16 Fun Things To Do In Mission Beach, Qld

The modest beach community of Mission Beach is a must-go destination for anyone who loves laid-back beach communities. Four little communities are scattered along the coastline, so the sea is always close. 

The area still has its typical slow-paced, quiet vibe, yet it has sufficient amenities.

However, it will be different from the busy tourist hub of Cairns if you’re coming from there. Chilling out on the beach, exploring the nature preserve, and maybe even going white water rafting are top priorities here.

The list of activities to do in Mission Beach is significantly more condensed and low-key. You may unwind there in lovely surroundings.

Top 16 Fun Activities in Mission Beach, Queensland

The following is a list of the top things to do in Mission Beach. Read everything, then choose the best options for your interests and available time.


1. Skydiving

Skydiving should be at the top if you want an unforgettable experience in Mission Beach.

Skydiving here might lead you to one of the top three finest spots on earth, where you could land on some of the world’s most stunning beaches.

The activities include full-day trips that depart from the heart of town and take you on some of the best things to do in Mission Beach.

Camp On Coombe Island

2. Spot Giant Cassowary Birds

When you think about Australia, koalas, and roos are often the first things that come to mind. Yet the more you explore Queensland, the more you’ll find the cassowaries fascinating. 

They are residents and the world’s third most significant bird species, reaching astounding lengths of two meters and hefty weights of up to 60 kg!

The cassowary is a powerful bird, as expected. While “feisty” is a phrase that is often used, “aggressive” would be a better fit. The magnificent blue necks of these birds, contrasted with the burning red wattle on their throats, are mesmerising.

A sizable casque consisting of a sponge-like substance coated in a thick keratin coating sits perched atop each of their heads. 

Sadly, it is believed that over 3000 cassowaries remain globally with the body form of a baby emu. As a result, finding them in large groups is unusual.

Locals put a lot of effort into preserving the animal’s native environment, and the creature has come to symbolise the Mission Beach neighbourhood. 

As the creatures sometimes live to be over 40 years old, a handful has even been given names and gained notoriety due to social platforms!

Hiding through the rainforest on The Dreaming Trail in the early morning can be excellent. The stunning flora and animals of the Mission Beach area are showcased in this 3-kilometre route, where you’ll cross tiny rivers and meander through the lush low-lying jungle—Watching out for cassowaries, whose vibrant neck colours often show out against the forest’s greenery.

Please remember that cassowaries are very territorial and forceful. Never try to feed them; always be cautious by keeping your distance! So while you search for these magnificent birds, take pleasure in one of the more unusual things to do on Mission Beach.

3. Camp On Coombe Island

There are 20 or more beautiful islands in the Barrier Reef that are just offshore, uninhabited tropical islands with smooth white sand, sun-bleached coral, and coconut trees. 

Coombe Island provides one-group day tours or camping opportunities. Only one designated campground on the island, meaning only one party may stay there. 

The location on the island’s southern side is only accessible by boat, as expected. There is a specific area with a hardwood picnic table where a maximum of eight people can remain.

Camping at its most basic. Pack enough food and water, a fuel stove, cooking utensils, waste bags, a small first aid kit, insect repellant, mosquito netting, bedding, and sunscreen. 

Moreover, you should be alert on the tidal charts for simple access and exit, and charge your phone before travelling because service should be available the whole time.

Yet, all of this preparation is well for it since you’re in for an extraordinary journey in a paradise setting, complete with a private beach of golden sand scattered with stones of varying sizes and cradled by a tranquil and transparent ocean. 

Bring your SUP or kayak to explore this little island’s quiet, secluded bays. You may even fish or dive there.

What you’ll see on Coombe Island differs from the famous boulder-strewn beach in many Seychelles advertisements, Anse Source d’Argent. Breathtaking, with mountains in the distance serving as the background.

You may reserve your camp spot online. And remember that there are costs associated with getting a specific camping permit.

To go to the island, contact Mission Beach Water Taxi and set up a personal drop-off and pick-up.

Spend only $6.65 a night to enjoy secluded camping amid azure-blue water, eat oysters that have just been pulled from the rocks, and swing in your hammocks.

Day Trip To Dunk Island

4. Day Trip To Dunk Island

Mission Beach isn’t exactly known for its low rent prices, but that doesn’t mean the locals are too old to have fun.

With half of its residents under 35, it’s easy to see why this San Diego neighbourhood is ranked so highly by niche.com. According to Trulia, 70% of locals are single, which is good news for those in the dating market.

Although Pacific Beach often gets more recognition for its nightlife, Mission Beach can undoubtedly hold its own. Guava Beach, The Sandbar Sports Restaurant, and The Beachcomber are just a few of the popular venues that, as one would expect, maintain a beachy atmosphere.

Belmont Park is a tiny amusement park that has been entertaining locals since 1925, when it was constructed as an incentive to move to the area. Locals and tourists alike may enjoy the park’s famous Giant Dipper roller coaster and Plunge Pool, among other attractions.

Beginning with a 7-kilometre ascent to the summit of Mt. Kootaloo (271 meters above sea level), your day will continue with a four-hour return journey via Palm Valley, the island’s geographic heart. 

Snorkel off Muggy Muggy or Coconut Beach and see the incredible marine life before grilling your lunch on the gas barbecue supplied at the picnic area.

Together with gas grills and picnic tables, the island is equipped with flush toilets, drinking water, and hot showers. There are better places to rough it!

In addition, water taxis often run between Wongaling Beach and Mission Beach, or you can just bring your boat across.

The island’s rich history belies its modest size (14 km). The Djiru and Aboriginal people gave the area its original name, Coonanglebah, which means “Island of Peace and Plenty.” 

They often travelled there by canoe to hunt, fish, and collect resources. The present name, honouring George -Dunk, 2nd Lord of Halifax, was given by Captain Cook on one of his later visits.

After being told by physicians that he only had six months to live, a certain Edmund Banfield moved there in 1897. For 26 years, he and his wife called the island home, during which time he learned the ins and outs of Aboriginal culture and lore.

Being a professional writer, he shared his adventures and described the island’s unique flora and wildlife in articles and books. The graves of Edmund and his wife are now a heritage-listed site on the way up Mt. Kootaloo.

With such a dramatic introduction, the island served as an airport for the Royal Aussie Air Force during World War II and later as a resort frequented by such notables as Sean Connery, Henry Ford II, and many Aussie Prime Ministers. 

Before the devastation caused by two hurricanes in the 1970s, the island was home to an Artist’s Colony that sold paintings to wealthy resort visitors.

An Australian private equity business has recently bought the island, and it s served as the setting for a few Hollywood films. Well, the events on Dunk Island still need to be finished. 

Take a Dunk Island kayak tour.

5. Take a Dunk Island kayak tour.

A few companies in the Mission Beach area offer a Kayak Day Tour for roughly $120. You may go with a tour guide or at your leisure, and the firm will transport you and your kayaks to any of the beautiful places in the Family Islands chain.

Kayak over colourful reefs as fish dart below you, glide all over seagrass meadows in hunt of turtles and dugongs, and stop at a quiet golden shoreline for a picnic to forget about the stresses of modern life.

You can begin and end your kayaking adventure at Mission Beach, start the fun at Island and paddle around the island, or research 2-day and 6-day kayaking adventures that include camping and meals.

On the longer trips, you’ll spend three to four hours paddling your kayak over the islands, giving you plenty of time to stop and explore the islands’ lush interiors by foot, go snorkelling, or simply relax. Come between the middle of July and the end of September to try to see humpback whales!

Sea kayaking at Mission Beach is a great way to get in touch with nature.

Explore The Great Barrier Reef

6. Explore The Great Barrier Reef

This reef is located off the coast of Queensland and is an iconic destination that hardly needs an introduction. Around 2900 separate reefs and over 800 sand cays and islands make up what is often considered a single reef.

In 1981, UNESCO designated the reef as a World Heritage Area because it was one of Earth’s most biologically diverse places. There are 1,500 fish species here, 360 kinds of hard coral, and 500 types of seaweed. The list could go on and on.

Mission Beach is the best site for reef exploration since it is the most convenient mainland entry point. The Great Barrier watches after the reef, approximately 22 kilometres from Mission Beach. 

Experience the thrill of scuba diving or snorkelling at carefully chosen locations in search of incredible marine life, including hawksbill turtles, dolphins, dugongs, dwarf minke whales, and, if you travel at the proper time of year, humpback whales!

Many excursions begin with a trip to Dunk Island, which can be reached by boat in ten minutes from Wongaling, before continuing to the outer Barrier.  

Hike Up To Bicton Hill

7. Hike Up To Bicton Hill

It is on Bingil Bay Road, about 4.5 km north of Mission Beach Village; this 3.2 km loop walk is a pleasant way to spend an hour or two.

Unparalleled panoramic panoramas and a great diversity of uncommon rainforest flora and animals are the norms of the day.

The indigenous Djiru people used Bicton Hill as a ship lookout long before the first European settlers gave it the name of a town in Devon, England.

The buff-breasted paradise kingfisher is a peculiar bird with the unique habit of breeding amid enormous termite mounds, making it a must-see for summer tourists. 

The fantastic sight of migratory pied imperial pigeons returning to their island homes after feasting on the mainland may be seen here between October and March.

Bicton Hill is home to several well-known residents, like the Lace monitors. Termite nests, which may be up to two meters long, are used for egg-laying because the consistent temperature within is thought to benefit the developing young.

The walk is suitable for strollers of all ages due to its mild inclines. You have four options for seeing the beautiful surroundings of Dunk and Hinchinbrook Islands.

You’ll find brush boxes and swamp mahogany in the east, two resilient tree species that can withstand the high winds that may blow through here.

A spectacular forest of strangler olives, Alexander palms, and cycads awaits you when you reach the western edge, which you will come after a gradual ascent.

When returning to the parking lot, guests may have lunch in the Bingil Bay picnic area or swim at several deserted beaches across the street (Alexander Road).

This trek is ideal for families who want to let their children run about and burn off some steam in a relatively safe setting since it is not very demanding and remains in the shade for most of the journey. You may enjoy a scenic drive from Mission Beach down Alexander Drive/Bingil Bay Road.

Relax At Wongaling Beach

8. Relax At Wongaling Beach

Wongaling Beach, the most populous neighbourhood, is one of four coastal villages linked by Mission Beach’s 14-kilometre shoreline.

When one of Wongaling Beach’s claims to fame is that it boasts a giant grocery within 40 kilometres, you know you’re in a far-flung region. Apart from the hospital, police, and fire stations, a tiny school, pool, and skate park can all be found in this little town.

As a result, Wongaling Beach is one of the most popular places to stay in the Mission Beach region, and it serves as the area’s unofficial epicentre.

Millers Bar & Grill is well-known, as are Nana Thai and some Italian restaurants.

As usual, the beach is the main attraction, and since the Mission Beach Surf Life Saving Club is based at Wongaling Beach, it’s one of the most secure spots along the stretch where you can go for a paddle. 

And if you’re bringing kids along, they’ll have a blast in the state-of-the-art Rotary Splash Pad—afterwards, picnic in Alan Wheatley Memorial Park, a small park with a playground near the ocean.

You may get on the Mission Beach Water Taxi, which departs at Wongaling Beach and cycle around the winding coastline on a bike rented from Mission Beach Bike Rental, operated by the same company.

One of the best things to do in Mission Beach is to spend the day at Wongaling Beach.

9. Enjoy A Swim At The Rotary Splash Pad

Wongaling Beach is a great place to take the kids if you’re searching for cost-free activities in Mission Beach, Australia. While you’re there, you can also visit Rotary Park.

The beachside park and playground here are great for kids. The water playground is the highlight, although there is also a traditional playground. 

You can shoot the water in virtually every direction, a large bucket can be filled and emptied with a splash, and the youngsters can target the water cannons at each other. This is a fantastic time!

A picnic here is enjoyable for everybody, regardless of whether or not they have children. You may find several picnic tables and barbecue grills in the nearby park. Also, the seashore is nearby.

10. Have Your Local Fix Of Culture At Mission Beach Community Arts Centre

Mission Arts is an autonomous community centre that “stimulates and encourages collaborative, dynamic arts and cultural possibilities” for the residents of Mission Beach. It is the perfect place to spend a rainy day. Visitors will be treated to a riot of colour!

The ceramic workshop, a fantastic gallery, and a store are all open every day from 10 am to 2 pm, and you can efficiently devote an hour or over there. The store features the works of local artists, displays artifacts from the area’s history, and sells a wide variety of things created by area artisans. 

The Centre is alive with activity thanks to a robust schedule of outdoor workshops where artists teach others their trade.

11. Learn Cocoa History At Charley’s Chocolate Factory

Charley’s Chocolate Factory, just north of the main road into Mission Beach, is the only place to go “from cocoa tree to chocolate bar.”

This is a tour-only attraction for anyone curious about the chocolate-making process, from the 3800-year history of cocoa through the transformation of cocoa beans into delicious confections. You’ll also get your hands dirty with the chocolate-making process.

The tour includes free samples and the option to purchase any of their chocolates.

12. Take A Coastal Walk On The Kennedy Walking Track

This should be the only trek you do in the Mission Beach region. If you’re wondering what to do in Mission Beach, Queensland, a pleasant stroll is one option.

This stroll begins at a convenient parking spot at the southern end of South Mission Beach. Just continue down the beach road until you reach a dead end. Walks to Lovers Beach are just five to ten minutes away, whereas the trek to Kennedy Bay’s entrance takes over two hours.

It’s a lovely, well-kept walking area. The stroll to Lovers Beach is enjoyable even if you’re not a big walker or must bring a stroller. A flat wooden boardwalk along the water serves this purpose.

Hike In Djiru National Park

13. Hike In Djiru National Park

Eight kilometres west of Mission Beach proper lies Djiru National Park, a great spot to observe lowland forest in the Wet Tropical regions now that most have been removed. This is because everyone may visit and enjoy the area’s pleasant walks.

The Licuala Day-Use Area is the most excellent option. The Children’s and Fan Palm Walk, both wonderful short walks, begin from this convenient location. They last 10 and 20 minutes and include simple, flat terrain.  

The cassowary eggs are marked by footprints at the end of the children’s path. The educational boards along the fan palm walk provide context for the sights and sounds of the rainforest.

Take a Walk Along Paronella Park

14. Take a Walk Along Paronella Park

Built in the 1930s by José Paronella, the garden was his fulfilment of a desire to construct a castle. Jose purchased 6 hectares next to Mena Creek Falls, where he subsequently built his palace, a picnic area, table tennis, bridges, and a tunnel, and planted over 7,500 tropical trees and plants.

José and his Spanish bride, Margarita, have a beautiful love story told in detail at the park. Over a decade after Jose planted them, the hundreds of trees and shrubs he cared for have blossomed into a breathtaking landscape. This explains why the park remains a favourite destination for Mission Beach visitors.

The park is also the location of the first privately owned hydropower station in Queensland, which began operations in 1933.

Paronella Park is a State Historic Site, a National Trust Property, and a recipient of several Tourism Queensland Awards. You should spend at least one day here if you’re visiting Mission Beach.

Tours are available for purchase daily (except on Christmas Day) from 9 am to 7:30 pm.

A 45-minute “The Dream Continues Tour” tour shows the Park’s best features and discusses Jose’s goals. Consistently accessible.

The Darkness Falls Tour – This may be done alone or in addition to the first tour; in any case, the two experiences will complement each other well. 

You get to see the wonders and hidden gems of Mission Beach’s Paronella Park after dark when the park’s incredible light show is on display. The trip begins at 6:15 pm and lasts for approximately an hour.

You should pick yourself a copy of the park’s colourful 16-page guidebook, which provides a wealth of information on the park’s flora. You’ll see that most trees have labels when you go around the park.

Mission Beach is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Queensland. Therefore it should come as no surprise that tourists consider this an absolute must—around 40-minute drive northwest of Mission Beach, near 1671 Japoonvale Road, Mena Creek.

Use Tully Gorge National Park’s Water Rafting Experience

15, Use Tully Gorge National Park’s Water Rafting Experience.

White-water rafting at Tully Gorge Nature Reserve is an exhilarating experience and is less than an hour’s drive from Mission Beach for the adventurous.

You’ll be guided through a lush jungle through 45 rapids of varying levels. This is the pinnacle of good times in Mission Beach!

A thorough safety and kayaking briefing will have your blood pumping in preparation for the challenge ahead, but once you get going, you forget about your worries and find yourself with a massive grin.

Each boat has six people plus a guide, so it’s a terrific activity for families or groups since everyone has to work together. You should know how to swim at least 100 meters (their minimum requirement) and be prepared to be completely drenched. 

The Tully River flows through a beautiful canyon surrounded by lush vegetation and spectacular stones; nevertheless, you should pause to take it all in.

Several tours provide packages that include transportation to and from your accommodation and meals. 

No prior rafting experience is required, and participants must be at least 13 years old for the Standard excursion and 15 years old for the Xtreme. Moreover, anybody under 18 must have a parent or guardian present.

Wear water-resistant shoes you don’t mind getting wet, swimwear, and sunscreen before venturing outside. You may leave your money and any extra clothes or towels with the bus driver. 

As this is usually optional, check with your travel insurance provider to ensure you’re covered. The whole rafting journey will take a full day, as you will go a distance of around 6 kilometres.

Visit The Golden Gumboot

16. Visit The Golden Gumboot

Things to do around Mission Beach like these are not to be missed if you are the kind of traveller who enjoys seeing Australia’s “major” sites.

Tully is home to a giant golden gumboot that stands 7.9 meters tall, precisely the same as the 1950 rainfall total for the area. The average annual rainfall in Tully is almost 4,000 mm, making it the wettest town in Australia. 

When entering town from the A1, you’ll see the Golden Gumboot on your right. Climb within your gumboot to review the city and check out the local weather and rainfall informational boards.

Even if it’s not the most exciting thing to do in Mission Beach, Australia, it’s still worth checking out if you’re passing by.

Best Place To Stay In Mission Beach

Mission Beach has a surprising number of hotels considering its tiny size. You’ll likely need a vehicle in Mission Beach, but your lodging location is less crucial if you’re close to the Depending on cost water.

In this article, we’ve compiled a list of several low-priced places to stay.

1. Castaways Resort And Spa Review

In search of a five-star beachfront resort in Mission Beach? The Castaways Resort and Spa is located just 20 meters from the pristine sands of Mission Beach and the clear seas of the Coral Sea; thus, it meets all of the criteria.

The resort’s amenities, such as the 25-meter lap pool, beachside leisure pool, and rainforest lagoon pool, are just as impressive as its prime location. In addition to being a beautiful wedding venue, it has a day spa, fitness centre, and dry cleaning service.

The fantastic Buka Restaurant serves breakfast, lunch, and supper every day of the week. Here, you may relax with a delicious sundowner or a cold craft beer while you take in the breathtaking panorama of Dunk Island.

The 47 beachfront apartments, self-contained flats, and a private oceanfront mansion are surrounded by gardens lined with coconut trees. Two buildings make up the Resort, with most rooms looking out over Dunk Island from a balcony or outdoor patio.

About 100 meters down the road, you’ll find a second property with 18 affordable rooms decorated in a rainforest theme and surrounded by peaceful gardens.

Each room has a TV, refrigerator, electric kettle, complimentary amenities, and a private bathroom with a bath or shower and air conditioning. Kitchenettes with microwaves, stovetops, toasters, and flatware are available in some more extensive room types, like the two-bedroom with hot tub and oceanfront. 

The three-bedroom villa has a kitchen, a terrace with a plunge pool, and stunning ocean and pool views.

The resort’s in-room Wi-Fi is free of charge, as is off-street parking for guests.

The resort has been around for over 30 years, so if you reserve a room soon, ask for one of the newly renovated varieties.

2. Mission Beach Resort Review

Mission Beach Resort is surrounded by tropical rainforests, making it perfect for families or people who like to stay far from the beach.

The hotel’s 14 kilometres of pristine beach are within walking distance, and guests may relax in air-conditioned rooms in one of the four buildings.

Each suite has a terrace with direct access to one of four swimming pools and two barbecue areas. There is accommodation for all budgets, with room types ranging from suites to studios to three-bedroom penthouses.

Each apartment has a couch bed and either one or two queen-sized beds. The kitchen is fully equipped, and there is a separate living area, dining area, and bathroom with a jacuzzi tub and a separate shower. Alternatively, the premium room has a queen-sized bed and a minibar.

Each room has a flat-screen TV with Foxtel, a coffee/tea maker, and complimentary Internet.

The hotel also has a Sports Bar, a Gaming Bar, and a Bistro Bar where guests may watch athletic events like UFC. The Sports Bar serves appetisers, including sharing plates and pizzas, while the Family Bistro is available for full meals.

A children’s playground complete with slides and activities is available outside. There is also a Gaming Room with 33 state-of-the-art slot machines for more mature guests. At Mission Beach Resort, there’s never a dull moment.

3. Big4 Beachcomber Coconut Holiday Park Review

You’ll find this vacation park at South Mission Beach, just across from the beautiful beach. A wide variety of rooms and amenities are available, besides several camping and caravan sites.

Everything is covered, from budget-friendly, four-person cabins without bathrooms to luxurious, self-contained villas with two bedrooms and spa tubs.  

The park has a playground, games area, TV room, basketball/tennis court, standard laundry, amenity buildings, and camp kitchens. The large pool area with a toddler section and a little slide is the most excellent part. That works well.

You may rent movies and boogie boards for the price of a gold coin, and cassowaries frequent the park.

How To Get To Mission Beach

Just getting to Mission Beach is a treat, and it will give you a little taste of the paradise that awaits you in this tropical paradise.

Cairns and Townsville are the closest major cities to Mission Beach, and they’re easily reached by plane from anywhere in Australia. In addition, Mission Beach serves as a central terminal for long-distance buses on the East Coast.

1. By air

Cairns and Townsville are the airports of choice for interstate and international travel. Flights depart daily from Brisbane, Darwin, Sydney,  and Melbourne to various international destinations. You may reach Mission Beach by bus or rented car from the Cairns or Townsville airports.

2. By bus

You may take a bus from Greyhound or Premier to Mission Beach if you need a vehicle. Pickups and drop-offs occur at the bus port at Wongaling Beach, which is close to Mission Beach Resort. Getting a hop-on, hop-off ticket is worth it if you plan to take a longer East Coast journey.

Mission Link is a daily shuttle service operating out of Cairns and stopping at Mission Beach. The shuttle only runs if prearranged bookings exist, so book your ride at least 24 hours in advance.

3. By road

Using the Bruce Highway will take you two hours to get to Mission Beach from Cairns and three hours from Townsville. The journey is stunning down the Cassowary Coast. The average amount of time it takes to go to Mission

4. By rail

Although the Spirit of Queensland does not stop in Mission Beach, it does so at the neighbouring town of Tully. Along the East Coast of Queensland, the sleeper train travels between Cairns and Brisbane five times each week, and it stops in most of the main cities and towns along that route.

To get from the Tully railway station to Mission Beach, you may use a taxi, a ridesharing service, a Greyhound bus, or a private shuttle booked by your hotel or the tour organisation you are travelling with.

Reasons Mission Beach is a Great Place to Live in 2023

Mission Beach, San Diego, can be the perfect area to make your fantasy a reality if that’s where you’ve always wanted to live.

To the north, Pacific Beach is home to one of San Diego’s most famous nightlife scenes, so think of this area as its gentler cousin.

Due to the structural difficulties of constructing a sandbar, Mission Beach is one of the more recently established neighbourhoods of the city. 

Nonetheless, several residences from the 1920s, 1930s, and 1940s still have been preserved. Due to its high population density, it has some of the tiniest parcels of any San Diego neighbourhood.

Yet when some of the finest beaches in the world are just outside your door, what good is a spacious yard?

If you need more than that to keep the Mission Beach real estate market on your radar, here are five additional reasons to consider it.

1. A Very Hot Market with Values on The Way Up. 

Mission Bay is no longer a hangout for surfers and young adults attending nearby universities.

Trulia reports that the median sales price in San Diego is $1,342,500, emphasising “location, location, location,” driving up the cost of a home. If you’re looking for a deal, going the studio way is only possible if you consider $900,000+ for 700 square feet or less a bargain.

Zillow predicts a 5.9% growth throughout 2021, which is.8% more than projections for the rest of San Diego. Prices have increased by 5.1% over the last year.

2. Plenty of Places Within Walking Distance. 

Mission Beach is different from the place to look for megastores. You won’t be disappointed if you’re a fan of locally-owned establishments, including cafĂ©s, bars, and grocery shops.

Mission Boulevard is the primary highway in the area, lined with businesses ranging from cafés and surf shops to restaurants and grocery stores.

Are you now a homeowner? Automatically calculate your worth quickly and for free.

The Santa Clara is a public leisure complex in Mission Beach (actually, Mission Bay) with camping and play areas, ball fields, and courts.

Families with young children will be pleased to learn that the district’s public schools get consistently good marks.

3. The Youthful Spirit of The Neighborhood Lives On. 

Not everyone can afford to live in Mission Beach, but that doesn’t imply the current population is too old to enjoy themselves.

Almost half of the population is under the age of 35, making this the 10th greatest area in San Diego for Millennials, according to Niche. Seventy per cent of people are single, which is good news for those seeking a partner, as reported by Trulia.

The nightlife in Pacific Beach may get more attention, but Mission Beach can hold its own. Popular hangouts, such as Guava Beach, The Sandbar Sports Restaurant, and The Beachcomber, live up to their beachy namesakes.

Belmont Park, a modest amusement park that opened in 1925 to lure people to move to the area, provides more innocent entertainment. Residents and guests alike may enjoy the park’s rides, climbing walls, cafĂ©s, shops, and historical Big Dipper coaster and Plunge Pool.

4. Natural Beauty Abounds (and Bounds) in Mission Beach. 

The Mission Beach community is situated on a sandbar in the Pacific Ocean. Mission Bay is another beautiful body of water with trails, resorts, and marinas nearby, on the sandbar’s opposite side. 

The estuary of the San Diego River and the world-famous Sea World are located south of Mission Beach.

The neighbourhood’s most notable features are the Golden Strand, a famous beach, and the three miles of boardwalk beside it. Watersports enthusiasts and beachgoers will find this a paradise. 

If you’d rather err on caution, there are permanent lifeguard posts at Mission Beach. Before you hit the surf, warm up on the beach’s basketball and volleyball courts.

You may improve your surfing abilities or learn how to enjoy these beautiful bodies of water in various ways at local leisure facilities and small enterprises.

There is always something beautiful in nature to look at as you walk, ride a bike, or run.

By continuing, you agree to receive marketing calls and texts to the number you gave from the owners of this site on real estate-related subjects, but not as a prerequisite to making a purchase. 

Mission Beach With Kids

Any family would enjoy a trip to Mission Beach. Mission Beach, Australia’s low-key outdoor pursuits, are ideal for families, and the beach and a trip to Dunk Island are two of the kids’ favourites.

Experts highly suggest the Big4 Beachcomber Coconut Holiday Park, but many more alternatives are also excellent for families. They’ll have a blast in the pool.