The 12 Best Sneaker Stores in Sydney

The streetwear sector has grown exponentially over the past decade, particularly regarding sneakers. And this trend is more noticeable than in Australia because Aussies enjoy the great outdoors.

Luckily, Sydney’s sneaker shops offer virtually every streetwear sneakers you may be looking for, whether you’re in the market for a classic white pair or the newest iteration of a streetwear kick. Sneakers come from various brands, from everyday high-street brands like Nike and Adidas to ultra-chic designer labels like Lanvin and Saint Laurent.  

While this is great since it provides more options, finding the most excellent sneakers takes time and effort. Most of the world’s top fashion houses are in Australia, making Sydney a metropolis of true fashion and flair. 

If you are looking for new kicks that describe your style more than words would while allowing you to live your life to the full, continue reading this post. The article will discuss various sneakers stores in Sydney.

But first, let’s get to know why sneakers are so popular in Australia!

Why Do Australians Love Sneakers So Much

Why Do Australians Love Sneakers So Much?

Sneakers have been ubiquitous in the Australian footwear market for many years, particularly in the last two decades. These athletic shoes have remained popular as a fashion statement from their early days as performance footwear for athletes to their present day. 

Here are some reasons every Aussie loves sneakers:


Most people love sneakers primarily because of their impressive style and design. There is a dizzying array of sneaker companies and designers, each catering to a somewhat different crowd. That way, anyone can find a pair of sneakers that complements their unique style.


The adaptability of sneakers is a big part of why they’re so popular across Australia. Surprisingly, some sneaker designs can be worn to any function, from a day at the park to a black-tie gathering. The versatility does not end at social functions; they also go to other physical activities like walking, running, and even gym workout sessions, thanks to their fantastic cushioning and stability properties.

Great Part of Streetwear

Great Part of Streetwear

The popularity of sneakers can also result from their associations with popular street-ware culture and diverse sub-cultures. Sneakers have been an integral part of shaping and reflecting teenage culture ever since the 1980s, when hip-hop and streetwear first became popular. Several sneaker models have become very collectible due to their rarity and limited availability.

Social Media 

Online media networks have also played a role in making sneakers fashionable. Networks like Insta, FaceBook, and TikTok have made it easier for sneakerheads to interact with one another and learn about new arrivals, which has stoked the fires of demand for particular styles. Certain sneaker brands get more popular because influential people like celebrities and influencers wear and promote them.

Sneakers are Comfy

Sneakers are Comfy

The rise of the casual style has also contributed to sneakers’ success. Athleisure, which combines athletic and casual attire, has gained popularity in recent years as more people choose to dress according to their strong preferences. Sneakers are a simple, easy choice for daily wear and have become increasingly popular due to this trend.


Besides cultural integration, sneakers are loved for their impressive technological advancements.  Nowadays, many sneakers come equipped with specialised features like arch support, motion control, and padding, making them more functional and comfortable for casual wearers and athletes. Moreover, s sneakers have become increasingly appealing to eco-aware customers due to the sector’s growth of environmentally friendly materials and procedures.

Available in Many Options

Available in Many Options 

The capacity of sneakers to express statements has contributed to their increased popularity. Sneakers can express individual style and personality, from striking, eye-catching patterns to more understated, traditional designs. Corporations and people have also utilised these shoes to advocate for various causes and engage in political and social action.

The Best Sneaker Stores in Sydney

1. Hype DC

There are numerous hype retailers in Sydney, so even if you reside in the suburbs or the far western suburbs, you won’t have to travel far to find a place to buy some fresh kicks. Even though they mainly carry the latest products, they do so from various chic labels, sometimes including more high-end ones like Autry and Veja.


2. Nike

This may sound like a no-brainer, but the Nike store in Sydney often draws a crowd because it receives the city’s largest consignment of impressive Jordan debuts. Going directly to the source is always the best option if you discover an item on Swoosh’s release schedule that you want to get your hands on.


3. Sneakerboy 

In addition to getting some fantastic kicks, Sneakerboy offers a memorable shopping experience to all men in Sydney. It is  “memorable” because Sneakerboy takes a distinctive retail strategy. You can try as many pairs as you like until you are content, which serves as a showroom exhibit of their inventory.

You can buy their products online. If you are patient, your sneakers will appear at your front door within a few days. Moreover, you can choose from various brands, so you’re sure to discover something you enjoy.

4. The Parks

This sneaker store in Regents Place is comparable to the coveted-only shoe shops in Japan and Korea, where nearly everything is costly, shrink-wrapped, and highly sought-after. Everything that sneakerheads are wowed with and ready to pay top dollar, from Dior Jordans to cut Air Force 1 deep, can be found here.

5. Secret Sneaker Store

Secret Sneaker Shop, a haven for hype-beasts, is located in the Westfield Sydney basement and offers Sydney’s largest selection of hyped-up athleisure that are otherwise virtually impossible to find Down Under. Although it costs more, this is the spot to go if you want Palace, Supreme, ASSC, or Off-White.

6. Solemate

The ardent sneaker collectors in Sydney can rest assured they will find what they want at SoleMate. This store also functions as a consignment business, and they are frequently among the first to receive stock of any fresh collections.

 SoleMate’s ace provides customers with a unique setting where they can purchase one-of-a-kind, collectible sneakers that aren’t available anywhere else.

7. Supply Store

One of Sydney’s original streetwear destinations, Supply Store, carries a diverse selection of Japanese fashion and classic skatewear labels, including Palace and Supreme. As a result, they’ve earned a reputation as one of the best places in the city to get the biggest footwear releases, from Off-White and Nike collaborations to the most recent Jordan models.

8. UPS

UPS, situated in central park, is among Sydney’s longest-running specialised skate shops, specialising primarily in skate-focused footwear from  Nike, Adidas, and Vans. Should any of these labels ever execute an excellent limited collaboration with a skate brand, you’ll probably find it here.

9. Above The Clouds

This boutique clothing and footwear shop dominates Sydney’s subculture culture. Don’t let the store’s small size stop you because their crazily broad selection is incredible. Some of the most coveted sneakers in the world, in highly distinctive colours and patterns, can be found in the shoe closet.

Ideally, the store is in Sydney’s central business district, so you will have street-style ideas. When you’re through choosing shoes, give them high-end clothing, which is acquired from some of the top names as well as recent finds.

10. Culture Kings

Like Sneakerboy (close by), shopping at Cultural Kings offers a unique experience. It serves as your one-stop shop for all things subculture, including crewneck sweaters, snapback hats, coats, fitted hats, and, of course, the best sneakers.

To cap it off, Culture Kings invites the top DJs to perform in-store, ensuring you’ll bob to the tunes as you spend money on your new pair of kicks. The store is undoubtedly a visual treat, as is the shopping sensation there.

11. Stüssy Sydney Chapter

The Darlinghurst Stüssy Sydney Chapter has replaced the original streetwear company Stüssy’s Australian outposts, which once had a few locations. This brand’s flagship store, just a few doors down from the Supply store, offers a wide selection of clothing and frequent releases of their ongoing shoe partnerships with companies like Converse and Nike.


In 2019, Sydney skate legends PASSPORT unveiled their first location in Darlinghurst. They’ve assembled the top national and global skate labels and developed a strong line of skate-ready sneakers, including one of Sydney’s best Nike SB accounts.

The room also boasts a small gallery built into it that features some of the top local artists working today.


13. Espionage

For almost ten years, espionage has been Sydney’s go-to spot for specialised sneakers. Made for the discerning hype beast, you may find limited releases and collaborations from major brands like Adidas, Nike, and Vans, as well as new and upcoming labels.

Look for apparel and footwear from Comme des Garcons Play, Supreme, Yeezy, BAPE, Louis Vuitton, Off-White, and more. Moreover, they have a consignment service.

14. JD Sports

You can rely on this footwear juggernaut for timeless designs in various colourways. It also has stylish streetwear and athletic clothing from well-known brands like New Balance, Nike, Reebok, Adidas, PUMA, Lacoste, Ellesse, and FILA.

JD Sports is the place in Australia for significant footwear debuts because it offers plenty of store-exclusive styles. Every week or so, they present premiere international arrivals from brands like Nike, Jordan Brand, Puma, Adidas, and Reebok to keep your collection as current as possible.

15. Butter

Butter store, which combines a footwear store, fried chicken, and champagne bar into one exciting location, has quickly become a Sydney fave for all shoe enthusiasts.

The location has been luring some of the most significant participants in the local sneaker industry, retailing some of the newest kicks and garnering notice for its outrageous fit-out.

16. Harrolds

The Harrolds shop offers sneakers for gentlemen who want nothing less than the purest, unadulterated elegance. The upscale department shop in Sydney carries a wide selection of designer sneakers from brands including John Lobb, Comme Des Garcons, Giuseppe Zanotti, Rick Owens, and others.

The store’s flawlessly stylish interior design is stunning, and it carries both men’s shoes and some of the most prestigious brands in the world, like Tom Ford.  

17. Von-Röutte

Von-Röutte, whose name means “on a journey,” offers more than just the best sneakers. Gus and Marina, a Brazilian couple in Sydney, designed this shop’s wares. They also manage other operations of this indie label out of the creative mecca of Bondi Beach. The couple’s natural sciences and graphic design backgrounds have allowed them to easily incorporate their travel-related observations of nature, architectural style, and scenery into creative sneaker designs.

Von-Röutte items easily combine the wealthy with the casual, adding an experimental edge to minimalist aesthetics. Every creation in the product line is designated by the town that inspired it, with a dedication to ethical and sustainable production.


The founders of REPUBLiC BOUTIQUE dared to carve their monochromatic path on Sydney’s clothing scene by casting their back on the loud lifestyle of the mainstream market. This upscale business emphasises quality thanks to its modern decor and ambience that oozes sophistication.

The shoe collection is dominated by basic white,  black, and grey tones, devoid of outrageous trends yet abundant in elegance. These shoes were created with non-conformists in mind.

19. Subtype

Subtype offers a specially curated range of shoes from brands including Adidas, Nike, Puma, Vans, Asics, Reebok, Filling Pieces, Rains, ZANEROBE, ETQ Amsterdam, and Lapse, as well as limited edition versions. Their selection process for footwear is centred on “exclusivity, inventiveness, and novelty.” 

20. Capsule

The Capsule Shop on Pitt Street is one of the best places to find menswear staples. It carries a carefully curated selection of shoes, including Redwing booties, Nike Air Maxes, Oxford shoes, and Adidas.  

21. Incu

Incu was launched in 2002 by twins Vincent and Brian Wu to showcase domestic and international established and up-and-coming brands. Its broad product range in the garment sector, which included the addition of the Incu Collection label in 2018, can be credited for its impressive endurance in the Australian retail environment. Their selection of sneakers has been steadily better in recent years, with an increase in high-profile releases.

Sydney continues to serve as Incu’s operating and retail headquarters, with 13 retail sites throughout the east coast. Consumers will discover footwear from the top manufacturers and more unusual options from companies like Toga Virilis and Hender Scheme.

22. UPS Skate Store 

Skaters in the area go to UPS stores because of the incredible variety of products available from the best brands in the business, both at home and abroad. If you’re fascinated with SB comeback, UPS, founded and run by skaters dedicated to the local and global scene, comes through with the newest Nike Skateboard releases.

The Best Sneakers in 2023

Australians enjoy scrutinising the minute features of each everything they are about to buy, and a pair of shoes s not exceptional. But with the sneakers, the best place to start is to try them on to see if they fit you perfectly.  The list below of the best shoes in 2023 is the public’s general opinion.  

1. Nike Vomero 5

This Nike version was a game changer in the sneaker industry, first introduced in 2010. After that, the lifestyle movement reclaimed it. The model experienced a brief comeback in 2019 thanks to a high-profile collaboration with A-COLD-WALL. 

But it never took off; experts forecast it would change in 2023. Many colour options are already available, ranging from vivid hues to subdued tones. This is expected to be successful because the silhouette is adaptable enough to work in both settings.

2. New Balance 1906R 

New Balance is sticking with the 1906R as a replacement for the wildly popular XC-72, 2002R, and RC30 designs. This is the most recent edition of New Balance’s ongoing effort to update its lifestyle range. It is keeping up with the traditional mesh upper that covered the best sports sneakers in years past. 

This New New Balance design is expected to make a significant comeback in 2023a, and you’ll want to snag a pair this year. 

Air Jordan 1

3. Air Jordan 1 

This Air Jordan has been featured in the best sneakers list practically every year, but that is just how the cult-classic shoe is. The Air Jordan 1 is undoubtedly the most famous pair of shoes ever and is continually updated and made more relevant. 

With the launch of the Affleck and Damon film Air, which will (in part) recount the rise of this specific sneaker, this year will undoubtedly be another successful year for the model. Finding a pair will be difficult this year.

Gel Nimbus 9

4. Gel Nimbus 9 

Experts predict an innovative Asics model to overtake the Gel Kayano 14 this year, even though the latter had 2022 (and will probably continue to generate sales in 2023) figures. In typical Asics fashion, the shoe debuted with some pretty colourful variants, including one in which the company collaborated with the band Brain Dead. Nevertheless, more versatile pairs have appeared, all dressed in the brand’s distinctive chrome.  

5. Clarks Wallabees

The Wallabee, a different classic sneaker, may lack the stature of the Air Jordan 1, but it still enjoys much love. In 2023, it will get some well-deserved love thanks to its classic shape, ease of wear, and support from several outstanding collaborations.  

6. Norda 001

The track running style was bound to find fame in the streets this year, given the rising enthusiasm for hiking the tracks for fitness. This Norda sneaker is among the industry’s most technically advanced running shoes, with exceptional comfort and superior craftsmanship ideal for its purpose and beyond.

Adidas Gazelle

7. Adidas Gazelle

The Gazelle is most prepared to continue after Samba. This shoe was loved after being selected as the top shoe in last year’s stunning Gucci and Adidas partnership. Although it has a somewhat thicker sole than the Samba, it is nonetheless just as svelte. 

Nike Air Penny 2

8. Nike Air Penny 2

This year is only complete, with Nike returning one of their iconic basketball shoes from the past. The Foamposite had its day in the spotlight the previous year; the Air Penny 2 is now in its turn. 

The first company to release the shoe will be Stüssy, who will do so in their well-known “Rattan” and “Fossil” hues. In its 26th year since its initial release in 1997, experts expect additional significant releases in the coming months.

In Conclusion

Sydney has various sneaker shops to meet every sneakerhead’s needs. Sydney has many shoe stores, from boutiques to major retailers, so there’s something for everyone. These stores cater to sneaker fans of all stripes, from serious collectors to those who enjoy a good pair of kicks now and then. 

All sneakerheads in Sydney owe it to themselves to check out these stores, which include knowledgeable personnel, unique collaborations, and highly sought-after releases. Visit one of Sydney’s best shoe stores if you’re in the area and want to add to your sneaker collection or are just interested in checking out the latest styles.