7 of the Best Camping Gazebos you can buy in Australia in 2024

On the hunt for a new camping gazebo? Well, we are here to help!

Regardless of if you are a regular camper who wants a brand new model with all the bells and whistles, or if you are relatively new to the pastime and are just after a cheap option for your first couple of trips, in this guide we have got you covered.

Overall we will highlight 7 of the Best Camping Gazebos you can buy in Australia in 2023. Having tested out all of their features, we are confident they will suit a wide range of needs.

So without further ado, let’s check them out!

Highly Recommended Gazebos

The camping gazebos below are outlined in no particular order of importance.

After reading them all, hopefully, you will have a better appreciation of which make and model is the most appropriate one for you.

Coleman Instant Up Lighted Gazebo

Coleman Instant Up Lighted Gazebo

Looking for a top quality gazebo that is also fairly light to carry? Then the Coleman Instant Up Lighted Gazebo is a very good option.

An all-in-one gazebo that also includes lights, this model is perfect for those who currently don’t own a good set of illuminations.

Made with a thick steel frame and legs, this gazebo has been wind tested to a speed of 65 kph, so it can stand up to stiff breezes and strong gales.

The gazebo also has a 150 denier polyester canopy that features a UV50+ rating and will provide you with plenty of protection from the unforgiving Australian sun.

As the sun begins to set, and it gets darker the integrated strip lighting within the tent will provide you with 450 lumens of light, which is bright enough to read and generally light up your campsite for the rest of the evening.

With its spring loaded hub, this make of gazebo from Coleman is very easy to set up. It is also the lightest on this list, so it is the easiest to carry too.

The gazebos are also available in two sizes – a small 2.4 x 2.4 metres and a standard 3 x 3 metres, and come with a 12 month warranty as well.

Oztrail Commercial Deluxe Gazebo

Oztrail Commercial Deluxe Gazebo

If you are after something that sits at the top end of the range then the Oztrail Commercial Deluxe Gazebo is a very good bet.

Featuring the best of the best when it comes to quality, they actually represent outstanding value for money too, considering their fairly reasonable price point.

Taking the form of a powder coated steel frame with steel legs that are thick tubular, this gazebo is extremely sturdy. It also has anti-pooling bars which serve to create tension within the canopy and therefore prevent rain from forming a pool within its centre.

The gazebo is also made from an incredibly strong 500 denier fire retardant polyester, which is the highest quality of all the gazebos that feature in these reviews.

Furthermore, the canopy has 600 denier polyester reinforcing points within key wear areas, as well as heat taped seams which combine to make it completely watertight in even the most heaviest of downpours. In addition, the canopy’s interior possesses a silver coating, which is effective in preventing over 90% of UV radiation.

Height adjustable, these gazebos come with head clearance heights of 193 cm, 208 cm and 223 cm. They also come in four different sizes, including a small 2.4 x 2.4 metre version, a standard 3 x 3 metre model, a mid-sized 4.5 x 3 metre, and a large 6 x 3 metre size.

This Oztrail Commercial Deluxe Gazebo also comes with a 12 month warranty, as well as a heavy duty and durable wheeled carry bag, that makes it more convenient to take around with you.

Adventure Kings Gazebo

Adventure Kings Gazebo

While the previous Oztrail version is a very good choice for those looking for something at top of the range, if you are after something much cheaper, then you should consider the Adventure Kings Gazebo.

By far the cheapest gazebo on this list, don’t let its affordability fool you as this heavy duty gazebo is very well made from similar materials to other brands that feature in this guide.

Featuring a reinforced steel frame that is heavy duty, the Adventure Kings camping gazebo has 30 mm legs, as well as a stylish hammertone finish. Made from 420 denier waterproof polyester, the canopy also has a protective polyurethane coating to keep you nice and dry.

Available in three different sizes – a standard 3 x 3 metre version, a mid-sized 4.5 x 3 metre model and a larger 6 x 3 metre size, these gazebos have a smaller than usual head clearance of 2.1 metres. However, this should be more than adequate for most people.

It also features three height adjustments, which enable you to bring it down should you require additional protection from the elements. While its sun shade is higher than many other models, which allows for water to run off it, as opposed to pool on the top.

If you are fairly new to camping the Adventure Kings gazebo provides a fantastic option for you. Infact, it doesn’t really have anything in the way of negatives, other than the fact that it does not come with a bag. Which is something you can purchase separately at a later time.

Coleman Heat Shield DeluxeTent

Coleman Heat Shield DeluxeTent

Are you one of those unfortunate people who suffer from the heat?

Then the Coleman Heat Shield DeluxeTent is a fabulous option for you!

Perfect for those who already own a tent from the Coleman Gold or Northstar Series, on account of them easily connecting together, this gazebo features innovative heat shield technology.

What this means is that on the inside of the canopy, a special black liner has been added, which not only offers 50UV protection but also completely blocks 98% of UV rays. It also reduces the sitting temperature under the canopy by as much as 10%. Which makes it perfect for those who live in, or are visiting the warmer climes of Queensland, Northern Territories and Western Australia.

To support the heat shield technology, this tent also features all the standard components of a Coleman tent. This includes 300 denier polyester which is seam sealed and very durable, as well as a D shaped steel frame with is heavy duty and also has steel welded feet which give it increased sturdiness.

The canopy is also very quick and easy to set up and boasts an adjustable height mechanism which has frame locks which are pinch free, so you don’t have to worry about getting your fingers nipped.

Wind tested to 100 kph, the Coleman Heat Shield DeluxeTent provides plenty of ventilation via a roof air vent, and also comes with heavy duty pegs to secure it in place, as well as guy ropes that are adjustable.

It is only available in one size – a 3 x 3 metre, but it does feature an expandable gusset, which makes it easy to put away and does have a 12 month warranty, which is another bonus too.

As previously mentioned, one of the best features of this tent is that it can connect with any style of Coleman Gold or Northstar Series tents. This means you can significantly reduce the number of poles you need to set it up. Therefore saving weight and space, which is always a good thing when camping.

Oztrail Fiesta Compact

Oztrail Fiesta Compact

If you have limited car space, then you will know that size and weight matter. This is why the OZtrail Fiesta Compact range is a good option to consider.

A super lightweight, and very affordable option, these gazebos are made with a 150 denier that is fire retardant. They also have a silver backing which ensures they offer you plenty of protection from the sun.

For extra durability, the canopy also has a 600 denier, triple layer polyester, which serves to reinforce points in the key wear areas. While its powder coated steel frame has 28 mm tubular steel legs, which are made to a very high quality.

Straightforward to put up and take down, the height adjustment mechanism has buttons that are very easy to grip. They also come with a wheeled carry bag which makes it convenient to store and transport, as well as the ubiquitous one year warranty.

Wanderer Anti Pooling Pro BCF Gazebo

Wanderer Anti Pooling Pro BCF Gazebo

When it comes to camping, Wanderer is a very well established brand, and their Wanderer Anti Pooling Pro BCF Gazebo is an attractive option for those who want good protection when it rains.

Made with a 420 denier polyester, as well as a powder coated steel frame, this canopy also has a silver back, which offers great cover from both a heavier downpour and the sun.

It is also fully seam sealed too and comes with the anti-pooling design feature that enables rain to roll off its sides, as opposed to just collecting in the middle. So will keep you nice and dry when the heavens open.

The Wanderer Anti Pooling Pro BCF Gazebo is easy to put up, as it literally just pops into place very quickly. All you need to do is push a button to lock its frame into place, and then adjust the legs to one of three pre-determined heights.

Available in three sizes – a standard 3 x 3 metre model, a mid-range 4.2 x 3 metre version and a big 6 x 3 metre canopy – the gazebo conveniently and compactly packs away in a carry bag, which comes with the purchase. The bag also has wheels which makes it very straightforward to store and transport with you wherever you go.

While BCF states this gazebo is not suitable for strong winds or monsoon type rain, it does have a one year warranty, which should give you some peace of mind.

Oztrail Deluxe Gazebo

Oztrail Deluxe Gazebo

Sitting in the mid-price range for gazebos, the Oztrail Deluxe Gazebo is a very good option for those who want a good quality canopy which won’t break the bank.

Not only does it come in a selection of sizes, it is also constructed from top quality materials and features, anti pooling design technology, which will keep you protected come rain, wind or shine.

Constructed from heavy duty steel that is powder coated, this sturdy frame gazebo has steel legs that are 32 mm tubular. In addition, it is also reinforced with cross gables that offer extra support and strength when the winds pick up. So overall it is a very decent all-weather option.

Very easy and quick to set up, the canopy comes with large buttons which easily allow you to adjust the height to either 193 mm, 208 mm or 223 mm. It is made from 300 denier polyester, which has a triple 600 denier layer, that is both fire retardant and heavy duty, and also features reinforced points in several key sections, which provides the shelter with plenty of longevity.

Underneath the canopy is a silver coating to protect you from 98% of UV radiation. It also features anti-pooling bars, which create just enough tension in each corner to prevent the rain from pooling in the middle of the gazebo.

The Oztrail Deluxe Gazebo is available in three sizes – the standard 3 x 3 metre, a 4.5 x 3 metres mid-size version and a large 6 x 3 metre option. This means it is perfect for any size camping set up you might have.

It also comes with a one year warranty as well.



So there you have it! Our overview of 7 of the best camping gazebos you can buy in Australia in 2022.

Having read it, we hope you have a much firmer idea of the best option for your needs.

Australia is a very hot country! So with any of these gazebos, you will be able to enjoy the quintessential Aussie camping experience, with full protection from the sun.