Complete Guide to the Best Portable Fire Pits for Camping Australia 2024

Spending time with loved ones around a campfire while roasting marshmallows is a great way to relax and end the day. 

Some campsites have designated fire pits shared by everyone, but there are also campsites with private fire pits for a more personal experience. Meeting new people is nice, but sometimes having a fire pit near your campsite is convenient.

The convenience of having a portable campfire pit stems from this. Nowadays, you can buy some huge portable fire pits that are lightweight and affordable. You can also enjoy a campfire wherever you are (subject to the restrictions of your specific campsite and any applicable laws).

Although there aren’t many options for the finest fire pits for camping in Australia, more options are accessible. Getting one today is a terrific opportunity because their cost has decreased significantly.

There are only a few options in Australia, b for the finest fire pits for camping, and new items are constantly being developed. It’s a perfect opportunity to get one today because their cost has decreased significantly.

The finest camping fire pit, though, is which one? What aspects must be taken into account when searching for one? You want a portable fire pit camping choice that is safe to use, lightweight to travel, simple to put up, and will offer a beautiful campfire.

This article will walk you through the finest portable fire pits for camping in 2023 and all the factors you should consider before purchasing. Finally, in the review section, we’ll look at some of the most well-liked products now available in Australia.

Let’s start looking for the most incredible portable campfire now!

Let’s start looking for the most incredible portable campfire now!

Choose Fireside Fire Pit as Australia’s Best Camping Fire Pit for 2023.

According to experts, the Fireside Pop-Up Fire Pit is recommended for those looking for a portable camping fire pit. This fire pit stands out for its lightweight design of only 3.6 kg, making it easy to transport. 

Additionally, it features a quick assembly process and a spacious fire pit area, which is perfect for cooking meals while camping. The Fireside fire pit also comes with a carry bag for added convenience and is reasonably priced.

In addition to the features above, the Fireside Pop-Up Fire Pit also has a durable construction. It is made from stainless steel mesh and aluminium, ensuring that it can withstand the elements and last for many camping trips. 

Another advantage of this fire pit is that it is versatile and can be used for various outdoor activities, such as backyard barbecues, beach bonfires, and tailgating events. The Fireside Pop-Up Fire Pit is an excellent investment for anyone looking to enhance their camping experience with a reliable and convenient portable fire pit.

The Best Portable Fire Pits for Camping 2023 Comparison Chart

The Best Portable Fire Pits for Camping 2023 Comparison Chart

The following comparison table lists each foldable fire pit mentioned in this book’s review portion to help you choose the finest campfire pit. To quickly decide which fold-up fire pit is ideal for you, the chart offers a quick and straightforward method to evaluate each one and its characteristics side by side.

The comparison table can be a handy tool for anyone purchasing a foldable fire pit. It allows you to see all available options in one place and compare them based on their features and specifications. Using the table, you can quickly narrow your options and decide which fire pit best suits your needs. 

When comparing the fire pits, some factors include size, weight, materials, portability, and price. By carefully evaluating and comparing these factors, you can select the perfect foldable fire pit that will provide you with years of enjoyment on your camping trips and outdoor adventures.

NameSize (Fire Area)Weight
Fireside60 x 60 cm3.6 kg
Adventure Kings46 x 40 cm9.5 kg
Winnerwell (22 cm)22 x 22 cm1.2 kg
Winnerwell (33 cm)33 x 33 cm2.5 kg
Winnerwell (42 cm)42 x 42 cm4.1 kg
Winnerwell (58 cm)58 x 58 cm8.7 kg
Supa Peg Grand Frontier51 x 51 cm15 kg
Darche (31 cm)31 x 31 cm4.5 kg
Darche (45 cm)45 x 45 cm11.5 kg
Slot Me In The Wedge58 x 41 cm14.2 kg
SupaPeg Supa Cube50 x 50 cm23 kg
Coast to Coast40 x 58 cm20 kg
Wolf and Grizzly29 x 28 cm1.1 kg

Choosing the Best Camping Fire Pits for Sale

Everyone has various preferences regarding the finest fire pit camping goods since it relies on the precise purpose for which you intend to use it and several other special considerations. 

Consider the following to get the finest portable fire pit Australia provides that is ideal for you.

Fuel Source

Fuel Source:

Several fuel sources, including wood, charcoal, gas, and ethanol, are available for portable fire pits. As a result, all of the portable fire pits in this book use wood as their fuel since nothing surpasses a real wood campfire. But, the benefits and drawbacks of each fuel source have been described below in case you have another idea.



Wood is one of the most common fuels for igniting a campfire or fire pit. Wood creates a great atmosphere with its powerful heat, charming crackling sound, and stunning darting amber flames. Compared to other fuel sources, a wood-fueled camping campfire is also affordable.

Although experts believe that many hikers agree it is half the charm, the disadvantage of a wood and charcoal campfire is that they are more challenging to start and put out.



In general, charcoal is a better source of energy than wood since it doesn’t often produce the same flames and flying flaming debris as wood may. Charcoal is, therefore, unquestionably a superior choice for a portable campfire when it’s windy. 

In addition, it is simpler to start and maintain a fire with charcoal than with wood. Moreover, charcoal tends to produce less smoke than wood fires, which is advantageous for individuals who want to cook while gathered around the fire.

The drawback of charcoal is that it has less heat than wood, which can burn for much longer. Also, charcoal is significantly dirtier because it leaves a black powder on everything it touches.


One of the critical arguments favouring a gas campfire is that it is simpler to set up and extinguish than a wood fire pit. The expense of running a gas fire pit is often more than that of a wood fire pit, and you must also carry a large gas bottle.

Moreover, gas appliances are not the best for cooking because they appear to produce less heat than a wood fire. If not utilised properly, they may potentially be harmful.


Another fuel option for portable campfires is ethanol, sometimes called biofuel. This fuel, entirely made of alcohol, burns cleanly without producing smoke or offensive odours, making it far safer than wood or gas.

Ethanol fuel has the drawbacks of being more expensive than wood or gas and producing less heat, making it unsuitable for campfire cooking.

Portability Size Weight.

Portability: Size / Weight.

The fire pit’s portability is one of the essential elements to take into account. You need a place for something else if you have a large camp. Nevertheless, you don’t want to carry a substantial folding campfire if you’re only a casual camper.

The good thing about folding portable fire pits for camping is that they are surprisingly light and small. These often arrive in a case or tote bag to transport to your campground.

Remember that a folding campfire for camping produces a lesser fire the smaller it is. Hence, you generally only want to go a little tiny if you typically camp with a big group. Also, consider the size if you intend to perform some cooking over the campfire.


Australia’s most significant fire pits are built from various materials, including copper, cast iron, stainless steel, and aluminium. Each has advantages and disadvantages; some are better at transferring heat, while others are more economical.

Cast Iron: Campfire pits made of cast iron are exceptionally sturdy and a great heat conductor. Although it is made of a thick substance that makes it durable and won’t tip over, the weight makes it unsuitable for a portable fire pit. Moreover, cast iron fire pits are sometimes more costly than others.

Stainless Steel: A common material for portable campfires is stainless steel. Stainless steel is one of the most durable, moderately lightweight, and cost-effective materials for the foldable fire pits that Australia supplies.

Aluminium: Rust-resistant aluminium is a sturdy yet lightweight material. Although portable aluminium firepits look amazing, they are often more expensive than other materials.

Copper: Copper has the virtue of not rusting or corroding like other metals, which makes it ideal for outdoor use. Another excellent heat conductor is copper. Copper’s major drawback is that it could be more pricey than alternatives.

Ease of Set Up

A happy camper uses simple-to-assemble camping gear, and a mobile fire pit is no exception. You don’t want an Australian folding fire pit that requires equipment to assemble and is made of several sections. But you also wish for the fire pit to be simple once it is put up.


While using fire pits when camping, it’s also essential to consider how well the fire is designed to burn.

However, some portable camping fire pit solutions are simple and need more efficiency advantages. Look for features like high sides to protect against wind, ventilators and air holes to aid in a more effective burn, and fire pits constructed of solid metal to transmit heat better and hold it when choosing a camping fireplace.


Many individuals like cooking their meals over campfires and unwinding around them. If this describes you, consider a portable campfire with a cooking surface. Although a camping grill fire pit is usually more costly, it is also twice as much fun.

Any fire can be utilised for cooking, but a portable campfire explicitly made for cooking is significantly more straightforward. These fire pits typically let you add a grill or dish to make cooking easier.

Ash Tray and Clean Up

Ash is produced as a fire burns. So, a good question is where the ash goes. Does it plummet to the floor and cause a mess, or does it remain in the fire pit and obstruct the flames? A device, like an ashtray, will be included in the finest portable fire pits to catch the ash as it burns. Instead of scooping the ash once the fire has been put out, you may conveniently dispose of it this way.

Safety and Ground Protection

The safest fire pit Australia offers enables you to leave the surroundings just as you found them. You don’t want a campfire that scorches the ground and turns it black. You also don’t want to worry that the fire will escape the pit while using it.

All excellent portable fire pits are made with the flames sitting off the ground to provide ground protection. A folding campfire with high sides will help keep the fire tightly confined and prevent the wood from toppling. Purchasing a heat barrier for the fire pit is another smart move.

The Best Fire Pits for Camping Reviews 2023

After reading the above, you should have a more precise notion of the ideal folding fire pit for camping. To choose the best one for you, continue reading the reviews of camping fire pits below.

Fireside Portable Popup

1. Fireside Portable Popup

This fire pit, offered by BCF, is ideal for any occasion. These BCF fire pits provide a vast area, are lightweight, simple to move and store, and affordable.

This BCF campfire is the best portable fire pit for camping, weighing only 3.6 kg. Thanks to its beautiful, compact folding design, the mobile, lightweight aluminium frame stores effortlessly in the included travel case. This makes the portable fire pit that BCF sells ideal for packing in the trunk of a vehicle, whether going on a camping vacation or even simply when going to a BBQ at a friend’s house.

Despite its small form and low weight, this BCF portable campfire is everything from a tiny fire pit. The foldable fire pit sold by BCF has one of this guide’s larger fire pit surfaces, at 60 by 60 cm. As a result, you will be able to maintain many individuals warm around it. Also, if you wish to use it for cooking, it is big enough to fit into a grill pan or camp oven.

The fire pit’s surface is composed of stainless steel mesh, so there is excellent airflow across the flames. As a result, there is 80% less smoke and a brighter, hotter fire. It’s also straightforward to clean up; all you have to do is pull the chassis off the legs and pour the ash into the trash.

With all of its beautiful features, it is clear why this portable fire pit has received such outstanding ratings. The Fireside Fire Pit is the ideal camping fire pit since it is big, incredibly light, and reasonably priced.

Adventure Kings

2. Adventure Kings

This fire pit is an excellent choice if you’re searching for the least expensive alternative available. This fire pit is a beautiful addition to your campground and packs down remarkably little.

Four flat pieces of 3 mm steel, each with built-in handles, make up this foldable fire pit for camping. The components fit together flat, which makes storage a breeze. The collapsible fire pit is very simple to construct; each piece slots into position so you can do it in seconds. At 46 x 40 cm, the fire pit surface is also a reasonable size.

The flat-packed fire pit produces a more effective fire since it is elevated off the ground and has excellent ventilation. Adding a rotisserie to your campfire cooking setup is another option.

Its weight is a drawback for this transportable fire pit. At 9.5 kg, it’s among the heaviest products in this review but also among the most portable, which is a significant positive.

This fire pit is an excellent option if you’re looking for an affordable, decent overall, and versatile portable fire pit.

Winnerwell Firepit Review

3. Winnerwell Firepit Review

The Winnerwell Firepit, made of sturdy stainless steel, is a fantastic alternative for individuals looking for something portable for their next camping adventures. 

No, regardless of how many individuals are in your camping party, you can discover the ideal size since this steel folding campfire is available in a variety of sizes, including medium (33 x 33 cm), large (42 x 42 cm), small (22 x 22 cm), and X large (58 x 58 cm).

The base and stand of the folding camping fire pit are separate sections that each fold entirely flat, making it easy to store and carry. Also, it is relatively lightweight. Also, various cooking accessories, such as specifically created triangle grates that are excellent for a camp cookout, have been designed to go with the Winnerwell firepit.

The Winnerwell line of fire pits is a fantastic choice for individuals looking for a particular size fire pit. It’s a terrific item to add to your camp setup because it’s lightweight and has various extras.

4. Supa Peg Grand

The Supa Peg fire pit is another roomy option; it’s worth considering if you’re looking for the finest campfire. The eight sections of the Supa Peg campfire can be folded flat and are constructed of thick Australian strong-strength steel. 

The fire pit is then placed into a canvas carry bag for storage and transportation. The eight side panels must be removed and slotted into a circular pattern to build these camping firepits. 

After that, a locking pin is inserted into the exterior to keep everything together. Last but not least, insert the bottom plate to capture the ash and guard against harm to the vegetation. Two Barbeque rails sit across the campfire and are perfect for mounting the camp oven with your firepit camping set.

Compared to most of the additional portable firepits on this list, this fire pit weighs 15 kg, so bear that in mind before purchasing. Overall, it’s a solid choice for anybody looking for a high-end, incredibly portable campfire for their upcoming camping trip.

5. Darche Stainless

Most campers are familiar with the Darche name since it produces high-end camping equipment, including fire pits of excellent quality. Whether you’re searching for a fire pit for everyone to gather around night or even a cooking fire pit, the Darche campfires come with all that you require.

These fire pits are composed of durable, food-grade stainless steel, making them simple to clean.

They are straightforward to put together. Just remove the fire pit, unfold it, and then fix it by clipping the base’s feet into the heat shield. The cast iron grate, which gives a place to set your charcoal while enabling enough ventilation beneath, is then placed into the base. 

You should then place the grill on top. Because it is height-adjustable, you may vary the height to suit the type of food you are cooking.

The Darche fold-out campfire is fantastic since everything you need is included in the kit; you don’t need to buy any additional accessories. For instance, your campfire grill set will consist of a grill for cooking, a heat barrier to protect the grass, and a fire pit. When not used, everything neatly folds and is stored in the provided carry bag.

The 310 fire pit is 31 by 31 cm, whereas the 450 fire pit measures 45 by 45 cm. These aren’t the biggest firepits, but the fact that they come in several sizes lets you pick the perfect one for your camp setup.

You are in luck with these Darche fire pits if you want to buy everything in one purchase, including a fire pit, carry bag, and even a grill for cooking. They make the perfect portable fire pit since they are relatively lightweight, small, and inexpensive.

6. Slot The Wedge 

The Slot Me campfire is excellent for campers who want to stay in one place for a few days. It’s one of the heavier fire pits in this guide at a little under 15 kg. 

On the plus side, it’s a sizable campfire. It comes with a few extras you would often need to purchase separately, making it a terrific all-in-one portable campfire to consider.

The authentic 4mm thick steel used in constructing this portable fire pit is an Aussie product created entirely in Australia. This campfire has four sections that fit like the Adventure fire pit above. 

The supplied undertray, meant to be loaded with water to prevent the grass from being burned, is subsequently used to support the fire pit. You can employ the fire pit on patios and decks with the undertray.

This is a fantastic fire pit for anyone looking for the best cooking fire pit camping in Australia. It includes a sizable cooking surface and a variety of inserted rods that are great for fitting a few pans and pots on at once. A mounting for using it with a rotisserie is also included.

Gloves are made of leather, and a set of multitools for moving and lifting the fire pit are other included extras with this fire pit. The fire pit and its accessories may be flattened and compressed with a sturdy canvas storage bag.

The Slot Me fire pit is unquestionably your best choice if you’re looking for a sizable fire pit that you’ll also use for cooking. You get everything you need with this sizable, sturdy fire pit. Yet despite having all these extras, it still packs up nicely. 

Nonetheless, it is rather heavy, and the cost is relatively high. But, with this Slot Me campfire kit, you won’t need to purchase any additional items.

7. SupaPeg Supa Cube

The new fire pit from SupaPeg, widely renowned for producing high-quality camping equipment, is no exception. The SupaPeg was designed after doing an extensive study. This top-notch fire pit, manufactured and developed in Australia, is simple to put up and ideal for individuals looking for a campfire with a vast area.

The fire pit has four laser-cut pieces that easily slide together, making the setup very simple. Moreover, a ground plate is included to protect the grass underneath and capture any ash.

It’s not as large as the preceding Slot in the Wedges at 50 × 50 cm, but it’s also less pricey. But, the vast open surface area guarantees that heat is spread well, making it ideal for both remaining warm around the campfire and preparing a meal for supper. 

Add the Supa Grill and Plate (available separately) to the fire pit if you want to use it as a cooking surface.

Stainless steel or steel is available for the SupaPeg fire pit. Of course, stainless steel will provide you with a fire pit that will last a long time but also cost more.

Overall, Australia offers some of the best portable fire pits available, especially for those searching for a way to prepare delicious camp meals. These are the heaviest fire pits on this list, so remember that there are better options for campers who want to camp quietly. 

But they are worth considering if you’re looking for a high-quality fire pit to sit about with at night and cook supper on.

8. Coast to Coast 

The Coast to Coast fire pit is an additional choice that resembles the earlier Adventure Kings campfire but is heavier. This fire pit is of excellent quality and is 40 x 58 cm. It is made of 3mm Australian BlueScope steel.

Like the earlier campfires, the Coast fire pit is delivered in four flat sections and easily assembled without equipment. Utilising galvanised ember tray is an excellent addition for safeguarding the grass. Moreover, you may purchase a grill and hot plate to prepare meals.

If you like this campfire design, the Coast fire pit is worth considering. This fire pit is manufactured with high-quality Australian-made materials, is undoubtedly long-lasting, and is reasonably priced.

9. BCF

If you’re looking for something simple and inexpensive, this campfire from BCF is an attractive choice. This circular fire pit has folding legs, making it incredibly portable and big enough for cooking.

You will get the campfire and base, a mesh cover for safety, two grills for grilling, a fire poker, and a tote bag to keep everything in with this foldable fire pit. Not terrible, especially given how inexpensive it is.

You really can’t go wrong with this BCF fire pit if you’re looking for something quick, simple to use, affordable, and equipped with all the essentials.

10. Wolf and Grizzly 

Like the incredibly light Fire Safe fire pit, these fire pits produce a variety of great portable campfires for camping. This fire pit is one of the guide’s tiniest and most lightweight, weighing only 1.1 kg. It is perfect for individuals who only want to toast marshmallows or make the occasional camp meal.

The stainless insert and frame are the two pieces that make up the Fire Safe fire pit. Together, they collapse into an absurdly tiny space and are stored in the included zipped carry bag. The Fire Safe is so small and light when folded up that you can tuck it inside your bag for a hiking trip.

Manufacturers created the Fire Safe with efficiency and minimal usage in mind. You won’t need to fret about your fire dying out since, for instance, the encompassing windshields and airflow pattern allow charcoal or wood to burn well, even in strong to mild wind. 

Furthermore, because of the segmented layout, you may add wood only where you want a fire to burn, saving you from wasting wood you don’t need.

For a fire pit that is incredibly portable, lightweight, and of good quality, you cannot beat the Wolf & Grizzly Fire Safe.

23Zero Stainless Steel Firepit and BBQ

11. 23Zero Stainless Steel Firepit and BBQ

This fire pit is the final new item and has received relatively few reviews yet. This fire pit puts cooking first and being a fire pit second, unlike other fire pits for both purposes.

Its movable grill, which can move up and down, was developed with cooking utility in mind, making it much easier to manage the heat. That means many more pieces must be assembled before utilizing this firepit, increasing the setup time.

The more difficult setup is the only serious complaint in the mostly good reviews. Yet, you can quickly start a tremendous after-dinner fire by removing the top grill portion once you’re done cooking. Those who enjoy cooking over coals should try this.

BioLite FirePit+

12. BioLite FirePit+

The BioLite FirePit+ nearly holds the top spot among the most incredible outdoor and camping firepits. The battery pack in this new generation of a firepit will blast air all around your fire to make sure it burns more effectively and produce less smoke as a whole.

You may also use the battery pack to charge USB devices if necessary. Also, you can use Bluetooth on your phone to adjust the airflow to the fire to have complete control over your smokeless campfire.

You can burn longer wood fragments because of the rectangular design, which saves on storage space when not used. Also, the firepit has mesh grills on three sides to provide excellent fire viewing for you and your guests while you gather around it.

You can use it for cooking, but this is not its primary use, and you must be skilled at cooking over extremely high heat, like with a hibachi. A griddle pan is one of the extra cooking utensils.

All customer evaluations are excellent owing to the product’s convenience, capacity to start a fire fast, and fantastic visuals. At the same time, the flames are blazing, and the ability to extinguish them safely and swiftly after usage.

This campfire will keep you content at home or backpacking for a long time if you can afford the approximately $400 price tag.

13. Coast Steel

The Coast Steel Tray Set is this review’s most significant and heaviest firepit. More people can sit around this firepit because it is made to hold a more substantial fire than previous types.

It has a relatively straightforward design constructed of heat- and corrosion-resistant BlueScope steel, a zero-emission steel. This fire pit is highly fashionable and stable and will spread heat in all directions once lit.

The main problem with this firepit is that it weighs 24 kg, making even transporting and putting it up a two-person chore. While not intended for cooking, you may still cover it with an external grill or remove embers from the tray to use elsewhere.

Although this campfire has received many great reviews from customers, its weight makes it impractical to bring along when you go camping. Instead, it works best in a backyard or semi-permanent near your home. As long as you know the item’s weight, it is worth the investment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Most Durable Material For A Fire Pit? 

Cast iron: Use a cast-iron campfire for a timeless but essential option. Given its strength and weight, you may feel confident you won’t quickly topple over it. Cast iron is a good heat conductor and a good heat dissipator.

In addition, to cast iron, other durable materials that are commonly used for fire pits include steel, copper, and stone. Steel is popular for its strength and durability but can rust over time if not correctly cared for. Copper is also durable but can tarnish and turn green due to exposure to the elements. Stone fire pits, such as those made from granite or natural rock, offer a rustic and durable option, but they may require more maintenance over time.

what is the safest fire pit to buy?

Generally speaking, a gas or propane fire pit is less dangerous than a fire pit that burns wood, although all fire pits still have potential dangers. Gas and propane often burn more efficiently, without smoke, sparks, or unpredictably wild flames.

the pit itself. Look for a fire pit with a sturdy base and stable legs that can support the weight of the pit and the fire inside. A fire pit with a cover or mesh screen can also help to contain the flames and prevent sparks from flying out. 

what style of fire pit is best?

“Natural gas or propane fire pits are simple to ignite, clean-burning and allow for easy flame height adjustment and heat output. When it comes to style, the best fire pit for you will depend on your taste and the aesthetic of your outdoor space. 

Some popular styles include rustic, modern, and minimalist designs. Rustic fire pits, such as those made from stone or natural materials, can add a cozy and natural touch to your outdoor area. At the same time, modern or minimalist designs offer a sleek and contemporary look. 

which is better, cast iron or steel fire pit?

Steel campfires are superior to cast iron campfires because they heat up more quickly and produce the same amount of heat. Steel fire pits, however, lose heat more rapidly after the fire is out because it is thinner than iron.

Final Thoughts

One of the aspects of camping that many people love the most is having a fire. Every year in this nation, millions of people engage in the habit of simply lounging around, gazing at it, and having conversations with their friends.

A portable fire pit could be precisely what you need if you are wary of fires or always camp when there is a high fire hazard, especially if you enjoy cooking over flames or coals.

You may still choose a much less expensive model and enjoy cooking. A campfire while out in the wilderness, even though a firepit is highly regarded, will ensure that your camping life is managed effortlessly.