25 Seafood Buffets in Melbourne – All You Can Eat

Do you want to sample some of Melbourne’s best seafood buffets? The city boasts some of Australia’s most excellent cuisine and drink and is home to many athletic events and entertainment activities, including performances and concerts. 

Popular meal options in Melbourne include seafood buffets, shared dishes, and platters. 

The coastal and interior areas of Melbourne, Victoria, from Port Philip Bay to neighbourhoods like Southbank, home to some of the city’s most cutting-edge architecture and amenities. 

The Dandenong Ranges are another area of the city.  This means there are many of neighbourhoods and suburbs to check out, and your journey through the food scene will cover a lot of ground. 

Where to begin considering the abundance of beautifully fresh fish afforded by the area’s closeness to the beach and the Yarra River? 

If you’re looking for a seafood restaurant in Melbourne, this guide will help you narrow down your options and lead you to your new favourite spot. 

The Best Seafood Buffets In Melbourne

The following is a list of Melbourne’s most sumptuous seafood buffets, which you should know.

New Quay Buffet Docklands

1. New Quay Buffet Docklands

This eatery is well-liked by those who appreciate a classic seafood buffet in the Docklands neighbourhood. Some of the dishes on this menu include oysters, lobster, scallops, salads, sushi, Asian roasts, and soups.

All kids are welcome; for those aged three to eight, there is a one-time fee of $25. Entry is free for children below the age of three. 

The cost for adults will climb to $73 on June 1st, but you can be sure you and your loved ones will be able to thoroughly overindulge in the cuisine since there are, at last count, more than 70 different meals available! The pricing is great when everything is taken into consideration.

The venue’s floor-to-ceiling windows display the stunning Docklands view, giving visitors a visual feast along with their gastronomic one.

Location: Docklands, 4/6 NewQuay Promenade

Melba Restaurant Southbank1

2. Melba Restaurant Southbank

This excellent restaurant is in the Langham, a five-star hotel in the vibrant Southbank neighbourhood.

Take in the breathtaking panorama of the Melbourne skyline and the Yarra River. Sushi,  Italian, Chinese, and Indian fare are just some options available to guests at the many food stations. A chocolate fountain is the perfect dessert for any occasion.

It’s perfect for a quick bite before a play or a big celebration with all your relatives, thanks to its central position. There is a difference in price per person and each day of the week. Popular dishes in this region often include seafood such as prawns, sea urchins, salmon, oysters, and crabs.

One of the buffet supper options for vegetarians and vegans is the Seafood Altar notable, made by the chef. At this summer seafood buffet, you may have everything from eel to ceviche to trout to Australian yabbies. Spare some stomach space for the luscious chocolate fountain dessert.

Weekend lunch is provided on Saturdays and Sundays from 12:30 to 3:30, while supper is offered seven days a week at varied hours (and rates). There’s also a complimentary breakfast.

The address is 1 Southgate Avenue, Southbank, and they also provide breakfast.

Seafood Buffet Restaurants

3. Seafood Buffet Restaurants

The Conservatory has a full-service restaurant with a buffet. With its marble flooring and ornate furnishings, this restaurant will make you feel like you’ve been transported to the French capital. Prices range from $99 for adults to $49.50 for children.

The Crown building in the Southbank area’s centre symbolises regal splendour and extravagant adornment. The beautiful scenery of the Yarra Valley and various tasty delicacies make the venue a sight to see.

The restaurant’s $65 per person daily lunch buffet is offered from 12 to 2:30 p.m., so stop by then (although you may need a night of sleep to recover from all that seafood!!).

Guests from all walks of life will feel welcome at this elegant facility, which has a carvery among its many eating choices.

The dinner buffet is open Thursday through Sunday between 5:30 and 6 p.m. Later this week, we’ll be unveiling some new meal ideas.

Buffet dinners are served Thursday through Sunday at 5:30 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. For the rest of the week, we have other menu options.

Postal Code: SOUTHBANK 8 Whiteman Street

4. Miss Katie’s Crab Shack Fitzroy

Three kilometres to the northeast of the city’s financial area is where you’ll find this laid-back café. Crab, oysters, and various appetisers and side dishes are available for your dining pleasure.

There isn’t much in the way of frills, but the meal is straightforward and satisfying. People who love seafood and appreciate uncomplicated restaurants will feel at home here.

Prices for oysters begin at only $4, and there is a wealth of other delectable fares that will keep the bank intact. You may wash it all down with a drink or glass of wine from the licensed bar on the premises.

American chef Katie Marron, originally from Maryland, has planted a culinary flag in Australia. Her little Fitzroy eatery serves an exciting take on the traditional Chesapeake Bay crab dinner.

Although Miss Katie’s Crab Shack is not a traditional self-serve seafood buffet, they still serve more food than anyone could consume in a lifetime.

Any restaurant may provide you with “How to Eat Crab” instructions. Get a bloody Mary with king crab legs and jumbo shrimp perched.

Opening times are from noon on Saturdays until 5 a.m. and late on Sundays.

The address is 325 Smith Street in Fitzroy.

Lobster Cave Beaumaris

5. Lobster Cave Beaumaris

This beautiful cafe can be located in the Bayside neighbourhood of Beaumaris, which is situated 20 kilometres southeast of the central business district. 

When you buy seafood here, you can have peace of mind knowing that you will get outstanding service in addition to a delectable meal since the staff has a combined thirty years of experience working in the industry.

It is also possible to get food to go. Restaurant in Melbourne that specialises in seafood dishes. Take a walk around Bayside, and when the day is done, reward yourself with a delectable lunch at this well-known eatery. 

Because of the excellent reputation this restaurant’s chefs have garnered in the community, patrons travel far and wide to have a meal here.

Dinner is served Wednesday through Sunday from 5:30 to 11:30 pm (lunch is served on Sunday from 11:30 am to 3:30 pm).

The address is 16-18 North Concourse, Beaumaris.

6. Box Seafood Restaurant CBD

Restaurants Where You Can Order Seafood Takeout in a Box This massive seafood establishment may be in the heart of the Central Business District. We modernise the traditional seafood buffet in this establishment by providing three communal platters.

Many of the eatery’s most well-liked main meals are offered, both warm and cold, in various platters for customers to choose from.

Oysters, Moreton Bay bugs served in various methods, and prawns are just some of the crowd-pleasers found on the vast main menu, which has several other options.

Because there is such a wide range of prices, consumers from all socioeconomic backgrounds can find something in their price range. 

Visitors to the city craving seafood should take advantage of the opportunity to eat at this eatery. You are assured that you will be satisfied with the outcome.

Working hours is Wednesday through Saturday, 11.30 a.m. to 9 p.m.

The address is 189 Collins Street, Melbourne.

7. Claypots Barbarossa CBD

What is there not to enjoy about Claypots, given that it is situated conveniently in the middle of the CBD, has outstanding live music, and serves lovely food? 

The menu includes a selection of seafood platters, appetisers, main courses, and meals designed explicitly for children. It is fair to assume that this location has plenty to offer everyone, including alternatives for vegetarians, so feel free to check it out.

The Mediterranean is home to an abundance of different kinds of seafood, including mussels, sardines, scallops, prawns, crabs, and stingrays, amongst many more. You have such an incredible variety of choices available to you here.

You won’t find a more laid-back atmosphere anywhere else in the middle of the city’s business district, and if that needs to be more, you can even take in some live music while you’re there!

Hours: Open every day beginning at 11.00

The address is 79 Hardware Lane, Melbourne, Australia (with other locations in St. Kilda and South Melbourne)

8. The Atlantic Southbank

In addition to being a restaurant, the beautiful location known as The Atlantic, which can be found inside Melbourne’s Crown Resort and overlooks both the Yarra Valley and the metropolis, is also available for private events.

You won’t find your typical seafood buffet, so keep it in mind. There is a vast selection of seafood from which to pick. If you need more time to decide, a tasting menu is available for $165 per person. (divide)

When considering that customers can order sashimi in addition to grilled dishes, the prices, which start at just $24, are very reasonable. There are delectable delights available for sampling, including caviar.

This facility operates from Wednesday through Sunday, from noon to ten o’clock at night.

The address is 8 Whiteman Street, Southbank, Australia.

9. Argo Fishop Fitzroy North

This restaurant serves a wide variety of seafood dishes, including poke bowls,  seafood kebabs, seafood baskets, and client favourites such as prawns and mussels, fish curries, and many more selections.

This chic restaurant with a low-key atmosphere is known for its seafood and offers a broad range of meals. 

Not only does the ability to split seafood baskets in half provide an interesting new twist to the experience, but it also makes it possible to order a more excellent range of items to be shared among many people.

The choice is abundant for children, most of which can be obtained at a price lower than twenty dollars. 

It is a well-liked site among travellers and residents due to its proximity to the core business area, which is just 4 kilometres to the north-northeast. It is also possible to get food to go.

Hours of operation are as follows: every day, opening at 11 AM; on Sundays, opening at NOON.

The address is 318-320 Queens Parade, in the neighbourhood of Fitzroy North.

10. Richmond Seafood Tavern (RST) North Fitzroy

Eatery specialising in seafood This diner is well-known for offering a large selection of seafood meals and is around 4 kilometres from the city’s central business district.

 Although some items on the menu are not seafood, the seafood here is the restaurant’s primary focus, and diners have a wide variety of options for seafood dishes.

The pricing range for main meals starts at $35 and goes higher from there. This price range includes seafood chowder, bugs, prawns, and crabs, to name a few. 

After you have finished your meal, you should reward yourself with a dessert course. The atmosphere is laid back, and people of all ages are invited to hang out here.

Lunch is served Tuesday through Friday from noon until 3 pm, and dinner is served Tuesday through Saturday from 6 pm till late.

The address is 5 Rae Street, North Fitzroyr.


11. Conservatory

This facility has 29 dining options, including the fine dining Conservatory, which offers visitors unlimited food and drink promotions.

With its crystal chandeliers, plush furnishings, and floor-to-ceiling windows, this ballroom is fit for the most elegant of occasions. The seafood buffet has at least three daily seatings and only uses the freshest local catches.

The Crown Entertainment Complex’s restaurant Mesh has a seafood buffet with live music every Sunday afternoon, and they give out one free buffet to a kid under the age of 12 with the purchase of an adult buffet.

This offer is great for families since parking is free for four hours on Sundays. On Saturday and Sunday evenings, guests can enjoy a wide variety of seafood, including oysters, prawns, and fish.

Gaijin Japanese Fusion

12. Gaijin Japanese Fusion

Monday through Thursday of every week, Gaijin offers an enormous all-you-can-eat menu. 

Gaijin is a short tram ride (12 minutes) from Melbourne’s central business district (CBD) at Flinders Street Railway Station in the lively Prahran neighbourhood.

13. FOF Rotary Hotpot

FOF Rotary Hotspot takes the hassle of going to a buffet by sending it straight to your doorstep. 

Kuru sushi, also known as “sushi goes round,” is a visually stunning method to enjoy an assortment of sushi and other seafood delicacies on a moving conveyor belt without letting your gaze wander too far ahead of your stomach. This sushi is often referred to as “sushi goes round.” 

All-you-can-eat ice cream is available at the ice cream buffet. The first is on Victoria Street, and the second is in Southbank; feel free to check out anyone.

Meat, Fish Wine

14. Meat, Fish Wine

Meat Fish Wine is the place to impress a (possible) business partner, employee, or bride since they serve delicious fish and have over 500 wines to match it. 

Inviting any of these three people to the party would be a good idea. We know how much you like ceviche, but if your travel companion is very thoughtful, they may also recommend that you sample some of the regional Wagyu beef.

15. Sweet Salt

The coastal town-based restaurant Sweet Salt takes pride in obtaining all its fish locally to give its clients the freshest seafood possible. 

The eatery partners with local fishermen to bring in a range of species, including cod, haddock, and less well-known choices like monkfish and whiting. 

Sweet Salt helps to maintain the local fishing sector while also ensuring the quality of their food by encouraging local fishermen. 

In addition to its dedication to serving fresh and locally produced seafood, Sweet Salt also prioritises developing delectable, cutting-edge meals that use a variety of sauces and seasonings to enhance the distinct flavour profiles of each fish.

Richmond Oysters1

16. Richmond Oysters

It would be a grave oversight not to sample the seafood platters offered by Richmond Oysters, given that their oysters are universally acknowledged to be the tastiest and freshest in all of Melbourne.

Even though prepared seafood dishes are already available, such as cheesy risottos and pasta with various spices, the best option is always the freshest available seafood. 

It will be ideal if you discover someone who likes seafood but only consumes it sometimes so that you can share your freshly prepared mornay lobster or scallops with them.


17. Entrecote

French entrecote is a steak dish prepared from the rib portion, specifically the ribs 9 through 11. Tender and flavorful, the cut is often included on menus at fine dining establishments. 

Salt and pepper season the steak before it is grilled or pan-seared to the desired doneness. 

Butter, shallots, herbs, and sometimes wine or vinegar make up the classic steak sauce. Depending on the preparation, either French fries or a side salad.

Depending on the preparation house, ordering seafood at a steak may seem counterintuitive, but you should consider it. If a large seafood platter is less appealing than the possibility of eating steak, you should leave immediately.

18. New Quay Buffet | Docklands

This well-liked establishment in the Docklands neighbourhood caters to fans of the classic seafood buffet dining experience.  Everyone can find something they like here: oysters, lobsters, salads, scallops,  sushi, Asian roasts, or soups. 

The venue makes the most of its view of the Docklands by having windows that go from floor to ceiling; as a result, not only will your tastes be satisfied, but your eyes will also be treated to a feast.

The address is 4/6 New Quay Promenade in Docklands.

Melba Restaurant Southbank

19. Melba Restaurant | Southbank

The five-star’ The Langham’ hotel is in the heart of Southbank’s bustling district. 

It offers breathtaking views of the Yarra River and the skyline below. 

It offers a variety of cuisines from across the world for you to sample, including sushi, Chinese, Italian, and Indian food, as well as a chocolate fountain that you just have to visit once you’ve finished your dinner. 

Because of its location, it is an excellent choice for a meal before a show, a quiet supper for two, or even a banquet for the whole family and some close friends.  

Prices change on a per-person basis and are also dependent on the day of the week that you make your reservation.  

The locals particularly like eating seafood, and some of their favourites include prawns, sea urchins, salmon, mussels, oysters, and crabs, just a few examples. 

The address is 1 Southgate Avenue, Southbank.

The Conservatory Restaurant & Buffet Southbank

20. The Conservatory Restaurant & Buffet | Southbank

This great location, with its marble flooring and highly extravagant décor, enables you to escape; you might be mistaken for believing that you are eating somewhere inside the capital of France, Paris, thanks to the venue’s luxurious atmosphere. 

In the Southbank neighbourhood, one can find a location that exudes regal splendour and luxurious adornment within the Crown building. 

The location is a feast for the eyes, with breathtaking vistas of the Yarra Valley and an incredible selection of delectable foods available at every turn.  

There are also lunch buffets between 12 and 2.30 in the afternoon, so why not break up your day and have a visit?  

At this exquisite venue, there is unquestionably something that can cater to anyone’s preferences, with the availability of carvery options.

The address is Whiteman Street, number 8, Southbank, Australia

21. Lobster Cave | Beaumaris

This charming restaurant is located in Beaumaris, a Bayside neighbourhood, 20 kilometres southeast of the central business district.  

You can trust the employees here to take highly excellent care of you with delicacies like Moreton Bay bugs, lobster, and oysters, to mention just a few of the available options, since they have 30 years of expertise working in the seafood sector. 

There are additional alternatives for takeaway available.  Walk along the Bayside and have a wonderful feast at this well-known establishment. 

The cooks here have earned such a stellar reputation that people come vast distances only to sample their delectable cuisine.

The address is 16-18 North Concourse, Beaumaris.

If you are in the mood for lobster, check the website of the Lobster Cave to see their whole menu and find out when they are open.

22. Box Seafood Restaurant | Melbourne CBD

This seafood behemoth can be found in the heart of the Central Business District, known for its constant activity.  

This unique take on the traditional seafood buffet offers three distinct shareable plates.  The restaurant provides a selection of their most popular entrees on various platters, which may be served hot or cold. 

On the other hand, the main menu is extensive and has crowd-pleasers like oysters, Moreton Bay bugs prepared in several different ways, and prawns, just a few examples.  

The range of prices ensures something suitable for customers with various budgets.  If you are a fan of seafood and will be in the city for any length of time, it is highly recommended that you visit this area.

The address is 189 Collins Street, Melbourne.

If this is something that interests you, go here to visit their official website.

23. The Atlantic | Southbank

This breathtaking location is another restaurant that is part of the Crown Resort in Melbourne, and it offers stunning views of the Yarra Valley and the Melbourne cityscape. 

The menu does not follow the format of a classic seafood buffet, but a substantial amount of seafood is available. Try one of the restaurant’s tasting menus if you need help deciding what to have. These menus may include delicacies such as caviar. 

The address is Whiteman Street, number 8, Southbank, Australia

24. Argo Fishop | Fitzroy North

This store offers a wide variety of seafood dishes, including poke bowls, seafood baskets, and customer favourites like prawns and mussels and fish curries, to mention just a few.  This laid-back restaurant with a chic ambience serves various seafood dishes.  

You can add variety to your meal by ordering seafood baskets to split, allowing you to sample multiple amounts of cuisine. 

This is a popular destination for visitors and residents due to its convenient location about 4 kilometres northeast of the central business district.  There are additional alternatives for takeaway available.

The address is 318-320 Queens Parade, in the neighbourhood of Fitzroy North.

25. Richmond Seafood Tavern (RST) | North Fitzroy

This venue is around 4 kilometres from the central business district and is known for its extensive selection of seafood dishes.  Even though some options aren’t seafood, the vast majority of the menu is focused on seafood, and there are a lot of different seafood dishes to choose from. 

The address is 5 Rae Street, North Fitzroy.


The best seafood buffets in Melbourne are outlined here. Numerous high-quality seafood establishments can be found in Melbourne thanks to the city’s proximity to the coast and the Yarra River. 

More than seventy dishes were available at the New Quay Buffet as per a recent count. The Crown symbolises the wealth and glory of the monarchy. At the Conservatory, guests can choose from various dining options, including a buffet.

A meal at this elegant restaurant will make you feel like you’re in the heart of Paris, France. Miss Katie’s Crab Shack offers a diverse cuisine to its customers. There is more food than anybody could consume in one sitting at Miss Katie’s Crab Shack, although it is not a standard seafood buffet. 

The Lobster Grotto in Beaumaris may be found 20 kilometres southeast of the CBD, on the beaches of Bayside. At Crown Resort in Melbourne, you’ll find the restaurant and event area known as The Atlantic, which offers spectacular views of the city and the Yarra Valley.