The Best Karaoke Bars in Melbourne

There’s no better way to unwind and have a little too much fun than by hanging out at a karaoke room or booking our a private karaoke room in Melbourne. Whether you’re a great singer, or laughably terrible, there’s nothing more fun than bellowing, completely out of tune, into a sound system and giving everyone else in your group, or the bar something to laugh at! 

If you’re looking for the best happy hour karaoke bars near Melbourne Central or interested in open karaoke for birthday parties or even a private room for a hens night, we have a great list of the best karaoke bars in Melbourne and the CBD below. 

KBOX Karaoke

Whether you’re a Melbourne local or not, you’ll certainly have heard of the renowned KBOX Karaoke bar in the CBD’s northeast. On La Trobe Street, the KBOX Karaoke bar offers awesome cocktails, craft beers, and snacks along with Chinese, Japanese and Korean songs! You’ll have a tonne of fun here and with the song list stretching more than 100,000 songs, you’ll have no shortage of songs to sing along to on your road to being a KBOX superstar. 


In the heart of Melbourne at Melbourne Central, the Partyworld karaoke bar is one of the city’s best! With plenty of great food & drinks as well as being in the mall, there’s going to be no problem when it comes to finding drinks or a bite to eat after everyone’s finished singing their hearts out. 

At Partyworld, you’re also provided 2 soft drinks or alcoholic drinks included in your booking when you book online, so there’s no need to worry about who will be getting the first round of drinks!

Stars KTV and Lounge

On Bourke Street, you’ll find the awesome Stars KTV karaoke bar with its impressive cocktail list and high-tech interior vibe. The space is lit up with colourful lasers and other awesome effects to keep everyone having a great time, and with more than 200,000 songs on file, you and your friends won’t have any issue finding your favourite songs to sing terribly. 

The entire establishment is quite large and there are more than 20 private karaoke rooms to choose from that will make sure everyone has their own private party space to get on with their singing and to have a few drinks without dealing with all of the other rambunctious partygoers and patrons at the bar. 


Opposite the state library is the Jankara karaoke bar with its range of multilingual songs and a limitless supply of snacks and nibbles. You’ll have a great time here with friends and because the space is so small and cozy, you’ll all be pushed from your comfort zone and left to sing on the mini stage in front of the other bar-goers. 

Jankara offers great cocktails and beers so although you might be in a smaller space when compared to other VIC karaoke bars, you can rest assured that the selection of drinks is still incredible. 

Strike Bowling Karaoke

Another famous karaoke bar in Australia is certainly the Strike Bowling Karaoke bar on Little Lonsdale Street in the CBD. It offers ten-pin bowling, plenty of food and not just small snacks, but genuine hearty bites to eat that will keep you going through the night or the afternoon. There are 12 bowling lanes to choose from, private karaoke rooms as well as a prop box that will give you the chance to truly transform into the artists you’re terribly mimicking. 

As we mentioned, the food and drinks are fantastic here because of the on-site gourmet kitchen and cocktail bar that will have you freshly topped up refreshments whenever you should need them. The Strike Bowling karaoke space can become quite busy from time to time, so we suggest that you book now if you want to get in and get a space for a birthday or an event. 

FM Karaoke

Our final karaoke bar in Melbourne is the FM Karaoke bar on Bourke Street. The space’s vibe is fantastic and also gives you the chance to sing your heart out in front of complete strangers on the main stage or you can take yourself and your friends to one of the private karaoke rooms upstairs. 

The best part of the karaoke rooms at FM Karaoke is that they’re all themed around a specific nation or era. You’ll notice that you’re either in an Egyptian, Roman or Koran space.