How to Disappear Completely, Never Be Found

Ever considered what it might be like to begin again? Imagine if you could just vanish for years and reappear as a merchant seaman on a distant fishing boat.

Imagine being able to start all over again from scratch and become a completely different person, free from the past and its burdens. While typing these sentences on a keyboard smeared in crumbs, it all seems quite alluring.

It’s conceivable to vanish, never be discovered, and reappear with a new persona, much like Reginald Perrin from the iconic 1970s comedy. 

You’ve probably read about those who were unsuccessful at this, like John Darwin, often known as “the Canoe Man,” who pretended to die to get insurance coverage for £500,000. Not to mention the deposed Serb tyrant Radon Karadzic, who for ten years went by a new identity, grew a scruffy beard, and worked as a spiritual healer to avoid being charged with war crimes.

To get around the law, these individuals executed “pseudocide,” vanished, and adopted new identities. However, in this post, we’re sticking on the right side of the blue-clad lads. Every piece of advice we provide you will be entirely legal and aimed at giving you a life reset for a better one.

Select a Date and Make Advance Preparation
  1. Select a Date and Make Advance Preparation

When you want to do something correctly, you’ll need to put a lot of thought and preparation into it. It’s easy to vanish. You simply exit via the front door and never return. Nevertheless, ensuring a fresh start to the transition is difficult.

With that in mind, you need to pick a specific day. Put it off for six months or more to build your financial strength. Then hold on to that day no matter what. You could give it a nickname like “D-Day” and keep it secret from everybody else.

Cancel All Contracts
  1. Cancel All Contracts

You must sort out all your affairs with everyone before leaving. Besides, you don’t want them to keep pursuing you because you owe them anything. Make a list of your bills, including your taxes, gas, rent, mobile phone, and electricity, and approach your “D-Day” like you’re moving into a new property.

Ensure you’ve canceled all contracts and that all payments are current. Similarly, pay any more significant purchase contract you could have, plus any loan or credit arrangements.

“Why is it such a big deal?” you could be asking. Well, rather than encouraging deception, this post teaches you how to vanish. Most people will never give up trying to locate you if you owe them some cash. You can find yourself incarcerated in a brand-new, very unpleasant bedsit (prison) and could even lose some teeth. You don’t want that anyway!

Acquire a PAYG Burner Phone
  1. Acquire a PAYG Burner Phone

You must get rid of everything connected to your previous identity. So, bid your phone farewell. Typically, a credit arrangement is made with a telecommunication service when you purchase a contract phone.   

You often give telephone providers astounding amounts of data — your address, name, email, date of birth, credit history, etc. In fact, at certain retailers, you’ll need two types of identification just to touch an iPhone. You may as well publish every bit of personal data on Craigslist.

You can purchase a phone from a used-goods store using cash. Then acquire a Pay As You Go (PAYG) SIM with voice minutes. Most stores carry Lebara PAYG SIMs, which are pre-loaded with credit.

Carry a Light Package
  1. Carry a Light Package

Sell all your possessions; home theaters, televisions, computers, PlayStations, DVDs, etc.

By selling them, you can generate more income if you think long-term and plan in advance. But how should you carry out this operation without people questioning you? Reach out to friends privately and inform them that you’d like to give out an item at a giveaway price. 

Tell them you urgently need money to pay for some projects or pay some debts. You can also sell your possessions through car boot sales. Unlike selling your used stuff on eBay, these two approaches will generate no paperwork.

Use Cash Instead of Credit Card Payments
  1. Use Cash Instead of Credit Card Payments

Once you’ve decided when you’ll be “disappearing,” you must start saving every bit of money possible. By reducing spending, you’ll be prepared for the simple lifestyle ahead.

Then, turn all of that stockpile into cash. Investigators can trace your identification primarily via your bank and credit union accounts.

Empty your accounts and close them. You’ll eventually be able to create a basic bank account after verifying your new identification.

Stop Using Social Networks
  1. Stop Using Social Networks

A decade ago, it would’ve been a lot simpler to vanish. Unfortunately, today there are social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Vine, and several other websites that we log in to constantly. Everything must come to an end.

Quit tagging your coworkers in memes, selfies, and images of your morning tea. After that, delete all of your accounts.

Deleting your social media accounts may seem complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. You may access any service’s account deletion page directly using the Just Delete Me directory. Furthermore, remember to erase your email accounts before leaving.

Legally Get a New Name
  1. Legally Get a New Name

All you need to do to change your name is to begin using a different one. You’ll quickly accumulate a mountain of paperwork with your new name by using it regularly on your future deals.

A “deed poll” is required if you wish to change the name on official papers (such as a passport or driver’s license). It may seem complicated, but it only requires straightforward paperwork containing your old and new names, attested by two people. When requesting official papers, you’ll be required to give the paperwork.

The witnesses are at least 18 years old and unrelated to you. They should be total strangers so they can help you vanish. A convenient program, Free Deed Poll, can guide you through the procedure. Start by completing the online form.

Things like driver’s licenses, national insurance, and passport numbers will not change. The only thing you’ll be able to do without breaching the law is to change your name.

Stop Contacting Family and Friends
  1. Stop Contacting Family and Friends

Sadly, this is the most challenging part you must face during this process. You must abandon your old life if you desire an entirely new one, which also means leaving behind the people you are familiar with. That implies that you won’t be in touch with your friends and family after the disappearance.

Anybody with whom you maintain contact serves as a link to your past. All it takes to identify you is a review of your phone records or an intercepted email.

While this step could seem extreme, it’s one of the easiest ways to disappear. What are you going to do?

Begin a New Life
  1. Begin a New Life

Now is D-Day. You’ve downsized, saved money, finalized your affairs, and terminated all of the services, agreements, and accounts that bore your name. Although you haven’t informed anybody, you have already said farewell. Furthermore, you’ve gone through the name-changing process, and now it’s time to vanish. Pseudocide should now be committed.

Travel via public transport, then reserve a B&B. Check-in using your new name and make a cash payment. Begin searching for a place to reside.

Don’t choose housing agencies since they’ll need to examine your credit and request references. Alternatively, browse the classifieds available online and in newspapers. Reorganizing yourself in a little hamlet or relocating to the country is a worse option than going to a large city. There is a high level of interaction in the rural areas. So, use a city’s obscurity to your advantage.

Your new house doesn’t need to be in the UK. The other 28 member states allow EU citizens to live and work there without producing a visa.

Although you are legally permitted to enter any EU country without a passport, keep in mind that most nations require identification. Before D-Day, you should consider changing your name via deed poll and obtaining new identity papers.

Change Your Appearance
  1. Change Your Appearance 

Alter your appearance as quickly as possible without attracting attention. If you’re a man, grow a goatee. Change the color and style of your hair, and get specs.

Additionally, all these modifications must be long-lasting. You shouldn’t be able to pull it off like a comedic mask.

If you’ve made the disappearing decision, then what’s your worry? Besides, nearly all shopping centers, streets, and stores have security footage. And keep in mind that in the most unexpected settings, you may run across familiar faces. Whenever that occurs, be careful not to be recognized.

What Will Follow Your Fresh Start?

Up to this point, good luck! What you will do with your freed-up life going forward is now up to you.

You’ll get a chance to start again and redefine yourself. You could assist at a food pantry, purchase a used camera to capture street life or survive off fruits and rodents by constructing a log home in the forest. You might even relocate from location to location while doing temporary jobs. You might even transform into a giant green beast if you are irritated. It’s all up to you. However, you must be careful!

You’ll live a life free from the criticism of friends and family members, liberated from past humiliations. While this will be a solitary trip, it will be an adventure nonetheless.