Top Free Tennis Courts In Perth and Western Australia

Anyone for tennis?

Well in Western Australia there are plenty of places you can enjoy a hit without having to pay for membership at an expensive club.

So whether you just fancy a muck around with your mates or you harbour dream of becoming the next Leyton Hewitt or Ash Barty, here is where you should head to.

Edgewater Tennis Courts

If you live near Edgewater Emerald Park, it is worth checking out the free tennis courts there. They are among the most desirable free courts you can play at in Western Australia.

During the evenings it tends to get quite busy, so it might be best to plan your games early in the day if possible. If you’re lucky enough to secure the courts in the evening, lights are available for night play. You’ll find the lighting switch on the left side of the courts facing the oval.

There are a couple of free courts available, both in good condition and fairly well-maintained. However, if you suffer from arachnophobia, try not to hit the ball towards the corners of the courts – there are a few large spiders hanging there.

The car park is convenient, free, and right next to the courts, while public toilets are available in the building located to the left of the parking lot. Just in front of the public toilets, there is a water tap available for you to use, should you need to fill your water bottles back up.

Address: 41 Emerald Way, Edgewater, 6027, WA

Hillarys Tennis Courts

The tennis courts near the picturesque Hillarys Boat Harbour are a hidden gem. They can be found at Harbour View Park, which is in a pleasant and well-maintained residential area and you can easily access them via Whitfords Avenue or Hepburn Avenue.

These courts are usually empty, so if you’re in the area, it’s worth checking them out. There are two separate courts, each with its own fenced area, which is great because most courts, even paid ones, are adjacent to each other. The courts are in great condition, and there is also lighting available, with the light switch located on the side of the courts.

Public toilets are located just outside the courts, making it quite convenient. Water taps are also available. The only downside is the parking. There is no dedicated parking for these tennis courts, so you’ll need to find street parking in the neighbourhood. Luckily you should not have too much trouble doing this.

Address: 19 Azzuro Crescent, Hillarys, 6025, WA

Craigie Tennis Courts

These tennis courts can be a bit difficult to find, as the only way to access them is through the parking lot around Eagle Street or Camberwarra Drive. For this reason, these courts are often empty because they are not well known. Indeed, if you’re having trouble finding courts to play at, it’s worth checking these out.

There are two available courts in relatively good condition, though they are not very well maintained. You may need to sweep the leaves off the court before playing.

Public toilets are located on the right side of the courts, and you’ll find the lighting switch nearby.

Overall, these courts are great if you’re looking for free and unoccupied courts.

Address: 91 Camberwarra Drive, Craigie, 6025, WA

Mullaloo Tennis Courts

Located in leafy Blackboy Park, these free tennis courts are a fantastic discovery. They are situated in a quiet neighborhood and are often unoccupied.

There are two well-maintained courts available for use. Conveniently, there are accessible toilets located just outside the courts. Additionally, there is lighting available for evening play, with the switch located on one of the lighting poles.

Please note that dedicated parking is not available, so you may need to park on the curb or in other available spaces. Despite this, you would be well advised to play at these courts.

Address: 17 Balga Way, Mullaloo, 6027, WA

Kingsley Tennis Courts

The tennis courts at Kingsley Park are in good condition and have lighting for evening play. However, they are not well-maintained, so you may need to sweep leaves and other debris off the court before playing.

There are no public toilets available, so keep that in mind. The lighting switch is located at one of the lighting poles near the car park, and parking is conveniently located right next to the courts.

Address: 72 Kingsley Drive, Kingsley, 6026, WA

Greenwood Tennis Courts

The tennis courts are situated in Penistone Park and can get quite crowded at times. There are two courts that are generally in good condition, although they are not regularly maintained. You may come across sand or leaves on the court, so please be mindful of that before playing.

Ample parking spots are available, and public toilets are provided in the area for your convenience. Additionally, there is lighting available for evening games. The area is considered quite safe overall.

Address: 27 Penistone Street, Greenwood, 6024, WA

Nicholson Road Reserve

Over at the Nicholson Road Reserve, which you will find behind the Palms Centre, at the corner of Rokeby and Nicholson Roads, there are two hard courts available for free public use year-round.

The courts have push-button lighting and do not require booking in advance. Subsequently, they are first come, first served.

Address: Cnr Nicholson Road & Rokeby Road, Subiaco 6008 WA

Subiaco Primary

Subiaco Primary makes both their hard courts adjacent to the oval available for local residents to use on the weekend. They also double up as basketball courts and operate on a first-come, first-served basis against both sports.

Address: 271 Bagot Road, Subiaco 6008 WA

Glengarry Park Tennis Courts

These free courts are located in a quiet area and comprise two free courts that are in reasonable condition.

Facilities there include public and accessible toilets, a picnic area and playground. They also have bike racks if you want to cycle there and good parking options including disabled parking.

Address: Glengarry Park 5 Merrick Way Duncraig WA 6023