Ultimate Guide To The Best Camping Knife Australia

Are you searching for the top camping knife that Australia has to offer? You may be searching for the finest camping Swiss Army knife or the best hiking and camping knife. No matter what sort of knife you’re searching for, our shopping guide for camping knives will benefit you.

Cutting rope, chopping food, and fixing items around the camp are just a few uses for a high-quality camping knife. Australia’s finest camping knife is an essential piece of gear that you should always go camping with.

The only issue is that so many internet retailers claim to provide the finest fixed-blade camp and camping folding knives that it might be difficult to tell whether you’re picking the appropriate one. Before purchasing, use this guide to help you think about all the essential features and variables.

You can get the finest camping knife for your requirements thanks to our inclusion of the best goods available online in Australia, comprehensive reviews, and an easy-to-understand comparison chart of all the leading camping knife manufacturers. 

Read this article if you’re looking for the best camping knife under $50, a big, a tiny, or affordable with plenty of features. Australia, get ready to discover the most incredible camping knife!

Choosing The Best Camping Pocket Knife 2023

Individuals must select which knife best serves them when trekking and camping. Various camping knives are available, each better suited to a particular activity. 

You may put several of them to a wide variety of different uses. While searching for top-rated camping knives suited to your requirements, the following list some of the most significant factors to consider.


Do you want hiking, camping, or other outdoor activities but need the finest knife? Various camping knives are available, from little folding knives to heavy-duty fixed-blade knives and even specialty blades for woodcarving. Even the most excellent cheap camping knife can satisfy most people’s demands.

You may pass up even the most incredible camping folding knife in favour of a fixed-blade knife due to its durability and reliability. They’re often more significant than knives, making them easier to hold and wield for extended periods. The finest fixed-blade camping knife is suitable for those with big hands.

  • In most cases, they are sturdy.
  • Easy on the nerves
  • It may be relatively large (unfoldable).
  • Need a sheath for secure transport.

Folding Camping Knife

A foldable knife may be the finest camping knife 2023 option for you. These knives almost always come equipped with a locking mechanism that securely holds the blade in position. 

They are convenient because they can be folded into a much smaller package and kept without a sheath since the handle serves as the sheath when the knife is folded.

  • The most excellent folding camping knife folds very little.
  • requires no separate sheath
  • Some people may find it too tiny
  • Less easy to maintain; never fold a filthy knife.


They are little toolboxes that have been combined into a single portable item. The most excellent camping multi-tool knife can do a wide variety of tasks. If camping, you can accomplish it with the finest camping multi-tool knife.

  • Best camping spots The Swiss Army Knife is very small and light.
  • Use this fantastic tool for anything!
  • usually very little
  • Not recommended for prolonged usage
  • The ideal camping knife


When it comes to camping, selecting the most excellent fixed-blade knife for your requirements involves selecting the best kind of blade available. Whether it comes to making meals, doing jobs around the campground, cutting rope, or other similar activities, some knives will perform better than others.


The blade of a camping knife should be at most five inches under normal circumstances. The ideal length for the edge of a camping pocket knife is approximately four inches. It is essential to select the appropriate size; you want it to be shorter to transport, but on the other hand, if it is too fast, you will find it challenging to work with.


Furthermore important is the material that the blade is made of. You’ll want a durable knife that can maintain its edge for longer. When it comes to the blades of camping knives, carbon steel or stainless are the materials that are recommended.

Carbon Steel: If you want to buy a blade made of carbon steel, you must know that it’s meant to last a long time but will rust if not taken care of correctly. Thus, thoroughly clean it and wait until it is entirely dry after each usage before folding or sheathing it.

Stainless Steel: A blade made of stainless steel, on the other hand, is particularly resistant to corrosion and is quite durable, but it may be more difficult to sharpen than blades made of different materials.


A camping knife’s blade form should be taken into account while making your choice. The power or usefulness will depend on the form. The following are typical blade shapes:

Drop Point Blades: The blade’s spine is intended to slope gently away from the point, protecting against accidental piercing. The pointed tip of a drop point blade makes it ideal for cutting tasks both large and small. Many people consider them to be the best knives for hunting and camping.

Blades with Clip Points: When the tip of the edge has been “clipped” off, a knife with a clip point form has a tiny, sharp point. You may use this method for both precise work and perforating materials. This style of knife is standard in both folding knives and high-quality fixed-blade outdoor tools.

Sheepsfoot Blades: Sheepsfoot blades feature a pointy tip and a sharp, rounded spine. First, the sharp end is straight rather than curved from the handle to the information. Its form minimises the possibility of piercing with the edge for rapid cutting and chopping. Fantastic for cooking meals.

Knives with a tanto blade have a pointed tip and a slanted edge. Tanto blades offer you more power for slicing and prying rigid materials.

Handles And Safety

It is recommended that the handle of a camping knife have a matte texture for a better grip and be moulded for ergonomic coziness and hold to ensure the user’s safety. What material should the handle of a camping knife be made of? 

To make the handle, you can use many materials, including wood, metals, and composite materials. Handles made of wood that are of an appropriate length are pleasant to hold, yet they’re susceptible to being damaged by water.

Despite their low cost and resistance to water damage, curved plastic handles can become wet and slippery, reducing the user’s ability to maintain a firm grip.

Aluminium and stainless steel handles are hardy but icy and dangerously slippery when wet. This makes it challenging to use these materials when it is cold outside.

Weight And Portability

Concerning camping gear, weight, and portability are often of the utmost significance. People prefer to avoid hiking with a large, cumbersome knife. A blade so light, nevertheless, might not be appropriate for the specific task you require.

A knife inherently has more steadiness the heavier it is. The most excellent knife for everyday usage weighs between 100 and 500 grams. Some knives include pocket clips that you may use to secure the blade while hiking.

Reviews Of The Best Knife For Survival Camping In Australia 2023

1. Gerber Bear Review


  • Blade, Static Type
  • Carbon-stainless-steel blades.
  • Length of Blade: 12.1c
  • Pointed, Dropped Blade
  • 500 g in weight

Check out this fixed-blade version of Gerber’s classic pocket knife, designed by survivalist Bear Grylls. The high-carbon stainless steel blade has a distinctive drop-point profile. Thanks to its versatile serrated and plain edges, you can use it for everything from slicing meat to slicing rope.

The rubber handle of this knife is textured to provide a secure and comfortable grip. The bottom of the pommel is constructed of stainless steel, making it suitable for hammering. The pommel features a built-in whistle in case of an emergency.

The best-selling Gerber pocket knife has a durable nylon sheath, diamond-coated blade, and fire starter. There’s also a small brochure with Bear’s best survival tips. You must notice this model in searching for the best Gerber knife.


  • Multifunctional; one side is serrated, and the other is plain.
  • Warning whistle
  • The sheath has a diamond sharpener and fire starter.


  • When concealed, it’s not the lightest blade.

2. Benchmade Review


  • It is a folding Knife
  • The knife has a stainless steel blade.
  • It is 8.8 cm long
  • It is a pointed, dropped blade
  • It has a mass of 110 g

Expert knifemaker Mel Pardue designed this blade. The drop-pointed knife blade is crafted from premium stainless steel and offers superior resistance to corrosion. Its slightly serrated edge makes short work of cutting through rope, wire, and food.

The rubberised grip on the knife’s lightweight moulded nylon handle increases comfort and control. Folding the knife shields the handle’s stainless steel liners from damage. You may use this durable blade for anything from precision cutting to common household activities.

Getting the knife out of its sheath and utilising it is a breeze. To ensure your Benchmade knife stays in tip-top shape for as long as you need it, the company provides a “LifeSharp Service” and a lifetime warranty.


  • A slider on the knife controls the locking mechanism.
  • slender blade
  • flip-flop pocket clip


  • Pricey
Morakniv Review

3. Morakniv Review


  • It is a fixed-blade type 
  • It is made from stainless steel
  • It has a length of 10.4cm
  • It has a clip-point shape 
  • It has a mass of 110g

The best Morakniv for campers is this fixed-blade knife. The knife’s clip-point blade is constructed from hardened stainless steel, making it both long-lasting and straightforward to care for. So, it can cut wood and manage the most delicate camp cooking tasks.

The rubberised, low-resistance grip on the knife’s handle allows for a firm and comfortable grip on the blade at all times.

This knife has a plastic sheath with a small hole on the end to allow water to drain from the blade if it becomes wet and a belt loop for convenient carrying. If you require a long-lasting knife, this tool is a great choice.


  • It is durable 
  • Amazingly ergonomic
  • You can use it for various purposes


  • Take careful care of carbon steel since it is susceptible to tarnishing.

4. Spyderco Review


  • It is a fixed-blade type
  • It is made from stainless steel
  • It has a length of 8.6cm
  • It has a drop-point shape 
  • It has a mass of 130g

This knife is one of the most excellent Spyderco knife models available today for a top-notch folding knife. It features a flat-ground, long blade with a serrated pattern like a leaf that is ideal for slicing.

The knife includes a skeletonised steel liner inside a black laminate handle that increases stability without increasing weight. Smooth functioning is achieved by the pivot’s use of phosphor bronze bushings to join the blade and handle.

With your purchase, you will receive lifetime warranty protection and a unique leather sheath. Although made to an exceptional grade, this knife is still available on Amazon for a fair price.


  • This folding Spyderco pocket knife is the most excellent option for outdoor adventures.
  • A lot bigger than your average folding knife
  • With a Rubber Grip On


  • Requires periodic upkeep to maintain it in perfect shape
Gerber Paraframe Review

5. Gerber Paraframe Review


  • It is a fixed-blade type
  • It is made from stainless steel
  • It has a length of 7.3cm
  • It has a Tanto-point shape 
  • It has a mass of 100g

The knife is an easy one-handed opening drop point, partly serrated with a big finger hole for better grip and stability. The stainless steel blade has a titanium coating to lessen glare and prevent corrosion.

This knife is a solid option if you require the finest Gerber folding knife that is compact but sturdy. Like the blade, the handle’s anodised aluminium decreases corrosion risk.

The knife includes a pocket clip so you can always have it and readily access it. All of Gerber’s goods come with a lifetime guarantee, under which Gerber will, at its discretion, repair, replace, or substitute a comparable product for faulty products.


  • Unaffected by corrosion
  • Simple to clean
  • Wallet clip


  • It can rub when unfurled for the first time, but this eventually disappears.
Schrade Review

6. Schrade Review


  • It is a fixed-blade type
  • It is made from carbon steel
  • It has a length of 12.8cm
  • It has a Drop-point shape 
  • It has a mass of 450g

The drop-point blade of this knife is made of coated high-carbon steel, which resists corrosion. The blade has a fine edge and is extremely sharp.

The knife handle is made of thermoplastic elastomer with a durable ring texture. The TPE material handle includes weather-resistant ring texturing that offers a firm grip in any condition.

The black nylon sheath’s velcro loop makes it easy to fasten the sheath without taking off your belt. A ferrous rod fire starter and a honing stone are also included with the knife. This knife is well-made and is quite reasonably priced.


  • Convenient sheath secured with velcro
  • Under any conditions, long-lasting and able to maintain traction


  • Very heavy

7. Spyderco Review


  • It is a folding-blade type
  • It is made from stainless Steel
  • It has a length of 4.9cm
  • It has a Drop-point shape 
  • It has a mass of 16g

This minimal, lightweight travel or camper knife takes up so little space that it might easily be a frequent travel companion. If you’re on a light camping camp trip, it’s not intended for heavy-duty labour like wood whittling. 

Still, it’s convenient to have about and great for quickly opening items and completing tiny activities.

The blade is 4.9 cm in length and is composed of sturdy steel. The handle is composed of rugged fibreglass nylon to prevent slippage when cutting. 

Also, it is a vivid shade of yellow, making it very simple to find if dropped. Spyderco guarantees the knife will keep its cutting edge and be 100% rust-free.


  • Very condensed yet retains its lightness.
  • It opens easily with one hand.


  • Not meant for hard lifting, simply a helpful point or edge for opening items
Pisau Review

8. Pisau Review


  • It is a folding-blade type
  • It is made from stainless Steel
  • It has a length of 8.5cm
  • It has a Drop-point shape 
  • It has a mass of 500g

The blade of this knife is made of high-quality steel, which is highly resilient and shouldn’t rust even when not handled carefully. The sharp edge and other valuable characteristics make it perfect for outdoor camping.

Beautiful hardwood handles are on the knife. Using the thumb tab, open the knife swiftly. It’s is perfect for camping. The blade also has seatbelt cutters and a window breaker.

The knife has a built-in pocket clip and a fabric belt holder to fasten it to your belt. The affordability of this knife could be its finest feature.


  • Very sharp.
  • Cheap
  • Tools for cutting seatbelts and smashing windows
  • Ergonomic layout to facilitate grip


  • Pricey

9. Victorinox Review


  • It is a multi-tool
  • It is made from stainless Steel
  • It has a length of 9.1cm
  • It has a Pen-point shape 
  • It has a mass of 108g

With no less than 21 functions, this knife is one of the most excellent Victorinox models for people who need to do various activities.

Little and massive drop-pointed blades make up the ranger. A corkscrew, screwdriver, bottle opener, wire remover, reamer, keychain, tweezers, toothpick, scissors, multifunctional hook, metal saw, chisel, nail file, nail cleaner,  wood saw, and more are included as additional functions.

These knives are manufactured of premium chrome steel and have a lifetime warranty against manufacturing flaws. Because of this, Victorinox offers a lifetime warranty on each blade.


  • You can use it for a TON of different things
  • Compact


  • It is not enough for lengthy usage or applications requiring more strength because of its small size.

10. Leatherman Review


  • It is a multi-tool
  • It is made from stainless Steel
  • It has a length of 6.6cm
  • It has a modified drop-point shape 
  • It has a mass of 195g

This blade is a fantastic stainless steel utility that fits in your pocket. It features tools with straight edges that are accessible from the exterior and are easy to use with one hand. It also has a set of jaws that are spring-loaded. You can use this tool for an almost limitless number of things.

It includes a knife, scissors, can and bottle openers, wire cutters, pliers, screwdrivers,  a wire remover, a ruler, a file,  and more.

A pocket clip is also included with the knife. Consumers who buy a Leatherman multi-tool have a 25-year warranty, so you can be sure you’re getting high-quality goods.


  • The structure is both solid and long-lasting thanks to the use of stainless steel.
  • Many uses


  • The blades are relatively small.

11. Barebones Review


  • It is a fixed-blade type 
  • It is made from stainless steel
  • It has a length of 146mm
  • It has a clip-point shape 
  • It has a mass of 453g

This knife is a simple yet exquisitely constructed blade that exudes professionalism. A 146mm fixed edge in elevated steel that is a reasonable size, has a good point, a complete tang, and a thumb indentation makes for a very functional package without superfluous extras. 

Despite this, the premium wood handle and silver lanyard ring give plenty of aesthetic appeals, the latter of which adds color and a practical yet classic design element.

Last, a sturdy waxed canvas and leather sheath with a belt clip for cowboy-style hip carry shields the blade from the elements and prevents the edge from dulling. This knife is a dependable travel companion for all types of outdoor activity, to put it simply.


  • It is durable
  • Simple but effective
  • It has beautiful fittings
Mora Review

12. Mora Review


  • It is a fixed-blade type 
  • It is made from stainless steel
  • It has a length of 109mm
  • It has a clip-point shape 
  • It has a mass of 326g

This knife is a truly enormous blade, both in terms of size and construction. It has a treated, 3.2mm-thick stainless steel blade built to withstand much abuse when camping and for other outdoor activities.

It’s not a dull instrument; it has a Scandi-ground edge that was made specifically to keep the scalpel sharp, ensuring it’s always prepared for whichever you throw at it. 

The blade’s spine has been specially ground for use with a flame thrower, a clever innovation that makes establishing a camp swift in any circumstance or weather possible. The simple yet powerful package is finished off with a genuine leather sheath.


  • Very durable stainless steel 
  • the blade is resistant to corrosion.

13. Victorinox Review

This Swiss army knife suits all camping eventualities


  • It is a fixed-blade type 
  • It is made from stainless steel
  • It has a length of 65mm
  • It has a clip-point shape 
  • It has a mass of 94.5g

Although nobody ever uses the quirky spike blade for anything practical, a list of the most incredible camping knives would be incomplete without a Victorinox “Swiss Army” knife.

An efficient version of the traditional knife, this camping knife has several previously favored attachments in a tiny package.

With a regular main blade and pair of scissors playing the lead roles, there is still a place for the classic team of screw blades, one of which has a can opener and wire remover, and the other also works as a functional tin opener. Also, there is the customary spike device for spiking stuff.

Although there is no corkscrew, you will have to press the cork into the can of Rioja; the low-profile design does have blades on one side, but in all other situations, this small folder has you prepared.

Compared to the previous red plastic, the ridged metal scales are much easier on the eyes and will surely be more scratch-resistant.

The Victorinox is a steadfastly traditional camping knife that has expertly withstood the test of time, whether in the vehicle glove box, desk drawer, Peak District campground or on the top of the Eiger.


  • One instrument with nine uses.
  • Reputable nameplate
  • A textured coating for improved hold
Leatherman Review

14. Leatherman Review


  • It is a fixed-blade type 
  • It is made from stainless steel
  • It has a length of 2.9″
  • It has a clip-point shape 
  • It has a mass of 176g

The “Bond,” the newest version of Leatherman’s tried-and-true platform, offers precisely what you’d anticipate from a Leatherman.

The headline features include an all-stainless construction and superb quality pliers with a wire cutter, which are ably backed by a casting of smaller multipurpose blades. 

A rule scale is on the rear of the grips, and the toolkit includes a knife, a Philips screwdriver, a can opener, a file, two flathead screwdrivers, and a marlin spike-style tool.

The Leatherman is still the world’s finest backpack tool because, as always, there are occasions wherein you need a pair of needlenose pliers to fix anything.

This 14-toolbox is a versatile alternative to store anywhere because the primary blade, at 2.9 inches, is also allowed for carrying in the UK. For more information on why the Leatherman Bond EDC is such an outdoor icon, visit our review of the tool.


  • It fixes pretty much anything
  • Brilliant toolkit
Gerber Gator Review

15. Gerber Gator Review


  • It is a fixed-blade type 
  • It is made from stainless steel
  • It has a length of 4″
  • It has a clip-point shape 
  • It has a mass of 249g

Its blade’s design and functionality are complex for hunters to criticize, so we’ve included it in our list of the finest camping knives.

Although it has a relatively modest blade, this fixed-blade knife is sharp enough to skin animals.

This camping knife differs slightly from the others due to its curved handle, which is easily grasped. To do this, the finger groove at the base of the blade prevents finger slippage.


  • Finger groove for ease of use
  • Premium leather sheath 
Accusharp Review

16. Accusharp Review


  • It is a  folding-blade type 
  • It is made from stainless steel
  • It has a length of 2.5″
  • It has a clip-point shape 

The blade of this compact camping knife is known for its excellent accuracy, and it is frequently used for carving and completing various other simple chores. Because it has a locking mechanism, the blade may be challenging to open.

Remember that regardless of the length of the blade, it is against the law to carry a locking blade in public, so make sure that you keep this camping knife for your personal use only.

The blade that made it onto Accusharps’ list of the best camping knives can be relied on and is also surprisingly useful in various outdoor settings. You will get a lot of good use out of it over the years. In addition to that, it’s an incredible bargain.


  • Lightweight and compact
  • Affordable
Gerber Review

17. Gerber Review


  • It is a fixed-blade type
  • It is made from carbon steel
  • It has a length of 4.8″
  • It has a Drop-point shape 
  • It has a mass of 567g

Bear Grylls designed this drop-point knife with a blade that is both multifunctional and sturdy, allowing you to accomplish everything from carving wood to preparing meals and kindling with equal ease. 

The Ultimate Pro Outdoor Knife features a non-slip rubber grip, which makes it easy to grasp even when doing the most challenging jobs.

It has a sheath that fits snugly and is notably weighty for its size. Because the blade of this camping knife is fixed, you can get a good hold on it when you need to apply more force with your hand.


  • Ergonomic handle
  • Emergency tools included

18. Lansky Review

A proper knife that’ll cut through pretty much anything outdoors


  • Weight: 153g
  • Length: 17.78cm
  • Blade length: 6.9cm

Mikkel Willumsen, famous for his gritty Urban Tactical designs, is from Copenhagen. He devised the idea for The World Legal, intending that it would be theoretically legal anywhere globally.

The outcome adheres to the law of the letter, but the bold design may attract unwanted attention if it were to be waved about in metropolitan areas. 

Combining a conventional slip-joint mechanism with a blade of stainless steel measuring 2.75 inches, a nylon handle, and a pocket clip produces a sturdy cutting instrument that can perform effectively in any environment.


  • Proper knife
  • Technically legal


  • Most likely to get you arrested 
Spyderco Review

19. Spyderco Review


  • Weight: 17g
  • Length: 4.1cm
  • Blade length: 3.2 cm

Spyderco, a well-known knife manufacturer, put some thought into the problem of what you might usefully attach to your key chain and came up with this little masterpiece as the solution.

While the tiny 32mm edge is razor-sharp, it is legal and beautiful for slicing through difficult cookie packs, gifts, and other items. 

A complete stainless steel construction will prevent key-chain scratches, and a lanyard hole is included to ensure it remains securely connected. Easy to use, practical, and small enough to fit in your pocket. 


  • Small yet useful
  • Ultra-light


  • Too small for heavy work
Victorinox Review

20. Victorinox Review


  • It is a multi-tool
  • It is made from stainless Steel
  • It has a length of  9cm
  • It has a modified drop-point shape 
  • It has a mass of 173g

This Victorinox monster, which takes the multi to the multi-tool, is intended straight for geeks and other people who might require a torch, Torx wrench set, pliers, magnifier, and a pen. It takes the multi to the multi-tool. To tell you the truth, it is all people at some time in their life. 

If there were a toolset that could be carried in a pocket to fix a MacBook, this would be it. This is the ultimate office toolbox since it has a mind-boggling selection of 32 different tools, a blade that is legal in length, and the assurance that the individual components will not break off while you are using them. 


  • Amazing toolkit
  • Nothing else like it 


  • Heavy
  • Do you need a pocket winch?

21. The James Review


  • It is a multi-tool
  • It is made from stainless Steel
  • It has a length of  44mm
  • It has a modified drop-point shape 
  • It has a mass of 37g

There are many things to enjoy about its simple yet contemporary design. Still, the desirability rating is jacked up in the one made of titanium and Damascus since it provides you with a gorgeous blade while still being valuable and legal. 

This is intended to be so light and easy to use that you can slip it onto any well-prepared person’s keychain and then forget it until a problematic piece of string or an excessively-sellotaped box occurs. 

The keychain eye may be a sturdy “pry tool,” which can also function as a possible bottle opener, flathead screwdriver, and general wrangling device. This makes it great for all those situations where utilizing the blade isn’t an option. 

Regarding pocket knives, the Titanium/Damascus build is pricier. However, if you go for the Stainless appearance instead, you can cut your costs in half, making this item suited for all pockets, in every word meaning.


  • Work of art
  • Super-handy


  • Pretty small

Common Types Of Camping Knife Explained

There are many crossovers between the finest knives for camping owing to the wide variety of camping activities and the varying degrees of “seriousness” among campers. 

If you’re going glamping in the Cotswolds, a regular kitchen knife will cut open the cheese biscuits, but if you’re setting up a basha in the jungle for the night, you’ll need a machete or parang.

Somewhere in the middle, you’ll discover a knife that’ll be very helpful at camping, whether it’s a compact and sturdy fixed-blade item or a multi-tool with bottle openers and other attachments. 

In addition, many specialized camping knives are available that you may use for anything from cutting tomatoes to assisting in a rescue.

Do Camping Knives Have Different Blade Points?

Yes, there are numerous different blade tips with various engineering goals. These are the most typical kinds of blades:

  • Drop-point
  • Sheepsfoot
  • Clip-point

The drop-point blade is a common choice because it balances durability and versatility, although the sheeps foot blade is another option. They are robust, sturdy forms that can take a beating without breaking. 

The sheepsfoot profile is popular in woodcutting knives and watersport blades because it reduces the possibility of accidental stabbing.   

Clip-point blades, with a crescent drop at the tip for increased precision, are another popular style of camping knife. It’s sturdy than a drop-point blade, but it could be what you’re looking for if you need something for finer cutting. 

Bottom Line

A camping knife serves a multitude of purposes during outdoor trips. It can be utilized to split kindling, aid in meal preparation, construct and tend to a fire, and carve wooden items such as tent pegs, figurines, or roasting sticks. 

Experienced campers may also use it to skin fish, perform water rescues, and cut rope and wire in emergencies. In dire survival scenarios, you can even use the knife to protect against bears and fallen trees.

While you are camping, you must have a sharp blade with you. A decent knife will be necessary for everything, from chopping more wood to making rope and fixing other items around camp.

While you are camping, you must have a sharp blade with you. A decent knife will be necessary for everything, from chopping more wood to making rope and fixing other items around camp.

How, then, do you pick a good camping knife? A good camping knife will have a blade composed of premium corrosion-resistant materials, maintain a sharp edge, and are simple to sharpen. 

More robust steel holds an edge for extended periods, but it rusts more efficiently and is more challenging to sharpen. A softer steel is easier to sharpen and has more corrosion resistance, but it won’t hold an edge for long. For these reasons, we suggest a stainless steel blade.