BIG4 MacDonnell Range Holiday Park – Alice Springs

We are in the middle of Australia on our way to Ayers Rock in Uluru. 

We encountered sceneries and surprises that blew our minds on our journey to Uluru. One of the most amusing discoveries was finding out that Alice town is the second-largest town in Australia and not just a quick stopover village on the way to The Rock.

Here is why booking the hotel for four nights was a great decision;

Here is why booking the hotel for four nights was a great decision;

Our hotel has a magnificent waterslide complex with a well-maintained pool, making the stay here a mind-blowing experience for our kids and the residents around the caravan park. Our kids, for example, spent half the day running up and down the stairs, sliding down the waterslide, and making new friends: the experience has been fantastic.

After more than 6 hours on the waterslide, the kids still have much energy left, and luckily for us, the place has a BMX combination to help them relax. There is a tv room, games room, playgrounds, and play pillows, which are the perfect combination to keep children occupied. We had many plans to see the town, but they had been past the main street. 

The BIG4 has managed to maintain the most peaceful yet active social atmosphere that suits people of all ages. The adults enjoy wine and cheese nights, the kids have specialised movie nights, and Sunday pancake breakfast to bring the family close.

The park then takes the whole experience to a new level with its well-stocked gym managed by a very professional team!

The BIG4 has been a fantastic place, and The facilities here have been the most chill spot just to relax and change the environment from what we are used to at home. When we come back again to BIG4, our stay will be much longer, allowing us time to enjoy more.

The BIG4 park is also quite accessible, given that it is located a few kilometres from the town through the Stuart highway. The park is surrounded by a mountain, making the qir quite breezy and a great place to camp. The sunsets are also quite breathtaking when you watch them from the hill.

The kinds of accommodation are also diverse, ranging from campsites to cabins favouring all travellers.

The location gives you a complete experience view of the sunset as the sun goes down to the amber ray peaks.

BIG4 is the perfect location if you are looking for a near-camping experience; grassy floors and the red soil are just the best environments for the biscuits and cheese experience.

Another highlight of our stay was when the owners and the host brought all the guests together every Friday night for a socialisation session.; it was unique from other places we’ve been to

Alice Springs in BIG4 Macdonnell Range Holiday Park

Alice Springs in BIG4 Macdonnell Range Holiday Park 

They were the best day for the girls, which was justified considering we had completed a three-day camp challenge in the centre of the red desert. The contrast between a dry area and a park with excellent, greener pastures was confusing and exciting.

The BIG4 is a large park; when we arrived, several cars were in the reception waiting to be checked in at the venue. If you are planning your visit, you must be prepared for some wait. However, the reception with the fantastic staff is lively and will give you a hotel-like experience; it makes the wait relatively easier. 

Additionally, they work fast and efficiently to ensure it is well taken care of and booked into the park. The impression we got made it evident that the park is run by people who enjoy their line of work and the town in general.

Anytime we enjoy the holiday with the kids at a new place, we first prefer getting the map of the area and familiarising ourselves with the staff, which we did at the BIG4. The more time we spent here, the more I thought we could add a few more days to the four nights we had planned. Everything activity here was top-notch and free as well. 

Every night here was a free and different form of entertainment, including movies, singers, astrology discussions, cheese and wine tastings, games, and other entertainment. While still at the reception, I knew this was the place I wanted to be.

The best part about this park was that it was family-operated. Therefore, everyone working there strived to give the guest a home experience far from home. 

Among the people we met were Brendan and his wife, who shared experiences of how they ran the park; Brendan had run the park for more than 32 years, where he takes care and nurtures the garden, ensuring that its upto date with current trends and that it retains a safe and family-friendly environment for the guest. 

From how he pushed his children to care for the compound, you could tell how passionate he was about the park, the staff, and the guests. He is a role model in this industry.

Although we had booked six nights at Alice Springs, it was evident that we would not complete all the activities during our stay — having an extra two days at the park would have helped exhaust the activities, but we had booked. The park has fantastic places to explore outdoors, which kept us busy all day strolling through the area. 

They also have a couple of in-house games like jumping pillows, an entertainment room, heated pools held, and video games that kept us occupied all night. 

The park owners understand the assignment behind a  “ family destination” because this place serves families better than we had ever experienced.

The facilities in the park( the laundry room, the bathroom, grocery shops, and tourist information) are very well maintained, which makes our stay quite comfortable. The fuel and the grocery shops in the nearby town were also available at a friendly price, which largely contributed to the convenience of the park.

 There were also large shades outside if you wanted to enjoy your time outdoors, and it was too hot. Remembering a Strawberry Pancake Food Truck that came every night during the peak hours, the pancakes were a bit pricy but worth every coin.

Although the park is not the most affordable place we have visited, they ensure you get value for every amount you pay. All the extra maintenance fees were directed to maintaining the compound and the facilities and to the fantastic complimentary breakfast served every Sunday. There was no way to fault this place; the only way to prove that was by experiencing the site yourself.

Our Stay at Macdonnell Range Holiday Park

Our Stay at Macdonnell Range Holiday Park

About 1km away from Alice Springs and the highway noises, you will find a grass-filled palace set back on the palm place. Their compound is large enough to hold the annex or fold-out canvas camper trailers for those who visit in a caravan.

To touch up on the camping experience, they have ensuite sites that favour people with kids, but they have large cabins that can hold up to six people.

The facility has several facilities: new toilets, well-kept laundry rooms, and six mega kitchens where the guests mostly get to mingle.

How the Kids Enjoyed Their Stay

How the Kids Enjoyed Their Stay

The pool area has three pools, but what got my attention was the toddler pool that spares the guests from the excessive heat. 

They also have a BMX and a mini basketball court that keeps the kids busy throughout the stay. Their jumping pillows have side restrictions that keep the children from getting hurt as they play.

Their Animal attraction and the games and movie nights on Thursdays keep the place pretty busy on holidays.

Additionally, they have peddled carts and bikes that kids can enjoy for free in the park.

You also get a chance to enjoy a camping experience, with plenty of firewood and marshmallows stocked in plenty at the kiosk onsite.

The Amazing Groups of People

The Amazing Groups of People

Apart from the campfires, mounds, and pools, a kitchen in the BIG4 national park keeps people united as a community. The kitchen is big enough to hold a large group of people and has a 13×12.5m Kanga shed where you can save events.

During the high season, it is common to see coffee and food vendors onsite at the park, ready to hold Royal Flying Doctor Service, which is famous in the area. Last year, the garden raised about $10,000 to support the service.

An excellent way to run from noise while in the park is by hiding in the reading area or enjoying a workout at the gym.

The Full Experience

The Full Experience

The park gives a variety of meals complimented by fruits, but the most famous one is the Billy tea breakfasts and pancakes served every Sunday for free.

Here is the program for the week at the BIG4 park;

  • Monday nights- the famous Joel Fleming(Four WD) shares valuable tips during the $WD planning and preparation talk.
  • Tuesday night- Observing the sky guided by the onsite astronomer Andrew and a sing-along session led by Barry Skipsey
  • Sunday night- enjoying performances by Andrew Langford
Fun at Alice Springs

Fun at Alice Springs

The MacDonnell Range Park is located on the town’s green side, allowing you to see various birds at the Ilparpa pond a few meters away.

You can also visit the Olive Pink Botanic Gardens, located central to the park, to view various flora and fauna combinations.

Sceneries in Alice Springs

Sceneries in Alice Springs

Alice Springs Reptile Centre has several reptilian adventures and other animal sceneries at the kangaroo sanctuary or the Alice Springs Desert.