This Crazy Anti-Distraction Helmet From 1925 Is Still Relevant Today

Do you have trouble focusing at your workplace? Does something frequently get in the way whenever you strive to be active? Then The Isolator helmet, designed in 1925 by Hugo Gernsback, a Luxembourgish-American inventor, editor, writer, and magazine publisher, could be what you need.

The Isolator helmet

If you looked at Gernsback’s anti-distraction device, you would quickly notice why he’s known as “The Father Of Science Fiction.” The wooden helmet shut out noise and visibility, allowing the user to concentrate on the activity they were working on. The helmet, according to Gernsback, suppressed sound by approximately 95%, and the small glass spyhole guaranteed that no adjacent activity could disturb the user from their concentration. The device made you appear incredibly dumb. However, the person using it remained anonymous.

“The Father Of Science Fiction.”

That is, provided they didn’t use it in the office where their workstation would identify them. Few things would be more annoying than operating next to someone wearing the distraction helmet!