop a mountain in Viewbank.

This area is surrounded by a fence and features a few pine trees. There is a doggie bag dispenser, four unsheltered seats, an unsheltered table, and two water faucets (one for canines and one for people). Doggy bags, however, can’t be discarded in any trash can.

Remember that many visitors bring their canine, so your pet can meet new canine friends.

22. Malcolm Blair  

The Malcolm reserve is a great place to take your pet if you’re in Eltham North. There isn’t much room for humans, but your canines will have a great time running, jumping, and rolling in the gravelly soil of the sandpit, exploring the pipes, and testing their speed and agility courses.

There is a drinking fountain with a bowl opposite the entry, but no trash cans are provided because this is a no-refuse zone.

23. Diamond Park

This off-leash park is a half-acre open area located about 150 meters from Marngrook Oval, and it was meant to provide local dog owners with a safe and easily accessible place to bring their pets for some outdoor fun and exercise.

The park offers a better game experience with a free run zone, time-out spaces, and an agility track.

Below is a breakdown of the three distinct areas where action can take place:

  • Zone I (play and runabout area) – This area provides a safe place for dogs to run around and play and exciting places to sniff around and investigate. It has open spaces to run around in, highly scalable mounds, and climbable rocks.
  • Zone II (educational and training area) – This area is equipped with agility gear specifically designed to aid in the early phases of dog training classes.
  • Zone II (small dog and timeout area) establishes a buffer zone between larger dogs and any smaller dogs present, allowing the latter to run freely without fear of being bullied. It can also serve as a time-out place for pet parents who need to calm their hyperactive pooches by removing them from the park’s bustle for a while

Be aware that the below breeds of dog are not permitted to run free in the campground:

  • Dogs that are dangerous, menacing, or of a constrained breed can’t be off-leash, but they can be walked on a leash while wearing a snout.
  • People should not let their dogs off leash if they are hostile towards individuals or other dogs or if they haven’t met many people and are very hyper
  • You must keep intact female canines on leash in all off-leash places throughout their heat cycle
Fergusons Paddock

24. Fergusons Paddock 

Fergusons Paddock is home to a fenced-in dog park with an oval-shaped road within the fence, a tiny grassy space, woods, and some muddy patches. You may find a bowl, a water tank, and a wicker basket full of worn-out tennis balls at the park. The parking lot also has a trash can for your convenience.

Eltham Lower

25. Eltham Lower  

Eltham Park features two ovals, one wholly fenced in the south and one not in the north. There is a leash-free dog zone in both locations while no organized sporting activities occur.

You’ll discover a rusty park, some trash cans, and a few water fountains, but alas, no bowls in the northwest part of the park.

You must keep dogs on leashes in the park’s horse riding section and the eastern woodland area. However, dogs are welcome to run free in the park’s southern wilderness region.

26. Doreen Park 

This park is a grassland, off-leash area of 30m squared in size, with a trashcan, a bench, and seven challenges set out in a mobility course.

There are no water fountains, but dog owners may utilize the water bowls available.

27. Delacombe Reserve 

The enclosed area is approachable via Delacombe Drive or Allan Avenue and is situated beneath the power lines. Central to the park is the off-leash section.

Reserve’s enclosed dog park is a vast grassy space with two sets of double gates on opposing ends. A water fountain with a bowl and trash can is close to the entrance on Ronald Avenue.

A dog obstacle course is located smack dab amid the park. The obstacle ramps on both sides, a stage with vertical planks, a hole to hop through, and a weaving pole. Among the obstacles on the track are six common challenges.

28. Creek Park 

Creek Park’s huge gated dog playground features five gum trees that offer lots of shelter on hot sunny days and an open stream that winds its way thru the area.

You can find two park benches in the park’s central area, and trash cans can be located near the entrances. Outdoors is a covered area with a table, barbecues, and a bowl by a water fountain.

29. Laurel Street 

This place has an area where dogs can run around without leashes. This area is between the Plenty River and AF Walker Reserve.

30. McIvor Reserve 

There is an L-shaped, gated dog park on the northwestern side of McIvor Reserve. This place features a rock pile and agility gear in the form of three jumps of varying heights and several weave bars. You can find a bench, a drinking fountain with a waste bin, and a trash can close to the mound.

The park, shade with tables, barbecue, trash can, and water fountain with bowl may all be found in pavilions on the park’s eastern side. To reiterate, please keep your dog on a leash within 30 meters of the park.

31. Brooklyn Reserve 

this Brooklyn park is one of the best in the city, and its owners take excellent care of the enclosed space.

There are a few benches, a water fountain with a bowl, and a toy chest for dogs in the park’s outside central section.

This place has excellent agility and includes weave poles, obstacles, ramps, tables, and logs. It has another container for dog toys within the gated area, which is around 40 m by 20 m and more suitable for older and smaller dogs.

Receptacles for trash and recycling are offered as well.

Martin Reserve

32. Martin Reserve 

Martin Park is a fenced, gravel-surfaced, 130-by-100-meter dog playground with two locked entry gates. Each gate into the reserve has a drinking fountain with a bowl and a trash can for discarded doggie bags.

33. Duke Street  

There is a 100-meter-long and 25-meter-wide gated space in the western portion of Duke reserve where dogs can run and play safely.

At the northern end of the reserve, you’ll discover water fountains for humans and canines, a trash can for used doggie bags, benches, barbecue grills, a covered picnic area, and a pleasant park.

34. Roussac Reserve 

This is an ample grassy enclosed space for dogs, measuring around 150 m in length and 80 m in width.

You’ll find trash cans, a bench, a drinking fountain that welcomes dogs, a basketball court, a play area, and a covered picnic area at this spot.

35. Davitt Drive Reserve 

The grassy area at Davitt is enclosed and measures around 150m in length and 40m in width, making it ideal for dogs. There is a dog water fountain, a shady spot near the facility’s southern end, several benches, and a park for any youngsters who might be along for the outing.

36. Navan Park 

You can find a vast, fenced, off-leash pet park with trash cans, water fountains, and picnic tables east of Navan park. Dogs that need alone time can use the fenced-in time-out area.

A beautiful lake is nearby, perfect for a stroll with your furry friends, but remember that your pet must be on a leash to enjoy the lake’s shores.

37. Collenso Street & Electricity Easement 

The massive enclosed space for dogs at Collenso Street, spanning 200m x 80m, is the ideal setting for the pet to stretch its legs and run free. A little tree or two and a power pole stand in the middle of the grassy space.

A waste receptacle for discarded bags, a bench, a water fountain designed for canines, and a dog park are also available.

38. Saltwater  

This is a gated, half-oval space up to 75 meters in length, located near the intersection of Middleton Drive and  Saltwater Promenade. There are many gates at each of the park’s entrances.

A water fountain with a bowl is provided, although it is located outside the northeast gate of the gated area. The park also features a shelter, trash can, and dog-friendly services like weave poles, benches, and a V-shaped footbridge near the western gate.

In addition, there is a simple playground for youngsters, but it’s a good 100 meters away.

39. Fraser Street Reserve 

Dog owners can take their pets to this grassy area with a fence where the dogs can run free. A park bench without any overhead shade, a water fountain, a park, and a trash can are all available here.

40. Cindia Crescent 

The enclosed area of this dog park is roughly 30 meters by 30 meters. There is sufficient shade from the park’s trees and grassland patches. There’s a water fountain and some seats without cover.

41. Vibrandia Way 

The dog park on Vibrandia Way is grassy, attractively groomed, and equipped with an agility course. Agility equipment such as leap-over circles, ramped platforms, swerving poles, and a trampoline makes for an entertaining play space for canines to run and play in.

There is a set of double gates, trash cans, and a water fountain with a bowl in this park.

42. Forsyth Park 

While most of the grassy dog park in this park’s circular enclosure is in good condition, certain worn-out sections become muddy after rain.

The park has a variety of amenities, such as typical bench seats, trash cans, and two zigzag wood chairs that can be utilized for dog agility training.

There is also a nearby playground equipped with picnic tables and restrooms.

43. Banksia Park 

Banksia Park has a vast, fenced-in dog park where your pups are welcome to run free. Within the gated area are a water tap and non-shaded seats, but there are no trash cans in the immediate vicinity.

Throughout daylight saving time, Banksia Park stays open until 8:00 PM daily.

44. Presidents Park 

The central part of the Gated Dog Park at Presidents Park is roughly 100 meters in length and 50 meters in width. It features a bowl, a water tap, a trash can at the gate, another water tap and basket inside the gated area, and some benches in the center of the fenced zone.

The L-shaped walled space is located on eastern Presidents Avenue, not far from the Werribee River.

45. Aranga Reserve 

A doggie hurdle course is located on the northern and western edges of the central enclosed dog park zone at Aranga Reserve, which is approximately 200m x 100m in size.

The doggie obstacle course features several unique and exciting obstacles. The features include a raised platform, ladders going to a level platform, a triangle bridge, a tunnel, a round disk sitting atop a tire, and many more.

The park’s introductory hurdle course can be found on the north side, consisting of ten rods, a double jump, and three jumps made of wood. In addition, there is a chair just next to these obstructions.

The following guidelines apply to this additional gated training area at Aranga Reserve:

  • Waiting time is limited to ten minutes
  • Designed for canines that are loners by nature
  • If in use, knock before entering
  • There is no option to reserve this space
  • There is a drinking fountain and trash cans nearby for your convenience.

Eastway Avenue, just beyond the perimeter fence, also features a park ideal for children.

46. Knox Park 

The 150-meter-long and 35-meter-wide grassy portions of this enclosed Dog Park are perfect for your dog to roam around, fetch balls, and burn off some pent-up energy.

The park features an obstacle course specifically designed for dogs. Two pairs of six rods to navigate between, car tires to jump over, a plank suspended above the ground, and many more are just a few of the obstacles you’ll encounter.

In addition to the toilets and showers, you’ll find logs, three rear seats for sitting, water faucets, and trash cans.

Please be aware that after rain, the park might get extremely muddy.

47. Mahoney  

The reserve is completely enclosed, so your dog can run free. The oval features secure gates and a drinking fountain for humans and canines alike. Typically, the oval is inaccessible for practice on Saturdays and Sundays due to its use for weekends cricket and football games.

Please remember that all pets must be restrained on a leash within 2.5 meters of a park, permanent barbecue or recreation area, or organized public meeting. When a scheduled sporting event occurs on a field, court, or other sports venue, dogs are not permitted on the premises or within 2.5 meters of the venue’s border.

48. Eastfield Park 

This dog park is spacious, measuring 180 meters in length and 40 meters in width, and offering a wide variety of amenities.

You may find a downtime area west of the park, perfect for puppies and dogs of any size that need some alone time. Inside this enclosed area, you’ll discover a giant sandpit bordered by boulders, a rock pile, and several covered benches. Please remember that dogs must always be accompanied while in the timeout area.

You’ll also discover agility gear near the break area, like hurdles, an oblique ramp, a barrel, and a weave pole.

Within the enclosed area, park amenities include two pairs of double entrance gates, one near the park’s center on the south side with a trash can and another towards the east. There is also a simple park for the children outside of the barrier.

49. Eastern North Reserve 

There is a modest off-leash dog area within the confines of Eastern North Park, complete with high fencing, a drinking fountain, and a bowl. Although larger dogs likely find the place too confined, smaller dogs may find it to their liking.

Parking is metered from 8 am to 6 pm on the weekdays, Monday through Friday, and off-lead canine time is restricted to 7 am to 7:30 pm. Dogs must be on a lead at all other hours.

50. Reg Marlow Reserve 

This grassy area is surrounded by a fence equipped with three security gates, flower beds, and trees.

There are a few benches and a drinking fountain for humans and canines around the reserve’s border. You may find a pleasant garden with shady benches nearby.

The outdoor gymnasium and park can be reached by continuing along the concrete walkway through the reserve.

51. Farm Road  

This Guarded Dog Park is quite convenient, as it has three entrances (one on the south, one north, and one west of the park).

Up north, you’ll find a garbage can and a sink equipped with a bowl for easy water refills.

52. Kevin Hayes  

This reserve is a large gated dog park surrounded by gum trees. The park includes a cover with tables, a mobility track with six pieces of gear, a water fountain for humans and dogs, and some shady trees.

53. Snowdon Reserve 

The grassy pet park area at Snowdon Reserve is surrounded by a single-locking-gated fence that is 100 meters in length and 20 meters in width. A trash can, drinking fountain, and tree-shaded bench can all be found at this park.

54. Pawfield Park 

This is a fenced play area with turfed sections for exercise, socialization, and manners training that you can find in The Wedge.

Inside the park’s massive barrier lies a grassy, small-dog-exclusive section with trees and a bench.

There is a drinking fountain and trash cans in the park’s central area and a seven-obstacle outdoor track.

55. Greenfield Lane 

This enclosed area on Greenfield Lane is roughly 45 m by 20 m. The site is grassy, with some gravel filling in some low spots. There’s a double fence and several trash cans at the front door.

Remember that there is no running water, so you’ll need to take a water jug and a dish for the dog to drink from when they’re thirsty and worn out from playing.

56. Onyx Reserve

Most of the 35 m oval-shaped, walled area is grass, with a small patch of dirt near the park’s entrance. Aside from the bowl and trash can, you may find a drinking fountain and a few benches outside the gate.

57. Southern Reserve, Mulgrave

The oval-shaped, securely locked dog park is the main attraction at Southern Park.

Tennis courts, playgrounds, a pavilion with covered seating, bathrooms, trash cans, and a water fountain with a bowl are some features and services available at the reserve.

The exterior of the oval is paved with a concrete public footpath.

58. Selandra Boulevard  

Selandra park is home to a 40m x 20m gated dog park in addition to a beautiful park, Barbeque, basketball court, water faucet, picnic areas, a bin, and table tennis.

60. Pasadena

Pasadena park is a fenced-in, off-leash area for dogs. It measures roughly 60 m by 35 m and has double-locked gates at each of its four corners. You’ll find three mobility obstacles on the grassy field: a pair of barriers, a circle to leap over, and a ramped platform.

The gated area features a park, a water fountain with a bucket, three benches, and a trash can.

60. Trueman Fenced  

If you live in or around Cranbourne West, bring your dog to this location so they may run around in a large gated area. This area has dog-friendly challenges like bars to leap over, a trench, and a V-shaped inversion bridge.

There is a desk, three chairs, a trash can, and a sink with a bowl for getting water. The nearby playground also has restrooms if needed.

61. Tatterson Park East 

Access to the 150 by 70-meter Tatterson Park is most convenient via Villiers Road.

The grassy dog park features a row of 13 logs for catapulting, a trash can, a water fountain with a bowl, a pair of non-shaded benches, and a bin.

62. Kalora Park Oval 

This dog park is an oval with two separate areas separated by wire mesh walls. About 45 by 30 meters in size, it features a gate, trash can, and water storage tanks.

Dogs have their choice of two separate play areas. To the south, they have a fenced area set apart for puppies and miniature poodles, while to the north, we have a similar room set aside for larger dogs.

There is a water fountain with a bowl, some unsheltered tables and chairs, and a pavilion near the northern portion.

The region surrounding the cages consists of open grass fields where canines may roam around, Troups Creek to the south, and paddocks containing alpacas and ponies to the southeast.

Tirhatuan Park

63. Tirhatuan Park 

This fenced dog park, measuring roughly 160 m in length and 60 m in width, is located on the north end of Kriegel Way. The grassy, tree-studded enclosure features a cover with a table, a water fountain with a bowl, trash cans, and a bench. Outside the enclosed area, all dogs must always remain on a leash.

There is a beautiful park, outdoor fitness equipment, tables and chairs, barbecues, and restrooms in the area, making it ideal for families.

64. Springvale Dog Park 

The enclosed pet park at Springvale is in the form of a triangle, with one entrance near the northwestern side and another in the southwest, with its waste bin and watering dish.

Beyond that, there is a dog-friendly area with a pavilion, cricket facilities, and an oval. There are restrooms for visitors to the reserve near the venue on the western edge.

Final Thought 

The following are examples of council bylaws (and standard dog park ethics) that are applicable in several of these dog parks:

  • The dog park allows a limit of two dogs for each adult to guarantee that owners can control their pets.
  • Only bring dogs at least six months old to reduce the likelihood of getting an unvaccinated dog into the dog park. Falling from great heights is especially dangerous for young dogs because of the potential for contractures.
  • Vaccinate your dog to full completion
  • Aggressive dogs are not allowed
  • Children younger than five are not allowed
  • Dogs should never be supervised by children younger than 14 years old
  • You must not wear any kind of chokers or spiked chains
  • Toys and rough play are not allowed
  • Only training goodies are allowed at the dog park.
  • Dogs alone are permitted to use dog gear.
  • Take care of your dog’s waste