Restaurants in Braddon: A Foodie’s Guide

The vibrant food scene in Canberra, Australia’s stylish district of Braddon is well-known. Making a decision about where to eat might be difficult because there are so many options available. We’ll showcase some of the top Braddon eateries in our list so you can sate your appetite.

The Finest Restaurants in Braddon

The Finest Restaurants in Braddon


1. Eighty-six

Australian cuisine, modern

Highlights include inventive cocktails, small appetisers for sharing, and a seasonal menu made with ingredients sourced locally.

A well-known restaurant in Braddon called Eightysix is renowned for its unique cuisine and inventive cocktails. Sharing is encouraged on the small plates menu so you can sample a variety of foods. To make unique and delectable dishes, the restaurant employs products that are in season and are acquired nearby.


2. Rizla

Which specialises in Japanese cuisine and offers a variety of sake and sushi.

Cosy, private setting

Japanese restaurant Rizla is a quaint, little establishment that specialises in sushi. A large variety of excellent and fresh sushi rolls are available at the sushi bar. For a genuinely authentic Japanese dining experience, pair your meal with one of their many different varieties of sake.

Italian & Sons

3. Italian & Sons

Italian cuisine • Highlights: • Fresh, handmade pasta • Large wine list • Cosy, rustic ambience

A large wine list and delicious, homemade pasta are served in the rustic Italian eatery Italian & Sons. It’s the ideal location for a romantic meal or a night out with friends because of the warm and welcoming ambience.

Lazy Su.

4. Lazy Su.

Highlights include Instagram-worthy decor, inventive meals, and a fun, energetic ambience. The cuisine is Asian fusion.

The quirky Asian fusion eatery Lazy Su has a bright, vibrant interior that’s ideal for your upcoming Instagram post. The menu features inventive takes on classic Asian cuisine including Japanese-style meatballs and Korean fried chicken waffles.

Kokomo’s Pacific Rim cuisine

5. Kokomo’s Pacific Rim cuisine

Highlights include: delectable Pacific Rim cuisine; inventive, island-inspired beverages; tropical-inspired decor

A restaurant with a tropical theme that specialises in Pacific Rim food is called Kokomo’s. The menu has a range of seafood dishes and other Pacific-inspired cuisine, and the island-inspired cocktails are a must-try.

There are many wonderful restaurants in Braddon, and this list just includes some of the top ones. Braddon offers restaurants that serve modern Australian, Italian, Japanese, Asian fusion, or Pacific Rim food.