50+ Quotes And Sayings About Australia To Inspire Your Travels

If you’re seeking a piece of Australiana inspiration quotes and saying, then you’re on the perfect post. This article has a line-up of 50+ quotes and sayings that gives a glimpse of travelling in Australia, living in OZ, the beautiful geography of Australia, the deadly Aussies animals, and the perception of celebrated individuals of the down under. Heck, we’ve also included some words and sayings from indigenous Aussies and aboriginal Australians. 

So, whether you’re planning a vacation to Australia or simply want to get in the spirit for an Australia Day party, these Australian quotes will give you the vibe you need.

Travel Quotes About Australia

Travel Quotes About Australia

  1. “Getting lost in Australia gives you an amazing sense of security.”—Bruce Chatwin, Songlines. 
  2. “At the moment, we’re just visitors going through this place, and the goal is to observe,  discover,  grow and  fall in love before we return home.”—Aboriginal Australian proverb (from this wise saying from indigenous Aussies, we can learn so much from the aboriginal culture.)
  3. “Now that I’ve seen the moon shine on the other side of this world, I’m a changed person.” —Mary Ann Radmacher.
  4. “Don’t stress out about the world coming to an end today. It’s already a new day in Australia”—Charles M Schulz (among the greatest motivational quotes to keep us going and not worry about tomorrow)
  5. “I’m in love with the sunburned country, land of broad plains, jagged mountain peaks, droughts, and floods. I like its far-reaching horizons, the jewel-sea, its beauty and horror – the great brown earth for me!” – Dorothea Mackellar
  6. “I love Australia because it’s the furthest afield you can get.”—Andre Benjamin.
  7. “The possibility of exploration makes life worthwhile” – Vicki Garside, Set TimeTo SeeThe World’s Beauty. 
  8. “Every country’s features and nature can be related to a specific sort of individual.  Us is like a hyperactive teenage boy, whereas Canada is like a wise, 35-year-old lady. Australia is comparable to Jack Nicholson. It approaches you and laughs loudly in your face in the most the scary yet entertaining fashion.”—Douglas Adams (one of the favourite Australia quotes).
  9. “Australia is a tremendously beautiful nation, and it never fails to amaze me every time I leave and return.”—Mr. David Wenham
  10. “Australia is stunningly gorgeous, and I can’t wait to get back.”—Joe Nichols.
  11. “Travellers, there are no pathways in Australia. You create your own by walking.”—Aussies Aboriginal Proverb.
  12. “With the wonderful blue skies and sunshine, it’s a beautiful day in Australia.”—Christopher Martin-Jenkins.
  13. “Australia is simply a wonderland.”—Bill Bryson.
  14. “Bless your life with experiences from adventures, not materialistic things.” Have tales to share rather than things to display.” —Annonymous.  
  15. “True Australians love visiting and spending time in other countries”—Not known (implies that Aussies love travelling around the globe).
  16. “I’m fascinated about Australia’s remote Kimberley area — in the country’s extreme Northwest end – the final edge.  I’m still baffled why but  I kept going back countless times over the years and even began filming material.” —Brendan Fletcher.
  17. “I’m madly in love with the country.  Australians can be wowed with a town, but not a beach.”—Rose Byrne.

Quotes About Australia From Famous People

  1. “May God Bless US, rescue  the Queen, protect New Zealand, and thanks be to Almighty for Australia.” Russell Crowe’s
  2. “I urge people to put on a hat, get into the outback, and experience the real Australia.  Do it in your way— whether individually in a 4WD, beneath the stars, or like a king in a luxury farmstead or on a cruise.” —Torode, John.
  3. “In Australians have a saying that ‘Go Bush,’ which urges people to take a break from the city chaos and relax. I  ‘go bush’ to destinations with no cell service. But I don’t  do it very frequently, so it’s just a state of mind.”—Cate Blanchett
  4. “You’ll never find a place like Australia in the world. Even the neighbouring New Zealand (beautiful) is nothing close to Australia.”—Henry Rollins.
  5. “I find it extremely convenient to stay in Australia. The best part is the nicest things in Sydney are absolutely free: the harbour, the sunshine, and the beach.”—Russell Crowe.
  6. “Believe me; we Australians have the worst sense of humour. We are harsh to one another.”—Steve Irwin, a crocodile Hunter.
  7. “Australia is my optic, and I can’t imagine seeing the world differently.”—Peter Carey.
  8. “Such is life” – Ned Kelly (a quote about the Aussie mindset)

Australian Quotes About The Landscape & Its Animals

  1. “[Australia] is host to the world’s biggest living organism, the Great Barrier Reef, as well as the ‘s tallest monolith, Ayers Rock” or Uluru. More things will harm you there than everywhere else. For example, all ten of the world’s most deadly snakes is found in Australia. Five of its inhabitants are the most poisonous in the world: the box jellyfish, funnel-web spider,  paralysis tick, blue-ringed octopus, and stonefish. This is a land where even the fluffiest caterpillars may lay you out with a deadly nip, and even seashells can not only sting you but will occasionally chase after you. If not bitten or pronged to death in the strangest way, you may be tragically chomped by crocodiles or sharks, swept desperately out to sea by strong tides, or left to stumble to an untimely end in the hot desert. It’s a difficult place to survive.” –William Bryson In a Sun-Burned Land (Many sayings and statements attempt to depict our unique And authentic Australian nature, but we believe this one is the most comprehensive!)
  2. “Whoever approved the progression of Australia’s spiders should be hauled in the street and shot dead.” – Mira Grant.
  3. “Incidentally, no one understands why Australian spiders are extremely deadly; trapping little insects and infusing venom poisoning them to death” –  Bill Bryson.
  4. “I was fortunate to grow up in Australia (western part), where I learned that the Australian Outback is enormous, mesmerising, and gorgeous, and the individuals that live it are distinctive, amusing, fierce, and naughty.” – Tim Minchin’s 
  5. ” While the rest are struggling to adjust to a world that looked hell-bent on annihilating humanity, the Aussies have been living with difficult environment generations down the line. They are not even impressed by our zombie and apocalypse movies.”  — Mira Grant. 
  6. “Compare New Zealand, where there are few predator species, Australia is teeming with spiders, crocodiles, and other creatures that will devour and sting you.” — Cox, Brain.
  7. “The purity of the air in  Australia is incomparable. Everything is so lovely from the colours of the interior land, the beach, the claypans and the woods.  That’s something you’d never discover from the road. People will climb mountains to witness amazing sights. Every time you take off, you will see it.” –  Nancy Bird Walton.
  8. “There is a sensation of being the first human to discover an area in the Australian outback and inland plains.” – Suzanne Cory.
Quotes About The Aussie Way Of Life

Quotes About The Aussie Way Of Life

  1. “No lifestyle in the world beats that of Australians. The muttering, snarling, swearing, profanity, laughing, beer drinking, abusive, and devoted to his mate’s Australian man is among the few remaining on earth. He has no fear of anybody, submits to no one, stumbles on no one, and recognises no master. Learn how he does things. Master his treads. Perceive yourself as an Australian man, and you’ll discover a world you had no idea existed, and you’ll never want to leave.”—ohn O’Grady.
  2. “I think the Australians delight on their isolation from the rest of the world and regard it as a means of maintaining a code of “No hassles, pal,” while hawking their eccentricities to visitors: inconsistency is both a reality of life for many and a selling feature.”—Pico Iyer, Falling Off the Map.
  3. “Folks like them must support one another.” — Bruce, Mary Grant
  4. “Australia is a compassionate country.  Kindness and bravery. The third of these important virtues is endurance.” — Kevin Rudd
  5. “Once you get in Australia, you’ll spontaneously fit in.” Tony Abbott’s
  6. “In Australia, you feel the absolute freedom. You’ll experience that exceptional sense of relief in the air — a respite from anxiety, a calm from pressure, a lack of will or form authority. The sky opens up overhead, and the world opens out around you.”—D.H. Lawrence
  7. “I enjoy eating all kinds of food from  Korean, Italian, Japanese, to French dishes. We don’t have particular Australian cuisine in Australia; thus, we eat food from worldwide. We were brought up eating a variety of foods because we are a multinational family.” – Hugh Jackman
  8. “Australian culture is generally less easy-going, and people take them lightly serious as they take their time doing other things.  It’s like, whatsoever, if I don’t finish it, I don’t finish it.” – Bogut, Andrew
  9. “It’s Aussie to do these things because, as uncivilised as they may appear, they’re to be done by humans.” – Hugh Mackay
  10. “Australia has a peculiar contradiction: the national picture is one of the Outback, but practically all of Aussies live in cities.  Once you leave the shore, Australia may look like a strange country.” –Kate Grenville
  11. “The one time an Aussies walk is when their car runs out of gas” – Barry Richards
Australian Quotes & Australian Sayings From Films

Australian Quotes & Australian Sayings From Films

The following is a list of catchphrases and remarks that have made their way into people’s everyday vernacular throughout the world. We’re confident you’ve heard at least one or two of them before:

  1. “This is not a knife. IT’S a knife” – Mick Dundee (Crocodile Dundee).
  2. “Tell them to stop dreaming.” – Darryl Kerrigan (The Castle).
  3. “How is the peace?” Darryl Kerrigan as Darryl Kerrigan (The Castle).
  4. Why’d I shoot a guy, then take him to the automobile and rush him to the hospital at a hundred miles per hour?  It negates the point of shooting him in the first place.” – Chopper.
  5. “You’re an awful person, Muriel,” – Joanie (Muriel’s Wedding).
  6. “buddy, What I don’t like about you, is that you’re always so damned joyful.” – Frank Dunne (In Gallipoli). 
  7. “Oh, goodness, Do I look okay?” – Debbie Vickers (in Puberty Blues)
  8. “I am not a dumb eating machine; I am a lovely shark. Fish are buddies, not prey. –  “Bruce (From Finding Nemo)
  9. “I’ve visited Australia, encountered the devil, drunk beer, and smooched kangaroos.” –  Alan Martin (Tank Girl 2’s)