8 Awesome Beer Olympics Games for the Ultimate Drinking Competition

Looking for something to liven up your next evening with your friends? Then how about taking part in the Beer Olympics?

A great way to drink plenty of beer and have lots of fun, the Beer Olympics is a captivating competition where you and your friends compete in a range of activities, challenges and games to determine who will be awarded the gold medal.

Although you can customise the rules to suit the personalities of your friends, there are a few basic rules that have stood the test of time.

In this guide we will outline them for you, so you can familiarise yourself with the game if you have never played it.

How to play the Beer Olympics

How to play the Beer Olympics

What follows is an overview of how you play the Beer Olympics.

Choose Your Country

Choose Your Country

The Summer and Winter Olympics are truly international events, so in the spirit of those games, you should try and ensure the Beer Olympics is too.

Why not assign every participant a country to represent, either by randomly pulling a country name out of a bag or spinning a globe and stopping it on a country with your finger.

For real authenticity, you can even print off a flag of each country from the internet and have your participants wear them during the period of competition.

Alternatively, assign everyone a country a few days prior to the event and have them arrive in costumes or colours associated with that country.

What you need to play the Beer Olympics

What you need to play the Beer Olympics

To run a successful Beer Olympics tournament you will need to collect the following:

1. Group of People willing to play

To be a raging success the Beer Olympics is a game that needs multiple players, with between 6 to 20 generally being the optimum number.

It does depend on how much space you have available to you though because you do want all participants to be comfortable.

Lots of Beer

2. Lots of Beer

Overall you are going to need a lot of beer.

For some of the rounds you might not drink all that much, but in others, you could go through a brace of tins at least in just one round.

Having gone all the way through the competition, you are not going to want to have to stop activities near the end because you ran out of alcohol!

You should also have some beer left over for the closing ceremony too!

Whatever beer you drink is up to you, but a good option might be a lighter beer that you find relatively easy to drink.

You might even want to really regionalise the Olympics by insisting that people can only drink beer that derives from the country they are representing!

3. Drinking game materials

You will need to have materials to support the drinking games you plan to play.

Of course, this depends on what those games are, so have a look at the rules below and plan accordingly.

However some of the materials you may need might include dice, tables, ping pong balls, coins, beer bottle tops, a deck of playing cards and red solo cups.

Drinking Water

4. Drinking Water

Although this is a drinking game you are going to need to stay hydrated as it involves lots of running around, cheering and some physical activity,

Be sure to have a couple of pitchers of water handy and insist on regular water breaks throughout the course of the games.

Types of Beer Olympics Games

Types of Beer Olympics Games

The Beer Olympics can be made up of any number of events you choose, but typically try and include some if not all of the following 8 events.

Pizza Box

1. Pizza Box

Pizza box is a dare-based drinking game where players are made to write dares on a pizza box for each participant to potentially act out.

To play the game you need an old pizza box or square of cardboard, as well as a sharpie and a coin to flip onto the box.

After taking it in turns to write a dare within a square on the pizza box, you then have to each flip a coin onto it.

Whichever square your coin lands on represents the dare you have to do.

2. Beer Pong

Beer Pong is a classic beer game where teams try and throw ping pongs into their opponent’s cups.

To play it you will need 2 ping pong balls and 10 red cups, arranged into two rows of five on a table.

The winner is the first person to throw their ping pong into all 5 of their opponent’s cups.

Beerio Kart

3. Beerio Kart

This drinking game is based on the classic video game, Mario Kart. In it, each player has to race and drink – but not at the same time!

You will need a Nintendo console and the Mario Kart game to play it, as well as a beer for each participant.

In between racing their character’s vehicle through the track, each participant has to drink.

The game ends when someone successfully finishes their beer.

4. ThunderStruck

A real favourite at the Beer Olympics, ThunderStruck is a game where everyone has to stand around in a circle with a beer and listen to the AC/DC song ‘ThunderStruck’.

When the song starts the first person has to keep drinking until the word ‘Thunder’ is sung, at which point the second person must start drinking until the next word ‘Thunder’ is sung. This carries on under the end of the song.

Make sure you have a decent sound system to play the song on and if there is a large group of you feel free to double or triple team the number of people drinking at any one time.

Survival Flip Cup

5. Survival Flip Cup

Survival Flip Cup is a team v team flip cup challenge where the losing team is forced to eliminate one of their representatives each round whilst trying to make up their open cup in the coming round.

This is a simple game to play, as all you need is one cup per person and a table.

Beer Ball

6. Beer Ball

The aim of this fun 2 x 2 drinking game is to throw a ping pong ball at your opponent’s beer cans, which are lined up on a table.

While the other team attempts to retrieve the ball, your team must drink as much of their can of beer as you are able to. Once they have retrieved it, the other team must then throw the ping pong ball at the cans.

The winner is the team who drink all their beer first.

7. Civil War

Civil War is a quick-fire game that involves each team trying to land their ping pong ball in all of their opponent’s cups as quickly as possible.

To play you will need at least 3 cups and one ping pong ball for each player, while between each throw you must take a sip of beer.

8. Relay

Always a good finale to the Beer Olympics, the relay is a drinking game where teams of four players must complete one of four legs of a task, before ‘handing over the baton’ to a teammate.

The game requires one ping pong ball and 6 cups on each side to play it, and all members of the losing team will need to drink an entire can of beer.

Conclusion (2)


So there you have it, our guide on how to play the Beer Olympics.

We hope this guide has inspired you to run a competition the next time you hang out with your friends.

If it has then you are all sure to be in for a fun and fantastic time!