28 Fun Things to do in Melbourne in the Evening

They say New York is a city that never sleeps. But the same thing can be said of Melbourne in Australia.

In The Settlement, evenings are an invitation to immerse yourself in an array of exciting activities. Whether you’re seeking cultural experiences, thrilling adventures, or simply a relaxing evening in a vibrant atmosphere, Melbourne offers a treasure trove of possibilities to cater to every taste and interest.

In this article, we invite you to discover some of the city’s best-kept secrets and the well-known gems of Melbourne’s evening scene. From iconic landmarks to hidden laneways, we’ll guide you through the pulsating heart of Melbourne’s nightlife, revealing the exciting experiences that await your discovery.

So keep on reading as we showcase 28 fun things to do in Melbourne in the evening. You’ll never be want for something to do again!

Visit The Queen Victoria Market Summer Night Market

Visit The Queen Victoria Market Summer Night Market

The Summer Night Market is a must-visit destination if you’re looking for a memorable experience in Melbourne.

Featuring a wide range of international food stalls, a flea market with unique handmade items and live music, it’s an epic place to spend an evening.

This market is only open to the public on Wednesdays during the summer season, and it does get busy. So our advice is to get their early so you can settle yourself in for an evening of fun.

Check Out Melbourneā€™s Chinatown

Nestled within the vibrant red gates of Chinatown, lies a flourishing world of Asian cuisine, karaoke, fashion stores and beverages in Melbourne.

It’s highly recommended to dine at one of Chinatown’s esteemed eateries such as HuTong Dumpling Bar or Shandong Mama, renowned for their delectable dumplings.

Additionally, Chinatown houses a Chinese Museum, Chinatown Cinema and several other attractions for you to peruse. You can also explore the many shops and fashion boutiques for souvenirs and stunning attire.

Enjoy a Drink at The Loop Roof Cocktail Bar

Looking for a breathtaking view? Look no further than Loop Roof Cocktail Bar!

This open-air rooftop cafƩ/bar boasts stunning garden settings and an array of expertly crafted cocktails. Guests rave about the delicious drinks and highly recommend a visit to the bar.

Don’t forget to indulge in their crafted beers, local wines and champagne selection. The bar serves light snacks like fries, chicken bites, salads and calamari strips to complement your drinks.

The bar is equipped to handle Melbourne’s unpredictable weather with retractable awnings for rainy days and heaters for chilly nights.

Take a Moonlight Kayak Ride

Take a Moonlight Kayak Ride

Exploring the city through a Kayak tour is a great option to experience the waterways.

The Moonlight Kayak Ride lasts for approximately 2.5 hours and departs from Victoria Harbour just before sunset. It concludes at the Rowling Sheds boat landing area. During the tour, you will be served with chips and fish on the boat.

You don’t need any prior kayaking experience as a guide will accompany you and provide basic instructions.

Partake in a Safari Sleepover at Werribee Open Range Zoo

If you’re planning to visit the Werribee Open Range Zoo to see the animals, why not make the most of your trip by joining the Overnight or Slumber Safari experience?

This two-day adventure offers full access to the entire zoo at your leisure, including a fully-hosted safari tour.

At night, an African Cuisine dinner is provided followed by the chance to wake up to the roars of the lions in the morning. You’ll also enjoy a buffet-style breakfast before heading out for more animal viewing.

It’s the perfect family vacation that you won’t want to miss.

Watch a Movie at The Iconic Princess Theatre

Watch a Movie at The Iconic Princess Theatre

Since its reopening in 1986, the Princess Theatre has become a beloved destination in Melbourne, hosting popular shows such as Cats and South Pacific.

With comfortable seating, booster cushions and wheelchair-accessible spots, the theatre also features a convenient bar where you can pre-order your drinks to avoid waiting in line. It’s no wonder the Princess Theatre is considered one of the top nighttime attractions in Melbourne.

To purchase tickets, be sure to pre-book online and collect them from the box office at least an hour before the show.

Watch a Cabaret Show at the Butterfly Club

Carson Place is home to the Butterfly Club, a charming small-scale theatre open six days a week throughout the year, excluding Sundays.

This venue is renowned for its exhilarating comedy, cabaret and burlesque performances, featuring two to eight shows each night that are sure to captivate the audience.

Its cabaret shows are a delightful display of drama, music and singing, making it a must-see for fans of the genre. For a fun night out in Melbourne, you can’t go wrong in coming to this CBD location.

Visit the IceBar Melbourne

Located at the Atrium in Federation Square, IceBar Melbourne is the perfect destination for an arctic-themed experience in Australia.

Upon arrival, guests will be provided with the distinctive snow gear of the Ice Bar. This unique bar is constructed of 30 tonnes of ice, making it a true fortress of ice. In a room that’s approximately 10 degrees below zero, patrons can enjoy a variety of cocktails and other drinks while chilling out (literally) in the best possible way.

Ascend to the top of the Eureka Skydeck

Ascend to the top of the Eureka Skydeck

Melbourne boasts an exciting attraction that surpasses even Dubai’s towering Burj Khalifa – the Eureka Tower.

This impressive skyscraper stands tall at 300 metres, with its 88th-floor housing the renowned Eureka Skydeck. From here, visitors can indulge in breathtaking views of the city, including one of the best Melbourne night views.

The Skydeck is accessible to the public throughout the year, and those feeling adventurous can even participate in the exhilarating Eureka Climb event – a race up the 1642 steps to claim first place.

Have a Flutter at the Crown Melbourne

Have a Flutter at the Crown Melbourne

Located on the south bank of the Yarra River, Crown Casino is the largest casino in Australia and operates 24/7.

It boasts 50 poker games such as Caribbean Stud, as well as other popular casino games like Baccarat, Big Wheel, Blackjack, Craps, Pai Gow and Casino War.

For those who do fancy a gamble, it’s worth noting Crown Casino is committed to promoting responsible gambling, so it’s important to adhere to their guidelines while visiting.

Watch a Film at the Melbourne Rooftop Bar

Watch a Film at the Melbourne Rooftop Bar

Have you visited the Lido Rooftop at Curtin House yet? It’s a fantastic open-air cinema in Melbourne with breathtaking views of the city.

They’ve screened an impressive selection of both blockbuster hits and indie classics, such as Charlieā€™s Angles, Ford V Ferrari, Marriage Story, Doctor Sleep by Stephen King, The Two Popes, Jumanji, Little Women, Cats and Frozen 2 among others.

And the best part? The cinema doubles as a bar, so you can conveniently purchase snacks and drinks without leaving the venue.

Visit the Melbourne Observatory

Visit the Melbourne Observatory

For those who enjoy stargazing, a visit to the Observatory is well worth doing.

This facility, managed by the Royal Botanic Gardens, offers both night tours and solar tours.

During the night tour, you’ll have the opportunity to learn about the Observatory’s fascinating history, including its role in weather forecasting, star charting and timekeeping.

And of course, you’ll also get to experience the wonder of observing the stars up close through a powerful telescope

It is a terrific way to spend an evening if you live in or are visiting Melbourne.

See a Classic Film at Astor in St Kilda

See a Classic Film at Astor in St Kilda

The Astor Theatre, situated at 1 Chapel Street, is a single-screen movie theatre that exudes a classic atmosphere from a time before television.

Although its decor is designed to reminisce the past, it is equipped with modern facilities such as excellent air conditioning and sound system.

It is Australia’s only vintage cinema that screens both old classics and the latest blockbusters. There is no better place to watch a film.

Explore Melbourne’s laneways to find interesting street art

Melbourne is recognised as the artistic hub of Australia, boasting some of the most impressive street art in the world.

Hosier Lane is a prime example of a lane brimming with street art and graffiti, but there are several others in Melbourne worth exploring.

ACDC Lane is covered with street art depicting musicians, while Duckboard Lane is a popular spot for wine and food enthusiasts, as well as artists, due to its brilliantly executed and entertaining street art.

Other noteworthy lanes to check out include Caledonian Lane, Croft Alley and Rankins Lane, among others.

Go on an Evening Horse and Carriage Ride

Explore the beautiful city of Melbourne at night with a delightful horse and carriage ride.

Your coach driver, dressed in traditional attire, will be waiting for you in Federation Square.

You have the option to choose whether you want the carriage hood up or down. It’s a great way to have fun and make memories.

Visit the National Gallery of Victoria

Visit the National Gallery of Victoria

If you love art, then why not head to The National Gallery of Victoria?

With over 75,000 artworks, it is composed of two galleries that are just a short walk away from each other. They boast a vast collection of art from European, Oceanic, American and Asian cultures, providing a haven for art enthusiasts.

Admission to the Gallery is free and Friday nights are particularly enjoyable, as they feature live music and brilliant artwork by renowned artists such as Keith Haring.

The Gallery also offers tours, talks, collection displays, films and a program for children, which combine to make it one of the more enjoyable evening activities you can do in Melbourne.

Enjoy an After Dinner Fondue at Milk the Cow

If you’re a cheese lover, Milk the Cow is a bar you need to go to.

Specialising in cheese, it is based in two locations, one in Carlton and the other in St Kilda – both of which are open late.

The establishment boasts an impressive 180 types of cheese, which are stored in a 6-metre cabinet and expertly curated by their highly talented cheesemonger team.

They are open from Monday to Friday for takeaways and drive-ins, with cheese available for purchase at reasonable prices, typically under $40.

Whilst there, be sure to try their gourmet Cheesemonger’s Choice Cheeseboards, which come with a selection of bread and quince paste, among other accompaniments.

Head to Hosier Lane at Night to see the artwork

Head to Hosier Lane at Night to see the artwork

If you have a taste for street art or simply appreciate visually stunning works, Hosier Lane is the perfect destination for you.

During the day, the vibrant art displays lining the lane create a lively atmosphere. However, as the evening sets in and the streets empty out, the art takes on an entirely different character, with a uniquely dark allure. The dim lighting accentuates the details of the artwork, inviting onlookers to take a closer look at the intricate shapes and structures.

At night, the interplay of light and shadow gives the art displays a captivating and intriguing quality that is not to be missed.

Visit a Themed Berlin Post-War Bar

In order to enter this unique bar, guests must ring a bell. Upon doing so, they will be transported through time to the city of Berlin.

The bar is separated into two distinct areas, East and West Berlin, which are characterized by their decor, music, dedicated staff and, of course, their signature drinks.

Despite its unusual blend of luxury and wartime gloom, the bar’s eccentric atmosphere only serves to make it more alluring. The seating options include comfortable grenade crates and leather booths,

and the lighting is soft and inviting.

Additionally, the skilled bartenders craft exceptional cocktails that are sure to brighten anyone’s day.

Have a laugh at the Comicā€™s Lounge Comedy Show

Need a laugh? Then head to the Comics Lounge in North Melbourne.

The Comics Lounge is renowned for being one of the city’s prominent comedy venues. It hosts a number of distinguished and hilarious performances from Australian and international performers throughout the year.

Whether you’re between the ages of 18 and 85 or simply have a great sense of humour, you should definitely visit the club for a night out with family, friends or your loved one.

Live shows run daily for 2.5 hours and are followed by a delicious menu and delightful cocktails. Just don’t sit in the front row – you never know if you might get picked on!

Watch Sunsetting Over St. Kilda Beach

Watch Sunsetting Over St. Kilda Beach

St Kilda is a beautiful beach. But it’s also renowned for being one of the top spots in Victoria to witness a breathtaking sunset.

Positioned in Port Phillip, this stunning beach is about 6km south of Melbourne’s city centre. It is the perfect spot for a romantic evening or a peaceful place to unwind come twilight.

You can dip your feet in Port Phillip Bay and marvel at the mesmerising sight of the sun setting, or take a stroll along the pier where you can catch the most magnificent views of the sunset.

Go glamping on the rooftop of Melbourne Central Mall

In the heart of Melbourne lies an exceptional glamping experience that’s not your average outdoor adventure.

It is situated on the Melbourne Central Mall’s rooftop in a designated area called St. Jerome. Divided into two sections, the East and West Wing, tents and potted plants have been stationed across the entire space.

The rooftop also has mobile toilets at one end along the small art gallery and a cafƩ/bar hut in another corner, basically the General Store.

Overall, it has all the necessities for a comfortable stay, offering camping in a concrete jungle with superb city views.

Have Fun at Luna Park Melbourne

Luna Park has been an institution in Melbourne since it was established in 1912. Located on the foreshore of Port Phillip Bay in St. Kilda, the amusement park offers endless fun and excitement for all the family.

One of its highlights is the Great Scenic Railway, which provides breathtaking views of the city and bay when illuminated. In addition, thrilling rides like the Moon Balloons, Supernova, Twin Dragons and Speedy Beetle are sure to entertain.

For younger visitors, there are also carnival games available which are a lot of fun, while you’ll be able to order food and drinks at various venues onsite.

Overall it’s a terrific place to go to escape the pressures of daily life temporarily.

Enjoy a Picturesque Dinner Cruise on The Spirit of Melbourne

The Spirit of Melbourne is a restaurant cruise that requires reservations, taking you on a scenic journey along the Yarra River.

The cruise restaurant is open on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays lasts for three hours and offers a delectable four-course menu, including drinks of your choice. Vegetarian options are also available, so everyone can enjoy the experience.

If you happen to be in Melbourne at the end of the year, the NYE Dinner Cruise is an exciting option. This four-hour cruise takes place exclusively on December 31st, 2020.

For a more intimate experience, the Private Romantic Dinner Cruise for Two is perfect for couples. The three-course meal and 90-minute cruise create a romantic atmosphere for a special evening.

Take a Ghost Tour of the Old Melbourne Gaol

The Old Melbourne Gaol, located on Russell Street, was once a jail but has now been transformed into a museum. However, the building’s dark history still lingers, creating an eerie atmosphere that can send shivers down your spine.

Russell Street has a long history of being associated with crime and law enforcement since the 1840s, which has resulted in numerous ghost stories about former inmates haunting the premises.

One of the most intriguing stories is about Cell 17, which is said to have witnessed several supernatural occurrences, such as trained dogs going crazy when inside and a spirit that pulled a journalist from the doorway.

But don’t let these stories scare you away. Visit the museum yourself and see whether ghosts truly haunt the Old Melbourne Gaol.

Check out Melbourneā€™s Moonlit Sanctuary

The Moonlit Sanctuary Wildlife Conservation Park is a highly regarded wildlife park, home to a variety of amiable animals. They include kangaroos, koalas, wallabies, dingoes and a range of colourful birds and reptiles.

The park is situated approximately 50 minutes from Melbourne’s city centre and its evening tours are enchanting.

Visitors will have the opportunity to encounter pythons, quolls, potoroos and other nocturnal creatures, providing an exceptional opportunity to experience Australia’s wildlife.

Stroll along Southbank Promenade

Looking for a peaceful stroll to clear your mind? Look no further than the Southbank Promenade.

While it’s a bustling area, generally speaking, there are some hidden gems with a serene ambience to enjoy.

If you’re in the mood for a date night or family outing, Leftbank is a great restaurant option. At the same time, art enthusiasts will appreciate the incredible collections at the National Gallery Victoria International.

In addition, Southbank is known for its river cruises along the Yarra River and markets. So next time you are looking for something to do in the evening, don’t miss out on one of Melbourne’s top free nighttime activities!

Take a Ride on The Melbourne Star Wheel

If you’re after a thrilling experience to do at night, head to the Docklands area of Waterfront City. There you’ll have the chance to ride on the Melbourne Star Wheel.

Soaring to a height of 120 metres, this Ferris Wheel offers breathtaking 360-degree views of the city – especially at night.

From the top, you can take in the stunning surroundings of the bay and other prominent attractions in the Waterfront City precinct. If you opt for the ‘Welcome to Melbourne’ experience, you’ll also be treated to a beer or sparkling wine while enjoying the ride.

Even from the ground, the lit-up Ferris Wheel at night is a sight to behold. But if you are not afraid of heights, it is undoubtedly one of the best late-night activities you can do in Melbourne.