The Best Campsites in Tasmania for Camping

Tasmania is a popular camping location because of its amazing natural beauty and varied terrain. Making a decision about where to set up your tent can be difficult with so many campgrounds to pick from. We’ll walk you through some of Tasmania’s top camping locations in this guide, from seaside campgrounds to mountain retreats.

Campsite types

It’s vital to realise that there are various sorts of campsites accessible in Tasmania before we get into individual campgrounds. The most typical varieties are listed below:

• National parks: There are over 19 national parks in Tasmania, and several of them offer camping. These locations, which typically offer just the most minimal amenities, are distant.

State reserves

• State reserves: State reserves resemble national parks, but they are often less developed and smaller. They are perfect for campers who want a more private setting.

• Commercial campgrounds: Compared to state parks or national parks, commercial campsites have more amenities. Common amenities include restrooms, hot showers, and laundry and play areas.

Free campsites

• Free campsites: Tasmania features a large number of free campsites that are perfect for travellers on a tight budget. These campgrounds, however, frequently offer few amenities and may not be suited for larger RVs or caravans.

Best Tasmanian campgrounds

The top campgrounds in Tasmania are listed below, organised by region:

Eastern Coast

Eastern Coast

Friendly Beaches: Situated in the Freycinet National Park, this campground is close to the beach and offers breathtaking views of the coast. Toilets and a picnic space are provided.

Swansea Holiday Park

• Swansea Holiday Park: Located in the seaside town of Swansea, this commercial campground has a variety of lodging alternatives, including powered and unpowered sites, cottages, and villas. A camp kitchen, a BBQ area, and laundry are available.

Coastal North

Bay of Fires Conservation Area

• Bay of Fires Conservation Area: With modest amenities like restrooms and picnic tables, this campground is situated in a lovely coastal setting. The region is well-known for its snorkelling, swimming, and fishing.

• Grindelwald Holiday Park: This developed campground is close to Launceston and provides a number of amenities, such as a pool, a BBQ area, and a playground. Cabins, powered and unpowered sites, and ensuite sites are available as lodging alternatives.

Pacific Coast

Cradle Mountain

• Cradle Mountain – Lake St. Clair National Park: This park has a number of campgrounds, including the well-known Cradle Mountain campground. The region is renowned for its beautiful hiking paths and breathtaking mountain views.

Strahan Beach Tourist Park

• Strahan Beach Tourist Park: This commercial campground, which is situated in the historic town of Strahan, provides a number of amenities like a camp kitchen, a BBQ area, and laundry. Cabins, powered and unpowered sites, and ensuite sites are available as lodging alternatives.

Gulf Coast

Cockle Creek

• Cockle Creek: The southernmost location reachable by driving is this campground, which is situated in Tasmania’s extreme south. The region is well-known for its beautiful hiking paths and is a fantastic location to see animals. Picnic tables and restrooms are available.

Hobart Airport Tourist Park

• Hobart Airport Tourist Park: This business campground, which is close to the airport, provides a number of amenities such a camp kitchen, a BBQ area, and laundry. Cabins, powered and unpowered sites, and ensuite sites are available as lodging alternatives.

Camping advice for Tasmania

Camping advice for Tasmania

• Reserve in advance: Campsites in Tasmania can fill up rapidly during the busiest months of December through February. In order to avoid disappointment, be sure to reserve your camping far in advance.

Be prepared for any weather

• Be prepared for any weather: Tasman

Camping in Tasmania is a fantastic experience that enables you to enjoy this beautiful island’s splendour and get in touch with nature. There is something for everyone in Tasmania, from seaside and highland campgrounds to national parks and reserves.

Make sure you have all the essential supplies, a well-thought-out plan, and are knowledgeable about Tasmania’s camping laws before starting your camping excursion. Keep in mind to respect the environment, wildlife, and other campers and to leave no trace.

You can tailor your camping experience to your preferences in Tasmania thanks to the variety of camping alternatives available. Tasmania has it all, whether you’re looking for a tranquil family camping holiday or a secluded wilderness experience. Don’t pass up the chance to camp out while discovering Tasmania’s natural treasures.