New Zealand’s Queenstown: The Complete Travel Guide

Are you going to New Zealand’s adventure capital, Queenstown? Queenstown is the only place to go! Adventurers and environment lovers alike should travel to Queenstown, which is located in the breathtaking Southern Alps. We’ll go over all the information you require to enjoy your vacation to Queenstown in our travel guide.

How to reach Queenstown

How to reach Queenstown

You have a few options to think about when it comes to traveling to Queenstown:

• By Air: Queenstown is connected to major hubs in New Zealand, Australia, and a few Pacific Islands by the Queenstown Airport.

• By Road: If you’re driving, it takes roughly 6 hours to get to Queenstown from Christchurch and 3.5 hours to get there from Dunedin.

• By Bus: Several bus lines connect Queenstown with other significant New Zealand cities.

When to Visit Queenstown at Its Best

When to Visit Queenstown at Its Best

The best time to visit Queenstown will depend on your interests and the things you wish to undertake there. Queenstown is a year-round destination. The seasons are broken out as follows:

Summer (December–February): There is a good reason why this is Queenstown’s busiest time of year. There are many outdoor activities to enjoy and the weather is nice and sunny. Be ready for crowds, though, as it’s also the busiest time of the year.

Autumn (March to May)

• Autumn (March to May): This season is ideal for outdoor activities like hiking because of the colder weather and gorgeous foliage.

• Winter (June–August): Queenstown comes alive throughout the winter with skiing and snowboarding. There are many winter sports to enjoy, and the mountains are blanketed in snow.

• Spring (September to November): As the weather begins to warm up, the crowds start to dissipate. The weather is perfect for outdoor pursuits like biking and hiking.

Top Activities in Queenstown

Top Activities in Queenstown

Here are just a few of the top things to do in Queenstown since there is no lack of things to do:

• Skiing and snowboarding: Coronet Peak and The Remarkables are two of the top ski resorts in Queenstown.

• Bungy Jumping: Queenstown is the home of bungy jumping, so it should come as no surprise that there are numerous options for thrill-seekers.

• Hiking and biking: Queenstown is the ideal location for outdoor enthusiasts because it is surrounded by beautiful mountains and lakes.

Wine Tour

• Wine Tour: Queenstown’s surroundings, Central Otago, are renowned for their award-winning wines, so be sure to go on one.

• Jet Boating: On the Shotover or Kawarau Rivers, enjoy the exhilaration of jet boating.

• Skydiving: Why not go skydiving over the breathtaking Queenstown scenery for the ultimate adrenaline rush?

Accommodations in Queenstown

From opulent resorts to affordable hostels, Queenstown offers a wide variety of lodging alternatives. Here are some options to think about:

Sofitel Queenstown Hotel & Spa

• Sofitel Queenstown Hotel & Spa: A five-star hotel in the centre of Queenstown that offers breathtaking views of the mountains and lake.

YHA Queenstown Central

• YHA Queenstown Central is a budget-friendly hostel in the heart of Queenstown that is ideal for travellers on a tight budget.

• The Rees Hotel & Luxury Apartments is a 5-star hotel and apartment complex with breathtaking views of Lake Wakatipu. Hilton Queenstown Resort & Spa is an opulent resort situated on the beaches of Lake Wakatipu.

Action-packed Activities

With good reason, Queenstown is referred to as the world’s adventure capital. The town provides a wide range of heart-pounding adventures for thrill seekers, including:

Bungy Jumping

Bungy Jumping

The sport of bungee jumping was invented in Queenstown, and there are various locations where you may try it, including the renowned AJ Hackett Bungy.


Enjoy the exhilaration of freefalling from a plane while viewing Queenstown and its surrounds from a height of 15,000 feet.

Jet Skiing

Get in a jet boat and zoom through the Shotover River’s constrained canyons, dodging rock walls and negotiating rapids.

Swimming in white water

Swimming in white water

Experience some of the best white water rafting in the world as you navigate the rapids of the Shotover and Kawarau Rivers.

Snowboarding and skiing

Four top-notch ski resorts, including The Remarkables, Coronet Peak, Cardrona, and Treble Cone, are within an hour’s drive of Queenstown, making it a popular winter destination as well.

Food and beverage

A variety of options are available in Queenstown’s growing food and beverage scene, catering to all tastes and price ranges. Here are some dishes and beverages you must try while visiting Queenstown:



Without trying a Fergburger, which is widely regarded as the best burger in New Zealand, a trip to Queenstown is not complete.

Fergbaker Fergbaker, known for its pies and pastries, is the place to go if you’re craving something sweet.

South Island Wine

The Central Otago wine area, which is well-known for its pinot noir, is where Queenstown is situated. Visit the wineries and taste some of the best beverages produced there.

Craft Beer There are numerous breweries and bars providing a variety of locally brewed beers in Queenstown, which boasts a burgeoning craft beer culture.


With a variety of shops selling anything from high-end designer clothing to locally manufactured souvenirs, Queenstown is a shopper’s dream. Some of the top stores in Queenstown are listed below:

Remarkables Town Centre Park

Remarkables Town Centre Park

This mall contains a variety of shops providing clothing, cosmetics, household goods, and other items.

Mall in Queenstown

A pedestrian-only area with a variety of shops offering clothing, trinkets, and other goods is called the Queenstown Mall.

Creative Arts and Crafts Market in Queenstown

Mall in Queenstown

Every Saturday, this market offers a variety of locally produced arts and crafts, such as jewellery, pottery, and paintings.

Anyone visiting New Zealand should make sure to stop in Queenstown. This thriving town has something for everyone with its breathtaking natural beauty, adventurous activities, delectable food and drink, and fantastic shopping. Be sure to include Queenstown in your schedule so you can take advantage of everything it has to offer.