Top 10 Best Family Accommodation on Phillip Island

Are you leaving for Phillip Island? You got lucky! Phillip Island is a stunningly lovely region of the globe. Find the finest family accommodations Phillip Island has to offer.

While the famous Penguin Parade is the main attraction for many visitors to Phillip Island, the island is also a great place to spend a few days relaxing with the family.

You won’t be at a loss for things to do on Phillip Island, whether you wish to chill on the beaches of Cowes, teach your children surfing on Woolamai Beach, visit the cute koalas or kangaroos found at Maru wildlife park, or soak up the sea and beach air.

This family guide on accommodations at Phillip Island will help you make the most of your time on the island by finding the right place to stay for you and your kids.

Whatever your travel needs and budget, this article will assist you in finding the perfect place to stay on Phillip Island.

Whether you’re interested in the finest hotel on Phillip Island, a relaxing stay at the finest Phillip Island resort, or a budget-friendly Phillip Island along Victoria lodging option, we can help you find it.

Top 10 Best Family Accommodation on Phillip Island [2023]

Phillip Island’s Best 10 Family Hotels in 2023

Island Resort Silverwater

1. Island Resort Silverwater 

Location: 17 Potters Along Hill Road on San Remo


Types of rooms available: Resort rooms, studios, one-and two-bedroom apartments, are available. (has full kitchens)

Comfortable for the Whole Family:

  • Incredible views of the bay may be seen from the property.
  • Excellent amenities, including a swimming pool, tennis courts, and playground equipment.
  • Bar and restaurant available on site

The magnificent Silverwater Resort along San Remo might be the best option if you’re seeking elegant Phillip Island accommodations that are family-friendly and equipped with modern conveniences.

Silverwater accommodation at Phillip Island is set on the hilly slopes of San Remo, right before the famous Phillip Island bridge. It offers breathtaking views over the cove (their sunsets are breathtaking). The property is conveniently located within 30 minutes of every best attraction along Phillip Island.

This Phillip Island hotel in San Remo boasts an extended range of activities and amenities, perfect for a family vacation. This five-star resort on Victoria in Phillip Island features a solar-heated indoor pool, an outdoor pool, tennis facilities, basketball courts, a playground, a jumping pillow an indoor/outdoor restaurant that offers stunning views.

Resort rooms are ideal for those who want to have their meals in a hotel setting and those searching for hotel accommodations in Phillip Island. Or, choose from a variety of spacious 1-, 2-, and 3-bedroom apartments fully equipped in self-catering (with a “home chef”) and ideal for families.

Top Features?

Phillip Island’s bayfront resort has stunning vistas and first-rate amenities. Feel pampered as you watch the sunset over the sea every night.

Weakest Links?

It’s over the bridge on Phillip Island, and most visitors must drive far to reach the sights.


To sum up, San Remo along  Phillip Island is a great spot to stay if you’re looking to splurge on a vacation, with plenty of alternatives for dining out or stocking up on groceries for a self-catered meal.

Phillip Island’s Kaloha Resort

2. Phillip Island’s Kaloha Resort 

Location: 17-21 Steele Street, New Zealand, in Cohes


Types of rooms available: Queen rooms, family rooms, one to three-bedroom cottages, and a four-bedroom townhouse.

Designed with Families in Mind:

  • The superb spot is right on the shore.
  • Recreational space with a hot tub, a pool, playground, and barbecue pits 
  • Convenient on-site dining and drinking establishments

Cowes Victoria in Phillip Island lodging is recommended for those who want to be in the heart of the island’s action. Cowes, the island’s primary settlement, offers various services and activities.

The resort sits just on the water’s edge and across the port. You can reach most of Phillip Island’s top attractions from here in just 15 minutes.

A giant hot tub, an outdoor pool, a children’s playground, a jumping pillow, and BBQ grills are available at the Kaloha Caravan Park on Phillip Island. There is a restaurant and bar on the premises and free WiFi. The beachside setting is the cherry on top.

Cowes on Phillip Island offers a variety of family-friendly lodging alternatives, from tent sites and caravan parks to spa-equipped queen rooms, two-bedroom apartments, three-bedroom beach cabins, and four-bedroom townhouses.

Top Features?

This family-friendly hotel in Cowes is steps from the sandy beaches and close to all the action for a memorable stay on Phillip Island.

Low Points?

Although the resort’s location could be better, it’s nevertheless a decent choice among Phillip Island hotels with ocean views.


In conclusion, you can find a more affordable option on Phillip Island. But it’s a good deal and among the least expensive hotels in Cowes. There is a lot to do here for the kids, and the variety of accommodations ensures that everyone will feel at home.

BIG4 Holiday Park

3. BIG4 Holiday Park

Location: 24 Old Bridge Drive in Newhaven. 


Types of rooms available: Two and three-bedroom villas, family rooms and bungalows with kitchenettes are also available.

Amenities Suitable for Families:

  • Proximity to the shore
  • Clean, well-appointed rooms
  • There are several family-friendly amenities available. (sports courts, games room etc.)
  • Visitors are offered free wifi and free parking.

BIG4 is an excellent location for pet-friendly caravan parks in Victoria on Phillip Island and other types of Phillip Island accommodations. (though it’s best to call ahead and be sure, as there are seasons when the campground doesn’t allow pets.)

The Park is near Newhaven, a tiny hamlet along Phillip Island containing shopping and essential services, and can be found immediately to your left after crossing the Phillip Island bridge. The island’s primary attractions are within a 20-minute drive from your hotel.

This resort has several family-friendly facilities along Phillip Island, including a volleyball court, games room, playground, basketball court, free parking, a private beach area and free internet.

 Guests access a state-of-the-art common kitchenette, an outside dining area all year, and a summertime outdoor cinema.

Family rooms, three-bedroom villas and two-bedroom bungalows with kitchens are just options for those travelling with kids.

Fav. Bits?

The accommodations are modern and clean, and the proximity to the stunning beach is a significant plus.

Low Points?

The lack of a swimming pool is the only real drawback, but with a private beach right there, we opted to get some ocean air instead.


For a family looking for a location to stay in Victoria, along Phillip Island in Australia, that has proximity to the beach and offers the convenience of self-catering, BIG4 is an excellent option. This is hardly a five-star establishment, but it offers decent value and is maintained cleanly.

Anchor Belle Park

4. Anchor Belle Park 

Location: 272 Church Street, Cowes, Australia


Types of rooms available: One, two, or three bedrooms villas plus a townhouse with two bedrooms are the available room types.

Amenities Suitable for Families:

  • Proximity to the beach, main attractions, and commercial areas.
  • Gymnasium, sporting fields, and a hot tub.
  • Convenient on-site minimarket
  • Free WiFi and parking are provided for guests.
  • This lodging is only 100 yards away from the sand. The Caravan Park along Phillip Island offers an excellent choice for vacationing families because of its proximity to the beach and nearby Cowes town’s conveniences.

The park is located on the western edge of Cowes, near the boundary with Ventnor. It is about two kilometres from the commercial and dining hub of Cowes.

A hot tub, ball court, a jumping pillow and a games area are just some of the activities available at this property, making it an excellent option for families searching for accommodation in Phillip Island. There are no hidden fees, and parking and wifi are free. There is also a convenience store.

You can camp out in a designated area or stay in the villas, which offer everything from cheap cabins to luxury two-bedroom townhouses to deluxe cabins. Most families will find the range of one to three-bedroom apartments suitable.

Fav. Bits?

We chose this hotel because of its convenient location near the beach and the freshly restored, high-end two-story townhouse cabins.

Low Points?

Guests must bring their food or travel into Cowes, as there is neither a cafe nor a restaurant on the premises.


In short, This Cowes, Phillip Island hotel is the best option if you’re looking for a wide variety of room types and prices to suit your needs. If you’re looking for a family-friendly place to vacation on Phillip Island, this is it.

NRMA Holiday Park

5. NRMA Holiday Park 

Location: 164 Church Street, Cowes, NT, 0830 Australia 


Types of Accommodations: a variety of uniquely laid out one- and two-bedroomed bungalows

Designed with Families in Mind:

  • Location on the beach at a reasonable price
  • On-site playground, community kitchen, and grills.
  • All necessary kitchen equipment is provided in the bungalows.

This Holiday Park near Cowes, on the northern side of Phillip Island, is an excellent destination for families seeking low-cost, beachfront caravan parks in Phillip Island. This holiday park is ideal if you’re seeking low-cost lodging for your family on Phillip Island.

Located in the heart of Cowes, at most ten minutes from the famous wildlife park on Phillip Island, this is an ideal location to explore the rest of the island. On the other hand, the beach is right outside your door!

There is a covered barbecue area, a community kitchen, and a playground for the youngsters. Microwaves, toasters, and stoves are standard in all bungalows’ kitchens.

There are both one- and two-bedroom bungalows with sleeping arrangements and a lovely veranda facing the ocean. Requests for bedding packets, which are not provided automatically, must be made in advance.

Fav. Bits?

Location right on the sandy beaches! Book a bungalow with a porch to view the stunning ocean views from every angle.

Low Points?

The free wifi is only available for two hours daily, which feels stingy nowadays, but it could aid in taking a break from technology.


If you’re seeking a simple place to stay near the beach in Cowes on Phillip Island at a reasonable price, go no further than this holiday rental in Victoria.

The Waves Apartments

6. The Waves Apartments

Location: 2 The Esplanade, Cowes, Australia


Types of accommodation available: Studio and family rooms are available. (two bunk beds and a queen bed and two bunk beds or a single and queen)

Designed with Families in Mind:

  • Seaside luxury flats with all the contemporary conveniences
  • Visitors are offered free wifi and free parking.
  • Rentable bicycles and a grilling area are available.

Accommodation at The Waves

If you’re seeking high-end Phillip Island lodging with a spa, consider the resort’s ocean-view studio apartments in the middle of Cowes.

The Waves Apartments is an excellent option for lodging in Cowes on Phillip Island because of its convenient location near the town centre and proximity to all the attractions. It’s only a 15-minute drive away, making it another viable option for lodging near the famous Penguin Parade on Phillip Island.

These high-end apartments provide guests with a barbecue area, bike rentals, free parking and Internet access.

However, your apartment itself will provide you with the best amenities. The studios have a jacuzzi tub large enough for two, a kitchenette, a dining room, and a balcony overlooking the ocean.

There is either a queen-sized bed, and the kids get a set of bunk beds or a queen-sized bed and a single bed in a family studio. Like most hotels on the Island, the Wave is a popular choice, but they fill up fast on busy holidays and summer weekends.

Top Features?

These apartments are great because of their location, sea views, and contemporary elegance.

Weakest Links?

There is no swimming pool or other family-friendly amenities.


The Waves apartments are the only place to stay on Phillip Island, offering spa services in each flat. This is an excellent location for a stay with your kids if you want to be across the street from the beach without breaking the bank.

Relax in San Remo, Phillip Island Hotel

7. Relax in San Remo, Phillip Island Hotel

Location: 38 Shetland Heights Road, San Remo


Types of accommodation available: Three double bedrooms are available. (Accommodates up to seven people).

Designed with Families in Mind:

  • Rooms that are both spacious and sea-facing
  • Completely self-contained, with no need to leave the premises

Vacationers looking for a self-contained property on Victoria in Phillip Island may find what they want in Relax in San Remo.

This 3-bedroom apartment close to  Phillip Island is perfect for big families. It can accommodate up to 7 guests. This cottage has a garden, a sun terrace, a fully equipped kitchen (with a dishwasher), a living room, and a single bathroom.

Most importantly, they are a pet-friendly hotel, making this an excellent choice for anyone searching for pet-friendly hotels in Victoria in Phillip Island.

Despite being at San Remo, close to the Phillip Island bridge, one can easily reach the Penguin Parade in Cowes and the whole of Phillip Island with a car.

Fav. Bits?

This oceanfront property on Phillip Island is ideal because it gives you and your family complete freedom of movement.

Low Points?

The main sights on the island are a longer journey from the hotel.


In short, this is one of the best hotels to book if you want to have the comforts of home while visiting Phillip Island with your pet.

The North Pier, Phillip Island Hotel

8. The North Pier, Phillip Island Hotel


Accommodation available: Various rooms, apartments, and townhouses are available, including four bedrooms.

Designed with Families in Mind:

  • An ideal base from which you can explore Phillip Island, complete with a pool, playground, restaurant and bar.
  • Parking and WiFi are free of charge.

The hotel is well located on the beach in Cowes town centre, thus the best option for visitors to Phillip Island who wish to be close to all the action.

The hotel is among the most well-known Cowes hotels on Phillip Island, and for a good reason: it offers a restaurant, a bar, a pool, a play area for children, free parking, and direct beach access. The destination is a fantastic alternative if you’re seeking low-cost lodging for your family on Phillip Island.

The North Pier Hotel allows you to pick your journey by providing a wide variety of room types, townhouses, and apartments with one to four bedrooms. The rooms aren’t the newest ones, but they’re bright and airy, and many have balconies. The suites and rooms with a view of the bay are most desirable.

Top Features?

As it is challenging to locate reasonably priced lodging in such a central position on Victoria in Phillip Island, this is a great choice.

Weakest Links?

The hotel isn’t a five-star establishment, but given the features, it’s affordable.


In conclusion, Phillip Island is home to various hotels, motels, and B&Bs, so everyone can find the perfect place to stay for their vacation. This ranks among the finest and most affordable Cowes hotels the Island has to offer, and it’s conveniently located, so you can easily explore the rest of the island.

9. The Island Accommodation Hotel

Location: Newhaven, Australia 10-12 Phillip Island Road, Australia

Accommodation available: Family rooms for up to twelve guests, and there are various other lodging options as well.

Designed with Families in Mind:

  • Affordable lodging options
  • The community dining, cooking, and lounging areas
  • Parking is free of charge.

This Island Accommodation hotel is another inexpensive alternative if you’re looking for a hotel on Phillip Island in Victoria.

The Island Accommodation Hotel is a fantastic alternative for individuals seeking inexpensive, no-frills lodging on Newhaven Island’s Phillip Island because it is a hostel created to cater to the needs of individual travellers and families or groups of friends. 

From Newhaven town, right opposite the bridge, once you enter Phillip Island, you can walk to San Remo and the beach in about ten minutes or drive anywhere on the island in under 15 minutes.

There are multiple common areas for guests at this Phillip Island lodging for large groups, such as a living room, balconies, and two fully equipped kitchens. Parking is free, and restaurants and stores are a short walk away.

You can choose from various rooms, including family suites with private bathrooms and huge dorms that fit up to twelve guests. (recommended).

Favourite Bits?

Excellent when travelling on a budget and wishing to visit Victoria in Phillip Island. Those on a tighter budget or those travelling in a large group should consider this option.

Weakest Links?

The Island is a backpacker hostel, so it can get loud, and only some people like sleeping in bunk beds.


If you’d instead save money to be able to do other fun activities on the island, then The Island Accommodation is a perfect option. Island Accommodation on Victoria along Phillip Island is ideal if you enjoy interacting with other guests and only require a little privacy throughout your stay.

Bimbadeen Farm Retreats, Phillip Island

10. Bimbadeen Farm Retreats, Phillip Island

Location: 550 Back Beach Road, Australia, Ventnor

Types of accommodation available: Villas with one, two, or three bedrooms. (bunks available)

Designed with Families in Mind:

  • There are fully equipped kitchens and excellent amenities in the villas.
  • Set in the middle of a busy farm
  • All guests are provided with free WiFi and parking.

My final recommendation for a place to stay on Phillip Island is a farm stay, ideal for nature-loving families who want to get the most out of their stay in the great outdoors.

For accommodations in Ventnor, there’s nothing better than getting in touch with nature than visiting Phillip Island, situated in the island’s geographic centre on an extensive thriving cow farm. 

You’ll be near the C478 road to the Penguin Parade, so getting around the island is easy. The Grand Pix on Phillip Island is only a short drive away if you need a shift.

The villas at the farm stay are modern and contemporary, and they have views of the countryside, making it a perfect place to relax and unwind. All rooms have a kitchenette, a TV, and heating or air conditioning at no extra cost. Your children will enjoy visiting the resident chickens, sheep, and calves.

One, two, or three-bedroom villas are eco-friendly and can accommodate up to ten guests, each with a kitchen, tea and coffee-making amenities and a huge bathroom.

Favourite Bits?

Phillip Island is the perfect place to unwind outdoors and teach your kids about farming.

Low Points?

Although it’s among the island’s more pricey lodging alternatives, its unique experience is well worth the cost.


Take your family on an adventure unlike any other on Victoria, Phillip Island and enjoy more time in nature than at typical hotels.