Fenced Dog Training Parks Perth

Are you looking for a canine training ground that is completely fenced or one that has an assault course or training equipment for your canine companion? Check out our comprehensive list of completely enclosed dog exercise areas across Perth.

North of the River

Amberton Park 

Amberton Park

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Dogs are welcome at this completely enclosed park. Alberton Park contains an expansive training area with shade sails, a water fountain, and, what’s more, there’s a nearby skate park. 

Aveley Park

Aveley Park

There are two dog playgrounds in this park: a small canine playground and a big canine playground. You’ll find agility equipment, sitting areas, and water fountains in each area.

Ellenbrook Park

Ellenbrook Park

This dog park is completely fenced, and it includes a dog exercise area with two gates.

Annie’s Landing Park 

This double-gated park includes a dog exercise area with training equipment. It also features a place for dogs of different ages and sizes.

Edgar Griffiths Park 

Edgar Park is a fully enclosed dog training ground with separate areas for small and large canines. It also includes a large off-leash area and a nature walking trail.

Elcar Park 

This is a double-gated dog training park with separate spaces for small and big dogs. It contains a sandpit and a water fountain.

Kingsway Park 

Kingsway Park

The Kingsway Canine Park is completely walled in and provides access to a small and big dog training area, agility equipment, and water fountains.

Jack Marks Park 

This is one of the most attractive and popular meet-up spots. It is fully fenced and well-shaded.

Princess Wallington Park 

This dog park has a fenced-in section for small and big dogs and a sandpit and training equipment in a larger area for larger dogs to play in.

Inglewood Park 

This gated dog park contains natural components like a mixture of sand and grass, training logs, a dog drinking bowl and a sitting area for people to relax.

Dianella Park

Dianella Park

Dog training facilities with agility equipment are available in both big and small sizes at this dog park, which also has a nice off-leash bush walk beyond the enclosed dog training grounds.

Asquith Street Reserve

It is a small enclosed dog exercise park where you can pick up a cup of coffee and some treats while you spend time with your puppy.

Mofflin Avenue Park 

This gated dog training park has a separate fenced playground for children.

Carrington Road Dog Park 

This walled park contains a fenced playground, ideal for families with small children and their dogs to enjoy time together.

Charles Riley Reserve Dog Park 

Charles Riley Reserve Dog Park

This dog park contains a dog training area that is completely enclosed and situated next to the playground.

Carine Fenced Dog Park

This gated park contains a large shaded dog exercise space for small and large canines.

South of the River

Tom Wright Park 

This gated dog park is part of a more significant community activity centre. It is gated and has separate playgrounds for small and big dogs.

Peace Park 

This park is completely fenced with big and small canine spaces. It contains an obstacle course, shaded sitting areas and a water fountain.

Yarra Vista Dog Park 

It is completely enclosed with small and big dog sections, agility equipment, a wonderful bush setting, plenty of shelters, and sitting areas.

Jan Hammond Dog Park 

Jan Hammond Dog Park

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This park is an enormous, completely fenced canine playground with agility equipment. You’ll find a large picnic pavilion and BBQ outside the walled dog playground.

John Dunn Memorial Dog Park 

The dog park boasts 1.260237 acres, divided into three sections for small, medium, and large canines. It contains shelters, benches, water fountains, sandpits, and training facilities.

Newhaven Dog Adventure Park 

This dog training park is a long and narrow gated playground featuring small and big dog areas with agility equipment, drip trays, shelters and seats.

Harmony Fields Maddington Park

This dog park contains a 5.90551-feet fence with dual gate entry. It also has water fountains, agility facilities, shady areas, and small and large canine sections.

Sienna Woods Dog Adventure Park 

This completely enclosed canine park contains large and small dog areas. You’ll find a fitness area, picnic shade and BBQ close to the dog playground.

Rockingham Dog Park

Rockingham Dog Park

It is a fenced canine park with a water fountain, shady trees, and benches. It also has hills for your canines to climb.

Calleya Park 

Calleya Park

Agility equipment makes this dog park ideal for off-leash fun with your pet. There are separate sections for big and small canines.

Honeywood Park 

This is a substantially enclosed dog playground with agility equipment, shade sails, and a water fountain.

Baler Court Dog Park 

Walled and grassy, this canine park contains agility equipment and separate playgrounds for small and big dogs.

Baldivis Enclosed Dog Park

Baldivis Enclosed Dog Park

This walled canine park has two playgrounds: one for small dogs and the other for all canines.

The Glades Dog Park 

Even though it isn’t very picturesque, this is a good place for dogs to get some off-leash exercise.

Whether you are travelling down south on vacation, coming back from a west trip, or residing down the road and want a fun park to enjoy a cup of white tea, this is your destination.

East/Hills/Swan Valley

The Dogs Breakfast Cafe Park

This dog park is adjacent to the Swan Vet and has an enclosed canine exercise area with training equipment and coffee.

Greenslope Park 

Greenslope Park

This completely enclosed dog park has walking paths and a grassy space within 457.145 acres of bushland. It also contains a water fountain and agility equipment to help your canines stay fit.