Sticky Has Reopened Its Doors – But Be Careful With the Zines

Your favourite institute recently reopened its CBD store in the Degraves Subway to its eagerly waiting customers. With their shelves fully stocked, you can be sure to find nothing but a variety of quality products. 

Degraves Subway

Just be on the lookout for zines on your next visit. There have been reports of a rise in the zine in the past couple of months. This was according to a statement by Luke Sinclair, a volunteer at the community-run space since 2001. 

So what are zines? These are low-quality magazines inspired mostly by punk roots. Typically DIYs are printed by photocopiers and are usually free.

Zines (2)

Sticky shut down after three years of operation in March. However, it still maintains an active website and social media accounts—creators from around the world upload zines to the Quarantine Zine Club.

The club has a total of 15 volunteers who run the team. Anyone can come in and make copies, staple, and print badges. Sticky now has a maximum capacity of two people in the space at once and has slightly reduced operating hours.

Sinclair explained how the space provided is tiny and cannot offer a workspace. This is why you’d visit the space and sometimes find about ten people sitting around.

Zines (2)

The new store now has hand sanitisers that guarantee your safety during this ongoing pandemic. However, customers are asked to kindly allow hand sanitisers to dry up before touching the paper wares, preventing moisture damage.

Sinclair confirmed that the pandemic has been “by far the biggest” down of the institute. However, this is not new in volunteer-run arts organisations, as there are always unexpected ups and downs. 


Stincky has faced these challenges for a clean 19 years of its operations and has proved ready for more significant challenges. For the longest time, the City of Melbourne, Stincky’slandlord, has decided to sign over the Campbell Arcade space to the Melbourne Metro Rail. This would be a huge challenge to Stincky as the rail authority has plans to extend the Metro Tunnel by demolishing the arcade.

For this to happen, they would require a permit from Heritage Victoria, where the process will take its time to listen to each party in case of any objections.


Applying to the City of Melbourne art grant will be a huge break that might help the institution grow amid challenges. It’s a plan to prepare for the community event set out to happen soon. 

However, due to COVID, there have been delays in the application process, usually occurring at the end of April. Right now, the institute is busy working on other ways to ensure that its customers are fully satisfied, so stop by when you can.