The Best Rock Climbing & Bouldering Gyms In Melbourne

Unbelievably, there was once a period when bouldering was only known to people who spent most of their time in Yosemite’s remotest areas. As a result, climbing gyms in Sydney and elsewhere were having trouble attracting customers.

The sport is thriving now that Free Solo has altered the landscape, everyone is familiar with Tommy Caldwell, and everyone is aware that it’s a terrific, practical method to get utterly jacked. And it may claim a relatively upbeat, social feel.

Melbourne is flourishing as a sanctuary for climbers because it is the Australian capital of everything green, sports, educated, and little hippie. Rock climbing, indoor bouldering, and even an outdoor wall are all available in the city, which also has one of the most outstanding climbing communities in Australia. All of these options are within a short drive from the city centre.

These are our top picks for bouldering and rock climbing in Melbourne. If you live further north, check out our list of the top gyms in Sydney for these activities.

Hard Rock

1. Hard Rock

Hard Rock, which bills itself as providing the best climbing experience, places an actual climbing centre in the CBD and offers a variety of routes to suit all skill levels. A bouldering wall is also present at the Nunawading branch.

Northside Boulders (1)

2. Northside Boulders

The three gyms that make up Melbourne’s top bouldering spots all provide multi-gym subscriptions for individuals looking to develop themselves into accurate bouldering machines.

Burnley Bouldering Wall

3. Burnley Bouldering Wall

According to our knowledge, the only publicly-operated outdoor climbing wall in any of the major Australian cities is located in Burnley. If you just want to show up and try your abilities, this Richmond location below the Citylink expressway is ideal.

Cliffhanger Climbing Gym

4. Cliffhanger Climbing Gym

Cliffhanger is Australia’s tallest climber gym, adding extra difficulty to each soaring route. It has attracted climbing greats like Tommy Caldwell to adorn its walls.

Blochaus Bouldering

5. Blochaus Bouldering

Blochaus, a brand-new bouldering community that originated in Canberra, offers one of the city’s broadest selections of problems in addition to several programs aimed at making you the best boulderer you can be. A Marrickville branch will also soon be available for Sydney residents.

Bayside Rock Climbing

6. Bayside Rock Climbing

This location offers training, high ropes courses, indoor rock climbing, and bouldering as Melbourne’s finest indoor and bouldering destinations. 

They are unmatched, offering over 300 square meters of bouldering space along with the remarkable 25 fully automated climbing stations, climbing walls, cargo nets, caves, and even a spider mountain.

Additionally, they provide their most well-known Top Rope Climbing experience and rock climbing coaching sessions for adults and children.

Northside Boulders

7. Northside Boulders

Northside Boulders is Melbourne’s second-best bouldering gym and boasts two exciting sites. The Northside of Melbourne’s lack of centres and passion led to the creation of Northcote. The building is fashioned after a bouldering theme park. 

There is a challenging climb, a linking archway, lots of overhangs, and entertaining ridges to accommodate all levels of climbers. The factors that bolstered their ranking in our list are their climbing routes, active environment, and friendliness.

Hardrock Climbing

8. Hardrock Climbing

The best indoor rock climbing is available in Melbourne at Hardrock Climbing, which has sites in the CBD and Nunawading. It’s difficult to miss the magnificence of Hardrock despite its location in the centre of Melbourne’s CBD. This climbing facility, located above Swanston Street, has 44 top rope walls that can reach heights of 16 meters. 

The location has four auto-belay walls, so you won’t need a spotter because the automatic cable system will rescue you if you fall. In Nunawading, Hardrock boasts a location with 51 14-meter-tall top rope walls, a bouldering cave, and other features.

Urban Climb Collingwood

9. Urban Climb Collingwood

Urban Climb, Victoria’s largest bouldering venue, has established its reputation as a thriving, local climbing, fitness, and yoga centre with numerous locations on Australia’s east coast. Instead of the hipster or graffiti-covered lanes in Collingwood, there is a gym. Instead, there are seven to ten activities to do at each of the nine stations. 

The boulders of Urban Climb are arranged in a clockwise rotation and present varying difficulty levels. One of Melbourne’s most excellent rock climbing gyms, all-inclusive memberships give access to a selection of fitness and yoga sessions offered throughout the week.

Latitude Melbourne

10. Latitude Melbourne

Latitude has established the bar for Melbourne’s indoor rock climbing with more than simply walls to scale. Try your hand at their ninja-parkour challenge if you enjoy parkour. Smash it through the grid and attempt the zip line, tight rope, warped wall, spider wall, and bouldering obstacles. 

Expect to bounce, climb, and fly as you experience the feeling of reaching new heights. With more than a hundred trampolines, a giant airbag, basketball courts, a dodgeball court, extensive climbing areas with a down rush structure and an assault course, a kids’ section, and even a café.