This “Eternal Song” Has Played For 19 Yrs & Has Over 980 To Go

The world’s most listened-to song has been on repeat for 20 years in England at River Thames banks, which is situated in London. 


The song is the darling of Jem Finer( a British composer ), who is mainly known as one of the founders of the famous punk band(Pogues). The idea was a revelation as it has managed to survive throughout all these years. 

“As I was edging closer to early 2000, I began to ponder how I would take advantage of the millennium,” Finer said. “ How well to use time like a slower and longer process and not the usual frantic jump cut tempo that saw prominence in the 20th century.”

To master and bring the concept into light, Jem came up with a terrific everlasting music concept that will take over and be listened to for a decade. He didn’t waste a second; he carried on, focused and ensured he overthrew the then-creative masterpieces in the music industry. The end product of this revolutionary idea was a masterpiece known as the “long-player.”

“Imagine having six copies from the similar record, placing them on multiple distinct turntables, and mixing and spinning them at distinctive speeds,” he stated. “ The idea is to move on the materials at distinct points, giving you a longevity relationship that could take up to 1,000 years.”


Jem chose Tibetan bowls since they contain pleasant, complex tones and catchy melodies. The instruments used at this particular time, dated 550B.C and in as much as they are used to reduce stress, they can also be used to meditate and act as a holistic balance and healer, which will still be required after a thousand years. 

The Longplayer launch came back on 31st December 1999 and has continued to pick up and is expected to go again in 2999, something no one would have predicted. 

The truth is that the stewards and the creators won’t be there for 1000 years; that’s why theres a trust in place to ensure “Longplayer” never stops. The trustees are people who have the Longeplayer at heart and will research and maintain eternal songs. The trust says, “If you’re privileged to listen to it now, you have a similar experience for those who are yet to be born in the next 950 years.”

Moreover, the trust is open to donations to help run and manage costs of up to $125 daily. Similarly, anyone can sponsor them in which you’ll select your word, and it will be engaged effectively. You can purchase your time coming up with a song composition day valid for 24 hours. 


No one can accurately predict what life would be like in the next 1000 years, but with “Longplayer”, we were constantly encouraged to have an open mind for infinite possibilities. The project specifies how music can unite hearts and souls for as much as 1000 years.