9 of the Best Self Inflating Mattress in Australia for camping

Looking for a self inflating mattress? Then you are in the right place!

We all know how important sleep is for campers, so when it comes to a mattress that self-inflates you are going to want to get one that suits your needs perfectly.

Whether that relates to comfort, cost, weight, packability, or all of the above is down to you. But in this guide, we will provide you with options that cover all bases.

So let’s get into it!

Here is our recommendation of 9 of the best self inflating mattresses you can buy in Australia for camping.

XTM 4X4 Self Inflatable Mat

XTM 4X4 Self Inflatable Mat

If you are looking for a cheap option then the XTM 4X4 Self Inflatable Mat is a very good option.

Despite its relatively cheap cost, it is actually a fair decent quality mattress too. So it is a good option for first time campers who want to see how they will go, as well as those who are more budget conscious.

Made from a heavy duty PVC base, this style of self inflating mattress boasts a soft PVC top which will keep you fairly snug. As it is 8 cm thick it should keep you comfortable enough too.

Featuring four ports, this mattress is easy to inflate and deflate. It is available as a queen mattress or single, weighs about 7.1 kg, and comes with both a carry bag and repair kit.

Darche RTM Self Inflating Mattress Review

Darche RTM Self Inflating Mattress Review

Want a spacious mattress that provides plenty of room for you and your other half? Then the Darche RTM Self Inflating Mattress is something you should consider.

Another quite affordable mattress, it has been specially designed as a rooftop tent mattress, although it also can be used in various other tent styles too.

Like the XTM, this mattress is also 8 cm thick. So it will provide you with a decent level of comfort. It is also made with 75D polyester fabric, which is water-resistant and should also keep you dry. While velcro strips and a non-slip, dotted PVC should keep it firmly in place.

Made up of two halves, each of which has two points that ensure quick inflation and deflation, the mattress packs down neatly with compression traps, which is a real bonus when you are out camping.

The mattress does touch upon the heavier side, with both of its halves weighing just under 4 kg each. However, if carrying weight isn’t an issue for you then you should be happy with this model.

Especially as it comes with a one year warranty.

Wanderer Tourer Extreme 4X4 BCF Self Inflating Mattress

Wanderer Tourer Extreme 4X4 BCF Self Inflating Mattress

Offered by BCF, the Wanderer Tourer Extreme 4X4 BCF Self Inflating Mattress is another excellent and cheap option.

Constructed with a heavy PVC bottom, the mattress is available in a range of sizes. It also has a soft fabric on top of it which should make you feel very cosy. While its 12 inch thickness – the biggest you will find on this list – should ensure you have a great night’s sleep without tossing and turning.

As a result of its extra thickness, this self-inflating mattress is much heavier to carry, weighing in at about 9.5 kg. So you will need to bear that in mind should you wish to make a purchase.

Its four ports do ensure it is easy to inflate and deflate however, whilst the mattress size of double or king, should be attractive to couples and larger people.

The mattress also comes with compression straps, as well as a repair kit, a heavy duty carry bag and a 12-month warranty.

Thermarest Self Inflating Mattress MondoKing 3D

Thermarest Self Inflating Mattress MondoKing 3D

From mattresses at the more affordable end of the scale, let’s turn our attention to the most expensive option on this list.

If you believe that you get what you pay for, then the Thermarest Self Inflating Mattress MondoKing 3D is probably the best camping mattress for you.

A must for those who see good sleep as the ultimate priority, the bottom of this mattress is constructed with a very sturdy 75D polyester, while the top of this 10 cm thick mattress is made with 50D knit polyester, both of which combine to make an exceptional sleeping surface.

The mattresses also feature repeated layers of thermal foam which are lodged between the alternating foam and air ridges, which should make you very warm whilst you sleep – even in the middle of winter.

Featuring two one way valves, one for inflation and the other for deflation, these mattresses are easy to set up or collapse. Surprisingly, they also pack down to a very lightweight and compact 2.5 kg. So they are easy to carry around with you if you need to walk a distance to your campsite.

The mattresses also have a built in pump sack, a stuff sack and, crucially, a lifetime warranty, which is perfect for those who plan to camp on a regular basis throughout the coming years.

Hexatherm Black Wolf Self Inflating Mattress

Hexatherm Black Wolf Self Inflating Mattress

Another very good self inflating sleeping option for campers is the Hexatherm Black Wolf Self

Inflating Mattress.

A popular choice among campers, on account of it being very comfortable and decently priced, this mattress is fully bonded. This means that the outside fabric is glued to the foam, thus going a long way to ensuring that it remains steady, and therefore affords you a more comfortable sleep.

Made from 100D stretch fabric, these 10 cm thick mattresses feature large, very easy to use values which facilitate lightning quick inflation, just by swinging the valve in one direction to let air come in, and the other to let it all out.

Ingeniously, the carry bag which is included can even double up as an air pump, which allows you to add extra air manually if you need to.

Available as a queen size mattress (although there is a single version for children too), this cool mattress also comes with a waterproof carry bag, repair kit and compression straps.

Easy to strap to your car roof, the mattress at 5.2 kg is fairly lightweight. As it is a double fold mattress, it is also pretty easy to pack away too.



If you are after the peace of mind of a good brand name, then the Oztrail self-inflating mattress is a solid choice.

Available in a range of sizes to suit every member of your family, their mattresses provide fantastic support on account of their high density, open cell foam. They also feature a brushed velour outer which creates a very soft surface to lay on and therefore provides you with a terrific night’s sleep.

Possessing large air channels and two way flip valves which make them fast to inflate or deflate, a big selling point for this mattress is that its valves will not allow air to escape – even if it has a puncture or is left open.

Available in king, queen and double sizes, these mattresses are 10 cm thick. At 10 kg they are a bit on the heavy side. Although they do come with storage straps, as well as a carry bag, a repair kit and one year warranty.

Zempire Monstamat Self-Inflating Mats

Zempire Monstamat Self-Inflating Mats

Despite their high price point, the Zempire Monstamat Self Inflating Mats is a very popular brand of mattress for camping.

Made to a very high standard of quality, this mattress accommodates fully bonded foam, which stops cold air from infiltrating the mattress and thus keeps you warm throughout the night. (It has an R value of 9.5!).

At 10 cm thick its heavy-duty, 75D base is also covered with a very comfortable stretch fabric, which not only provides you with a terrific night’s sleep, but also ensures the mattress is long-lasting, and thus gives you value for money.

A 360 valve ensures quick inflation and deflation of the mattresses, while the mattress is very lightweight at only 5 kg. It also comes with a compression strap and its own carry bag, so it is easy to carry around with you as well.

You can buy this mattress as a single, king single, or twin size.

Wanderer Camp 100 King Self-Inflating Mat

Wanderer Camp 100 King Self-Inflating Mat

If you are wanting a single-sized mattress that provides a very high level of comfort, then the Wanderer Camp 100 King Self-Inflating Mat is a very good option.

Made from a 30D stretch fabric, this 10 cm thick, single king mattress has a water-resistant coating. It also features anti-slide grips which go a long way to prevent sliding through the night.

At 198 cm by 76 cm it is well apportioned, while its 3.2 kg weight makes it very easy to carry around too. This comes in very handy if you need to walk a distance to your campsite.

Sportztrek Gamma Self Inflating Mattress

Another excellent, self-inflating, single-sized mattress is the Sportztrek Gamma Self Inflating Mattress.

Made to a 10 cm thickness it provides you with plenty of support for a decent night’s sleep. It is also made with a very nice 150D Oxford polyester and possesses two valves which facilitate rapid and very straightforward inflation and deflation.

Easy to pack, and very lightweight to transport around, the mattress comes with compression straps and a convenient carry bag too.

Overall there are three sizes to choose from, including a single, king single and a mega single. So you should have no trouble choosing the perfect mattress for you based on your body dimensions, and how much extra space you like to have.

Final Thought

So there you have it! Our review of 9 of the best self-inflating mattress in Australia for camping.

We hope this guide has given you some helpful tips on choosing the right mattress for you.

Camping is a lot of fun, and even better when you can get a great night’s sleep. So, whichever mattress you end up choosing, we wish you many happy hours of slumber on the one you buy!