11 Notable and Popular Aussie Lollies that will remind you of your youth!

If there is one thing Australians love, its lollies.

Whether it’s to munch on during a Netflix binge watch, or at the movies, to stop our mouths from drying during a long flight or drive, or to increase our blood sugar levels after playing sport, it is estimated that over 30% of Aussies eat a pack of lollies at least one a week.

But which ones?

We’ve delved into the world of confectionery to find out some of the most notable and popular Aussie lollies out there currently. Many of which will remind you of your youth.



You will probably know Cheekies by its original name of ‘Chicos’ which translates to children in Spanish.

While the name was changed a couple of years ago to eradicate what some perceived to be racist undertones, the way they are made by Allen’s Lollies is still the same.

Similar in look to jelly babies, they have a gelatinous chocolate flavoured texture and a dark brown appearance on account of the cocoa used to make it.

One of Australia’s most popular lollies, they are a real favourite at children’s parties.

Jersey Caramels

Jersey Caramels

Jersey Caramels have been around since your grandparents were toddlers.

Still popular today, they take the form of square shape of two caramel sides that sandwich a white layer.

Made by a few manufacturers including Nature’s Delight, not only do they look beguiling they taste very good too!

Furthermore, there is an art to eating them too – which of course is one layer at a time.


Ok, so they are made of chocolate. But as they are part of Allen’s range of lollies and are always found in the lolly section at the supermarket or convenience store, they have been included on this list.

Taking the form of a disc of milk chocolate that is topped with hundreds and thousands, this stalwart confection has stood the test of time.

A popular topping on cupcakes, it also features in most ‘party mix’ bags of popular Australian Lollies.

SnakesKiller Python

Snakes/Killer Python

One of the most colourful lollies available today, there are various different versions of snake or killer python lollies on the market.

Available in range of colours, which sometimes correlates to an associated flavour, including pineapple (yellow), apple (green), orange (orange) and strawberry (red), those versions which do not have individual flavours, sometimes feature two tone coloursinstead.

Aniseed Rings

Aniseed Rings

Back in the day aniseed rings were really popular. Though some people will struggle to see why.

A lolly that polarises opinion, you either love or hate the aniseed flavour. Comprising of a ring shaped, gelatinous lolly, that is covered in sugar, the flavour it emits is quite strong.

Your grandparents will probably be ones who love it the most, but if its not quite your cup of tea you might prefer the version that is chocolate coated.

Minties (1)


For generations of Aussies the real attraction of Minties was to complete the ‘tear challenge’. Essentially a practice that saw you attempt to rip the wrapper as far as you could before it tore offcompletely.

But Minties in themselves were, and still are, a very decent lolly. Its flavour is delicious and long lasting and also has a breath freshening effect, which was fantastic back in the day when you were about to kiss your schoolyard crush.

Strawberry Clouds

Strawberry Clouds

Strawberry Clouds are right up there as one of Australia’s most popular lollies.

Soft, slightly chewy and tingly on your taste buds, this strawberry flavoured confection, which is covered with a sour sugary powered is absolutely delicious.

A bit of the powder comes off on your fingers as you pop them in your mouth, but that’s ok. You can just lick them for an extra bonus treat.

Manufactured by Chunky Funkeez, if the strawberry flavour doesn’t do it for you, there are also blueberry, watermelon, blackcurrant, orange, grape and strawberries and creamvariations to also try.



Ok, like Freckles this is another chocolate-based confection. But as these orange flavoured chocolate balls are covered with a crispy, hard orange candy-covered coating, and made by Allen’s, they get added to the list too.

When you offer one to your parents, they will probably reminisce about being in the cinema as a teenager and rolling them down the wooden floors – which kind of seems like a bit of a waste.

A far better thing to do is just to eat them, and if you can find the extra large version sold by other manufacturers then all the better.

Musk Stix

Musk Stix

There are few lollies on the market today as moreish as Musk Stix.

Taking the form of a stick of pink fondant, which is semi-soft in nature and ridged along its body, it also has the shape of a star at either end.

The lolly melts in your mouth and has a distinctive floral aroma, which brings to mind a musk perfume, as well as a delicious musk flavour.

It’s made by several different companies. But one of the leading brands on the market currently is Big Boss.

Red Frogs

Red Frogs are the quintessential Australian confection.

Forever synonymous with Schoolies on the Gold Coast, on account of the Red Frog Crew who provide these lollies – as well as other assistance to those celebrating leaving school – this is arguably the most notable and popular of all lollies.

A red, raspberry flavoured lolly that looks like a frog, its slight chewy and gelatinous, which ensures you get plenty of long-lasting flavour.

Allen’s is the most popular manufacturer of this lolly, but others like Allseps Confectionery, also make frogs that come in different colours like yellow, blue, orange and green too.

Conversation Hearts

Conversation Hearts

Yep, we have saved the best till last!

If any lolly is liable to remind you of your childhood, then its Conversation Hearts.

Those rustic pastel coloured, slightly chalky candy sweets, weren’t so much popular for the flavour, though it is nice, but more because of the messages that featured on them.

Remember offering the ‘cutie pie’ or ‘love you’ to that girl or guy you liked at school? Good times!